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Alt-RINOs, Those Who Incur the Wrath of Kek

International criminal and third world advocate Hillary Clinton gave a speech recently denouncing the Alt-Right, in which we were painted as a part of a vast right-wing conspiracy of klansmen, water filter salesmen, and Russian agents working together to elect … Continue reading

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Tribal Loyalty is Not New in the Justice System

Trump is not the first person to suggest Latinos judge differently. Continue reading

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Identity Politics are Ripping Us Apart? For You

National Review’s David French gets his facts right but his conclusions abysmally wrong in a recent piece  entitled “Identity Politics are Ripping Us Apart” for one of movement cuckservatism’s more celebrated publications. The regressive/progressive left has indeed demarcated moral and … Continue reading

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American Aberrationalism: Trump is Normal, the Republican Party is Not

From the end of the American Civil War until the First World War, and then again until the FDR administration, an alliance of Northern industrial and business interests dominated the federal government of the United States through the vehicle of … Continue reading

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Mission Matters

Any worthwhile political movement or campaign needs a compelling mission or animating purpose of some kind, and it has to go beyond getting elected. The mission does not have to explain the minutiae of ideology or policy implementation, rather it … Continue reading

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Palestinian Tactics

By now you’ve probably heard of recurring incidents of “violent” scuffles between Trump rally attendees and “activists,” usually of BlackLivesMatter stock. Recently an elderly male Trump supporter was caught on camera punching a vibrant in the face. On the surface … Continue reading

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The Strong Horse

“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” CIA asset Osama bin Laden may have channeled something embedded in man since time immemorial when he likened militant Islam to virility … Continue reading

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