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Europe as a Continent of Refugees?

“If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for.” — German Chancellor Angela Merkel The narrative that Europe is somehow a “continent of refugees” is a popular method of anti-white signaling. Proponents … Continue reading

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Guilt, Shame and Signaling in the Immigration Debate

Europe is being invaded and the pundits agree; let it happen. Perhaps the most consistent trope in the immigration debate in the West is framing immigration as a kind of obligation that we must meet. Immigration is a challenge that … Continue reading

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Heart of Pre-Modern Darkness

The death of a Zimbabwean lion named Cecil—who I suspect leftists would care less about if they got the reference—at the hands of a dentist-turned-hunter—but sadly not a dentist hunter—has put the mist-veiled land of “Africa” back in the news. … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Migrants is Indeed a Misnomer

The opinions section of Reuters wasn’t always 99% leftist, but as it stands now seems to be a fairly good gauge of what the left thinks US and EU policies ought to be. The latest article to trigger me was … Continue reading

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Charleston, Rhodesia

The recent racially-motivated shooting of nine black churchgoers by a young white gunman has reverberated across the United States and the internet. Although gun violence is primarily associated with black people, more astute observers may have noticed something else odd … Continue reading

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How Anti-White is the EU? The Test Case of Afrikaner Repatriation

A petition has been posted to Change.org to ask the European Union (EU) to allow white South Africans and other Europeans living in southern African countries right of return to Europe. The writer provides an interesting justification: The idea that … Continue reading

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SWPL Imperialism

I’ve written an article about the phenomena of white college students going abroad to post pictures on Facebook of themselves with African children. Head on over to The Right Stuff.biz and check it out and check your privilege. Or read … Continue reading

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