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Banal Ethnic Conflict and the Burkini

During peacetime, ethnically diverse societies tend to fight over a variety of public cultural issues, such as flags, statuary, and holidays. They can’t help themselves. Multi-ethnic societies don’t think about issues from a clinically rational perspective that weighs the merits … Continue reading

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An Occupied Country

When people refer to occupation governments or occupied countries, the first thought is often of military occupation—the garrisoning of foreign troops in one’s cities and civil administration by their military executives. The other vision is the trope of a cabal … Continue reading

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Liberal Iconoclasm: Stamping Out the Wilsonian Heresy at Princeton

One of the defining features of 2015 has been the intensifying liberal iconoclasm against White and Anglo-American history, symbols and spaces in the United States (1, 2, 3, 4). This should come as no surprise given the ascendancy of ((((cultural … Continue reading

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Liberal Iconoclasm: Democrats Purge White Male History

There really are no brakes on the iconoclasm train. Cultural conflict in the United States is being waged by the left—whether liberal or cuckservative—as a proxy war against the traditional and majority people of this country, White people. Although the … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Slippery Slope of the Right to Marry

The New York Times recently ran an op-ed about the potential for polygamy to be legalized. Since the Supreme Court’s decision was ultimately about a “right to marry,” the author argues it would be difficult to exclude [gender-neutral] “plural marriage,” … Continue reading

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The Best Thing White People Can Do For Themselves in America? Embrace Race, Even (Especially) Our Own

It’s been an enriching summer so far for the United States: men can declare themselves women, standard fuckparties are legal in all 50 states, Czechs living in Washington state are negroes, and a Confederate battle flag that shot and killed … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Gay “Marriage”

I think this is an absolute lost cause for the right in political terms. It has majority approval from the general public and overwhelming approval from millennials, despite a vocal minority of Americans opposing it. It’s not going to work. … Continue reading

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