Anomie, Anime, and the Alt-Right


This article will hit levels of Vivaldian neo-irony that shouldn’t even be possible. The lines between sincerity and satire will blur. Description and prescription will become unintelligible. Nevertheless, I do believe it to be an important phenomenon, that there is a link between anime and the Alt-Right, tied to the social phenomenon of anomie. It is a persistent meme, one that predates and will outlive anime girls in Trump hats. There is a founder effect that some of the Alt-Right will never completely escape from, because it springs from the same alienation as the rest of the movement.

Incubating the Last Man in New America

The term anomie comes to us from 19th-century French-Jewish sociologist (((Émile Durkheim))), who studied and wrote on a number of issues of his day, including industrialization, the changing relationship between labor and production, and the causes of suicide. These all remain issues in some form today, e.g. de-industrialization, bifurcation of the labor market into low-skilled services and high-skilled information sectors, and “surplus deaths” among the older White American population. If our gross domestic product is up, why do we feel like Russians living through the fall of the Soviet Union? Why is the most prosperous society in the world addicted to heroin?


Anomie has taken on meaning beyond its judeo-marxist roots, and is seldom used in the context of labor or production. In more common parlance, anomie describes a state of loneliness or isolation felt from being unable to relate to society at large, or to the normies. Strictly speaking, anomie is experiencing that mismatch. A state of normlessness or having norms too rigid is what (((Durkheim))) says produces anomie. Such a state itself is not anomie as sometimes believed; anomie is alienation felt from not relating to said state.

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Alt-Right Office Management Tips


Do you manage an office? Do you want to get the most out of your crypto White nationalist workforce? Show them you appreciate their contributions to the firm and want to promote their career development by adopting some of these easy and helpful changes:

Tendies, not Donuts. No more sugar highs and crashes from those high-carb pastries. Look, when you bring donuts to the office, you’re basically telling people to eat leftover dough as a means of positive reinforcement. Why not instead microwave or bake a plate of comfy and delicious tendies for people to snack on? Because you’ve never thought of it before. You’re probably wishing you had tendies right now.

Consider getting a frog as the office pet. Taking care of an office pet builds a sense of teamwork and group identification. Frogs are widely revered as symbols of good fortune and total victory. Having a frog in the office can thus yield better synergies.

Amend the harassment policy.  Dropping a large stack of papers on a Hispanic or Latino coworker’s desk and shouting “Build the Wall” should not be considered grounds for disciplinary action. And if people feel they are in a “hostile work environment,” let them telecommute. Odds are they aren’t doing anything important or required to be physically present to do their job anyway.

Renovate the cafeteria. People want to be on their phones shitposting during their lunch breaks, not chatting with careerist sociopaths. Add USB hubs to every table so your workforce stays charged. Consider installing dividers between tables so that autistes do not have to worry about screen privacy while using their devices.

Start the day with a morning ritual. Some (((people))) may complain that you are starting a “fascist cult of personality,” but I think having your employees salute President Trump each day while reciting the pledge of allegiance is a nostalgic throwback to one’s schooldays and a great team-building exercise.

No more sportsball discussions. They’re the same every day anyway, only with palette-swapped teams and players. Instead, a conversation topic should be posted by the water cooler each day. Examples of exciting past questions include: “Is Argentina White?“; “Do you support the right to own recreational nukes?“; “Richard Spencer?“; “Which state would you expel from the Union?“; and “What would you have done differently in WWII?

Sponsor monthly meme contests. Whoever makes the best meme gets a $20 Chick-fil-A gift card. This will galvanize your employees to always think creatively and keep their eyes on the prize.

Make atmospheric adjustments.  Abstract art is weird and alienating. Hang paintings of famous battles and historical events on the walls of your office to inspire you employees to Faustian heights. Play white noise over the intercom to reduce stress. Use as much black and gold as you can in your interior design to create a big league workspace.

Give special badges to establishment climbers. Let everyone know who is accomplishing what; it makes for spirited competition.

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Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals


(((Saul Alinsky)))

Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals

New York: Random House, 1971.

Rules for Radicals is [in]famous for its purported influence, and that of author (((Saul Alinsky))), among liberal and left-wing ideologues and politicians in the United States, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The political bent of this classic but reviled work by a community organizer from Chicago is shown on the very first page of the introduction by referencing “Joe McCarthy’s holocaust.” [It should be noted of course that declassified documents have revealed Senator McCarthy was pretty much always right about who was a bolshevik, but I digress].

The catch though is that the book isn’t  particularly ideological, even if the author’s sympathies are blatantly clear and he writes from the assumption that you believe in the same things he does. What Rules for Radicals is much more interested in is how to create the most effective community organizers, and how they should communicate if they want to be effective. Think of it as far-left metapolitics manual. There is thus a heavy focus on semantics, networks, pragmatism, and presentation. Being internally honest about power and self-interest in politics, understanding your audience, and using familiar terms rather than alien highbrow concepts are all considered critical. In (((Alinsky’s))) world of hyper-realism and self-rationalizing, things like principles, morals, qualms about the means used to achieve ends, and consistency are baggage and vices, not politically expedient values.

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Amerikaner Free State+ [Thicc Nationalism Edition]


Author’s note: This is a follow-up to my recent article “Amerikaner Free State.”

Many people tell me that their fee-fees were hurt by my purely hypothetical map which only included the whitest contiguous areas of the United States and lacked a substantial coastline. This is because they would rather escalate a substantial military conflict in order to secure more territory than simply settle for minimal conflict and less land. I understand this view, but I am not trying to sell people WWIII and White nationalism in the same article. “Hey kids, want to destroy everything you’ve ever known,” may work on nihilists and the most radical types, but it is not something you can sell to the median. This is not Call of Duty.

Maybe that sounds a bit hyperbolic to you, that creating a large White ethnostate in the United States out of both White majority and non White-majority areas would escalate into a global conflict. I believe it would since the latter areas are not going to want to live under a White nationalist government. I also believe that a partition proposal aimed at satisfying as many people as possible is the best starting point for selling the idea of ethno-nationalist separatism in the United States.

Despite my appeal to low time preference and the necessity of downsizing to a leaner and more homogeneous society in order to revitalize our sense of tribe and purpose, others wish to take the larger country + more minorities route. This just creates a smaller version of the United States as is rather than an ethnostate, and so poses many of the same problems as the former. Namely: what do you do with the millions of would-be foreigners living under a White nationalist government? How do you stop it from becoming Brazil? With the lean state, there are just so much less of these people that repatriation and setting up the incentives for it is much easier to accomplish. With the thicc state, there are enough of them to bind together into a substantial fifth column that will resist being cast out, simply because the balance of power is not as overwhelming as it could be had their share of the population been lower.

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Amerikaner Free State


Now that I’ve gotten your attention with a meme, let’s talk business. I’ve written on American balkanization, White nationalism, and Anglo-American identity before, but here I would like to bring these together and elaborate on the ideal of a North American White ethnostate and some of its practical concerns. Provisionally, I will refer to this as the Amerikaner Free State, because I am a fan of the Amerikaner neo-ethnonym and in retrospect think Anglo-American sounds too academic and less organic. Regardless of what sticks, what matters most is getting away from the anti-identity we are told to pencil in by the US Census, i.e. “non-Hispanic White.” No self-respecting ethnic group identifies itself primarily as non-x. We have to take control of our identity and consciousness before we can control anything in the material world, and we cannot do that if we are denied a positive identity, which every other group is encouraged to possess.

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Nationalize Twitter


Twitter is a highly popular social media platform primarily used by brands and celebrities to engage with their customers. It is also a widely utilized method of communication between other sorts of content creators and their audiences. Twitter is how information travels in 140 characters; it dominates that space, of sending short bits of sharable text out for consumption on the entire Internet. No other platform provides a close alternative with a comparable userbase.

Thus when Twitter—which bills itself as a free speech promoter—arbitrarily bans high profile users from the platform without any transparency despite having allowed their presence for months and even years, it is questionable. It is questionable that MIT-cited election influencer Ricky Vaughn was banned from Twitter, despite being in the same impressions bracket as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). It is questionable that Richard Spencer, a verified user with no notable history of Terms of Service violations was banned, along with the accounts of his organizations.

But what isn’t all that questionable is what the root of the  Alt-Right purge is, an imperative to no-platform White nationalists and other heretics. Now, your first instinct—and that of many people both left and right—might be to say that Twitter is a corporation and therefore not required to uphold the first amendment. You don’t have the right to speak your mind on Twitter; you have the right to not be locked up for it by the government. That’s true, but it’s also not in the Alt-Right’s interest to be banned from Twitter for political speech, as Twitter is an important front in the meme war.

In many ways, being anti-speech goes against the ethos of the United States. And so Twitter, by banning people who have heretical opinions, also goes against that ethos. But no one really believes in that anymore, or not as widely as they used to. Appeals to “American values” are as caustically cynical as they come. Case in point: those who decried Trump as anti-American and aberrational now torch American flags in demonstration against him and wave the Mexican tricolor. So much for that.

But back to Twitter. To be excluded from the corporate-owned virtual public square is de facto exclusion from the public square itself. And that is precisely what goes against the customs of the American people. Twitter is so massive and unrivaled as to be a utility company more than anything else, and by banning people for political speech it effectively violates their right to participate in the public space.

Or something. The point is, we just had an election where social media dominated traditional media, and Twitter wants to ban nationalists from participating in it. We must oppose this and propose alternatives, and the best alternative is to nationalize the platform. The government already collects all your data anyway and can request it be turned over from a third party if they want it, so really what is the financially slumping, publicly-traded Twitter even in business for? Getting people to click sponsored content?

Nationalize the damn thing. It would be in the Alt-Right’s best interest to have a “right” to use Twitter. You people like rights don’t you?

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Zero to Eighty-Eight: Notes on Building a Deep State


Donald John Trump has been elected President of the United States. He retains Huffington Post cited “White Nationalist,”  “Anti-Semite,” and former Breitbart executive Steven Bannon as one of his official advisors. Peter Thiel—Gawker slayer, contrarian billionaire, and President Trump’s only notable Silicon Valley backer—is a member of the transition team, and along with Bannon will help the Trump administration select some 4000 personnel. Alabama senator and “racist” Jeff Sessions is President Trump’s pick for attorney general. Kansas representative Mike Pompeo, an “islamophobe,” is being considered for head of the CIA. As necessary as these developments are to the cause of peaceful political revolution in the United States in benefit of her founding European stock, they are alone ultimately insufficient.

As your author has suggested previously, civic nationalism had the potential to win by a hair. But whether its colorblind adherents like it or not—realize it or not—civic nationalism in the United States is whiter than a hipster bar in Brooklyn. In other words, White nationalists and civic nationalists are, for all intents and purposes, on the same side (even if civic nationalists fail the Alt-Right threshold). Ethno-nationalism is, to be concise, the extremist variety of civic nationalism in that it limits both the origin and values of the citizen, as it includes ancestry and heritage rather than purely muh shared values. In practice however, the civic nationalism of many conservatives limits citizenship by origin as well. Whites and model minorities or successful individuals of minority groups are the face of civic nationalism; less well-regarded are illegal immigrants (mestizos who violate the sanctity of citizenship) or urban criminals (blacks who violate the standards of White civility). So it’s not hard to see why the left parses the Republican party and the conservative movement as being racist—what they value happens to be very White or White-presenting. Returning to a society that values Whiteness is an important thing for us, and something civic nationalists do implicitly and White nationalists do explicitly.

Both forms of nationalism are opposed by globalists and the left, so we must be willing to cooperate in even limited capacities or sink. In fact, that both President Trump and David Duke are considered “White supremacists” by tens of millions of voters is all you need to know about the alignments being made here. Case and point are the ongoing anti-Trump (ergo anti-American and anti-White) protests in America’s Progressive cities, like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. These people hate the idea of an exclusionary state that favors quality over equality and nationality-based privilege over ideological grievance-based privilege. This is the credo of the (((Soros))) funded Open Society Foundations and the “color revolutions” of Eastern Europe: to destroy borders in the name of equality, but in actuality to the benefit of international financial capitalism.

The enemy thinks that President Trump is further right than he actually is, that he is Literally Hitler™ and must be fought tooth and nail. And who knows, their nightly mockery of the democratic process they demanded he respect might change his mind. It may already have. How long can you ignore people protesting you winning the election they demanded you respect the results of?

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