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Banal Ethnic Conflict and the Burkini

During peacetime, ethnically diverse societies tend to fight over a variety of public cultural issues, such as flags, statuary, and holidays. They can’t help themselves. Multi-ethnic societies don’t think about issues from a clinically rational perspective that weighs the merits … Continue reading

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Legitimate Christianity as a Neo-Paganism

The jihadist execution of Fr. Jacques Hamel, an elderly French Catholic priest in Rouen, France—whose parish had donated land to the Muslim community there so they could build a mosque—got me thinking about religion. Usually when I write about it, … Continue reading

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Living with Terrorism

“We will not give in to the terrorist threat.” “The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.” The words of France’s prime minister Manuel Valls are almost unbelievable. Almost. But in a way he … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Care about Terrorism in Muslim Countries

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has closed with a series of bangs, brutally felt across the Dar al-Islam, but supposedly ignored in the West. Islamists killed 41 people at an airport in Istanbul, 22 at a cafe in the … Continue reading

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Jacksonianism and the Mesopotamian Question

In the wake of the horrific but ultimately predictable 13-Nov-15 Muslim terror attacks against France, their connection to the Islamic State and the Syrian Civil War, and the ongoing migrant crisis/Afro-Islamic colonization of Europe, there is a sense that something … Continue reading

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Mahomet, Emperor of the French

The events of November 13, 2015 will live in infamy in the public memory for some time. Millions of Facebook accounts have signaled their solidarity with the victims of the attacks by placing a filter of the French tricolor, the … Continue reading

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Europe Pays the Danegeld, Sort Of

The Daily Mail reports that three million Afro-Islamic colonists are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of 2017. One can only speculate what comes next. But among some quasi-sane Eurocrats, it has become clear that this is unsustainable … Continue reading

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