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Skinning the Invisible Knapsack, Part 3 of 5

Among schoolgoys, there is a rather vindictive prank one can do to a classmate who has left his backpack or bookbag unattended, known as skinning. The bag is emptied of its contents, turned inside out, and then zipped back up … Continue reading

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The Video Game Guide to Ethnic Cleansing

Look, I’ve played enough Crusader Kings II to know that what’s proposed in this article isn’t that far off the mark. If anything, it doesn’t go radical enough. I’ve learned in my many hours of hands-on experience as the ruler … Continue reading

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Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

(((Saul Alinsky))) Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals New York: Random House, 1971. Rules for Radicals is [in]famous for its purported influence, and that of author (((Saul Alinsky))), among liberal and left-wing ideologues and politicians in the … Continue reading

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Amerikaner Free State+ [Thicc Nationalism Edition]

Author’s note: This is a follow-up to my recent article “Amerikaner Free State.” Many people tell me that their fee-fees were hurt by my purely hypothetical map which only included the whitest contiguous areas of the United States and lacked … Continue reading

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Amerikaner Free State

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with a meme, let’s talk business. I’ve written on American balkanization, White nationalism, and Anglo-American identity before, but here I would like to bring these together and elaborate on the ideal of a North … Continue reading

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Zero to Eighty-Eight: Notes on Building a Deep State

Donald John Trump has been elected President of the United States. He retains Huffington Post cited “White Nationalist,”  “Anti-Semite,” and former Breitbart executive Steven Bannon as one of his official advisors. Peter Thiel—Gawker slayer, contrarian billionaire, and President Trump’s only … Continue reading

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Election Reaction Makes the Case for Partition

Grief. Fear. Hysteria. Anger. Protests. Riots. Hate crimes. Arrests. The United States is reeling from the election of President Donald Trump. Ultra-liberal Portland and Seattle revolt as anarchists light fires and smash storefronts. Megadiverse New York City has to impose a … Continue reading

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