donald_ledeGod save our gracious Trump.

I endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Trump has the toughest stance on illegal immigration and has expressed the further ambition of repealing the 14th Amendment, which under its current application permits the loophole of “anchor babies.” Though he is yet to talk about ending legal immigration—and I suspect he won’t—the majority of people coming to the United States legally or illegally are from left-leaning non-white countries and at the rate things are going Whites will be a minority in the United States within many of our lifetimes. Trump is the only candidate taking even a marginally opposed stance to this forced transformation.

Republicans would not be talking about illegal immigration if it weren’t for him, and he’s right. So long as he keeps moving the window right, I am in favor of anything he does. He can either shift the Republican party right or destroy it by running independent, because I want to have a choice in this election. The marginal lesser-of-two-evils benefit of the Republican party gets smaller every election cycle. With candidates like ¡Jeb! it no longer exists. As a White voter, I look at the cuckservatives and the liberals and fail to see a real difference on anything other than guns and fiscal policies. The mainstream Republican party is just ten years behind the Democrats. In that context, Trump is both a common sense choice and a radical one.

Here is a list of articles I have published about Donald Trump, the greatest shitlord in politics: