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The Dark Age

Just in case you didn’t notice, we do in fact live in a dark age. The Dark Age even. Capital letters, fam. Kali Yuga. Everywhere that the golden light of Truth ought to be shining in glory, we are instead … Continue reading

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The Daily Caller has picked up a new term, “cuckservative,” which ironically describes that publication. One of their writers found it on Radix, although it has been known around the alt-right for a while and was likely first used by … Continue reading

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Not Even Death Will Save You from Memes

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A Little Humor

In an open thread over at TRS, Disqus commentariat member TrenchGun sent in the above meme, based off CNN’s coverage of President Obama saying “nigger.” Does this this offend you?

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Millennials are the Most Diverse Generation!

Also published at The Right Stuff.biz

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Physical Removal in the Dominican Republic

Also published at The Right Stuff.biz.

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Psychological Hurdles to the Right 2

A sequel to another writer’s article about the mental gymnastics a lot people have to overcome in order to embrace the alt-right. Check it out at The Right Stuff.biz or below.

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