Providing nationalist perspectives from the bowels of the American empire, in response to mostly news headlines and their implications for the European-derived peoples of the world, with the occasional political-historical rant. If I had to pick a special snowflake ideology from the electronic/alt-right, it would be Anglo-American  or Amerikaner nationalism.

The world as one of tribes competing for resources, power, and influence. I cannot in good faith champion the interests of another tribe over my own, as much of our political class and intelligentsia preaches, but I acknowledge those interests exist. If I were to have a single statement of purpose it would be to teach our people to take their own side for a change.

I am also a contributing writer over at The Right Stuff.biz, an edgy and informative alt-right blog. I have also written for Counter-Currents and Alternative-Right.

My Twitter handle is @AtlanticCent, and I’ll probably follow you back.

You can also follow Atlantic Centurion on Tumblr if for some reason you like to use Tumblr.

I am also on Gab.

6 Responses to About

  1. David Hudson says:

    I like your stuff. Is bit coin the only way to send a contribution? No paypal?


  2. Stephen Lynch says:

    Hi Lawrence, I’m a Law student who’s written several essays on the topics of race, identity, femininity, religion and various other topics, and I’m wondering where to start if I want to have any of mt essays published, I tried emailing TRS two days ago but no response as of yet, is there anything else a starving autiste can do to make himself heard?


  3. Argus says:

    Damn. I’m a bit behind the times … “snowflake”—?


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