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Democracy Means Accepting Defeat (For You)

The main soundbyte from the third presidential debate seems to be that Trump would not unequivocally accept the results of the election if he loses. In other words, Trump would reject the “peaceful transfer of power” so sacred to American … Continue reading

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Why Donald Trump is the Anti-War Candidate

From the Jordan to the Moskva, war drums beat. The powder keg that set off the first world war was ethno-religious conflict in the lands of the former Ottoman Empire, and in a sense it threatens to do so once … Continue reading

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This Time (((We))) Really Mean It: Donald J. Trump is Literally Hitler™

I’ve covered a number of Trump speeches (1, 2, 3, 4), but this was undoubtedly the most radical. Watch it. The speech is being reported as his “response” to sexual assault allegations, but it is so much more than that. … Continue reading

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Esoteric Kekism is a Religion of Peace

Catlady Ascendancy hierophant Hillary Clinton recently published a post on her campaign website blaspheming against the avatar Pepe, who is a meme incarnation of the Egyptian pagan god of chaos, Kek. The offensive post, “Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and … Continue reading

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Trump the World-Destroyer: More Hysteria from the New York Times Commentariat

So this is the third time I’ve done this (1, 2). Maybe I have a problem, but perusing the comments section at the New York Times is like watching a slow motion trainwreck in occupied Poland. I just can’t look … Continue reading

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10 Types of Anti-White Commenters

One of my more masochistic habits involves thumbing through the New York Times, an expression that has been saved from dead metaphor status since you can read the news on your smartphone. And smart people are supposed to read the … Continue reading

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Physical, Legal, and Virtual: The Wall Against Time

PHOENIX, AZ — The feverishly anticipated and once-postponed “immigration speech,” a follow-up to the “terrorism speech” which largely revolved around immigration anyway, has finally come. Trump spoke in Arizona (hours after meeting with the Mexican president) on a topic many … Continue reading

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