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Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster

Author’s note: 90% of this was written before the election. Yes, I know you all think President Trump is going to make everything bad go away. I have something on how he can start to do that here. If he … Continue reading

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What’s Missing from Brexit

The debate raging on the other side of the Atlantic is an important one, whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will Remain part of the European Union (EU) or Leave. Generally speaking, two issues have become … Continue reading

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A Lesson from the Israeli Labor Party: Take Note #Cuckservative

The New York Times, which I read solely for the purpose of triggering myself and gauging the pulse of mainstream liberalism, recently ran an opinions piece written by Hilik Bar, a deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset and the secretary … Continue reading

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Guilt, Shame and Signaling in the Immigration Debate

Europe is being invaded and the pundits agree; let it happen. Perhaps the most consistent trope in the immigration debate in the West is framing immigration as a kind of obligation that we must meet. Immigration is a challenge that … Continue reading

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How Anti-White is the EU? The Test Case of Afrikaner Repatriation

A petition has been posted to Change.org to ask the European Union (EU) to allow white South Africans and other Europeans living in southern African countries right of return to Europe. The writer provides an interesting justification: The idea that … Continue reading

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Opposition to Invasion is Genocide

Or so the institutions of globalization tell us. The BBC summarizes the latest controversy fairly enough. Immigration skeptic Katie Hopkins wrote an article in The Sun likening migrants to cockroaches, which is apparently tantamount to the Rwandan genocide or the … Continue reading

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