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Oy Vey over Taipei

The Cold War casts a long shadow, and in Asia it never really ended. India and the Philippines have localized maoist rebels. There are still two Koreas. As many tend to forget, there are still two Chinas as well. Thanks … Continue reading

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Chinese Demography and the Ethno-Technostate

On October 29, 2015, PRC state media announced that the Communist Party, which has governed mainland China since WWII, is ending the decades-long one-child policy and allowing couples to have a second child. The decision comes as China’s managing directors … Continue reading

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Heart of Pre-Modern Darkness

The death of a Zimbabwean lion named Cecil—who I suspect leftists would care less about if they got the reference—at the hands of a dentist-turned-hunter—but sadly not a dentist hunter—has put the mist-veiled land of “Africa” back in the news. … Continue reading

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Espionage and Priorities

China has been caught spying/hacking/infiltrating/stealing yet again, this time from U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management. Chinese officials, of course, deny everything. And they should; that’s just how espionage works. The United States is growing lax in its responsibilities to … Continue reading

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