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Either Jewish or Democratic: Kerry on Israel

The United Nations, the non-binding world parliament of color, has denounced Israel for the 6,000,000th time. Ordinarily this is not news. See the boilerplate below for just how routine this particular resolution (2334) was: Condemning all measures aimed at altering … Continue reading

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Exodus Viewed from the Alt-Right

Were the plagues truly meant to bring Pharaoh to heel? Do you believe the unreliable Hebrew narrators of the Torah? Or were they instead a manifestation of chaos, originating on the Nile, meant to drive the Hebrews out of Egypt? … Continue reading

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How Trumpenvolk Talk

NRO writer and Republican party ship-jumper Jay Nordlinger is having a hard time. He is deeply concerned, troubled even, by how mean the alt-right is to him and the rest of his magazine on social media and in comments sections. … Continue reading

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What New York’s ((((Chattering Class)))) Gets Wrong about Israel

The mouthpiece of American Jewry, the New York Times, is aghast at the actions of their co-ethnics in the State of Israel, namely describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of the “ultranationalist” and West Bank settler-colonist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense … Continue reading

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Assessing Trump’s ‘America First’: Muscular Americentrism Meets Neoconservatism

His foreign policy sounds nationalist, but is more ((((neocon)))) in substance Continue reading

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Palestinian Tactics

By now you’ve probably heard of recurring incidents of “violent” scuffles between Trump rally attendees and “activists,” usually of BlackLivesMatter stock. Recently an elderly male Trump supporter was caught on camera punching a vibrant in the face. On the surface … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Government of Germany

There are few things as viscerally upsetting as watching civilization decline. Worse still is when that civilization actively takes steps to hasten its demise, to the applause of its people. It is a kind of illness which cannot be treated … Continue reading

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