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Either Jewish or Democratic: Kerry on Israel

The United Nations, the non-binding world parliament of color, has denounced Israel for the 6,000,000th time. Ordinarily this is not news. See the boilerplate below for just how routine this particular resolution (2334) was: Condemning all measures aimed at altering … Continue reading

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How Trumpenvolk Talk

NRO writer and Republican party ship-jumper Jay Nordlinger is having a hard time. He is deeply concerned, troubled even, by how mean the alt-right is to him and the rest of his magazine on social media and in comments sections. … Continue reading

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Summer Reading List

All right goyim, summer is here! Get ready for standard pool parties and of course, summer reading assignments. Here is a list of political and historical books I have found valuable and which could be considered part of an alt-right … Continue reading

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What New York’s ((((Chattering Class)))) Gets Wrong about Israel

The mouthpiece of American Jewry, the New York Times, is aghast at the actions of their co-ethnics in the State of Israel, namely describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of the “ultranationalist” and West Bank settler-colonist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense … Continue reading

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Assessing Trump’s ‘America First’: Muscular Americentrism Meets Neoconservatism

His foreign policy sounds nationalist, but is more ((((neocon)))) in substance Continue reading

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A Lesson from the Israeli Labor Party: Take Note #Cuckservative

The New York Times, which I read solely for the purpose of triggering myself and gauging the pulse of mainstream liberalism, recently ran an opinions piece written by Hilik Bar, a deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset and the secretary … Continue reading

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#Cuckservative Case Study: Mike Huckabee

By now you’ve probably heard the most exemplar citation of ultra-zionism from one of the least popular Republican candidates, Mike Huckabee. In an attempt to stay relevant, he has graphically signaled how loyal he is to the state of Israel: … Continue reading

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