The White nationalist movement is an interesting one. I’ve been involved in such circles for nearly two years and the articles on this blog have been my take on it.

But as a movement it seems impossible to get people to agree on even the most basic questions: Is x pro-White? Are the actions of x to the benefit of White people?

These are how all tribes assess decision-making.

Not Whites.

Whites do not want to compete. They do not want to think at the margins. They do not want to collaborate for their own higher ingroup interests. Their intellectual vanguards refuse to do so, and their members by birth view their peoplehood as inconsequential. If White people will not elect for White nationalism then alternative solutions must be sought to ensuring our people have a future. 

What can be done, reasonably and respectfully of the rights and interests of other groups (which are thriving and projected to demographically overtake us), to our benefit? What benefits us in a way that benefits others (the only way of implementing change in the United States)? What is allowed to be voiced? What can actually be advocated for without becoming the scourge of offline mankind?

  • Tightly regulated immigration policies that favor high-skilled labor such as those in Australia.
  • Encouraging local production, local communities, and local institutions to form and thrive throughout the country to reduce the burden on the central government and scale back its involvement in the lives of people with diverse needs and wants which cannot be uniformly met.
  • Promoting a robust national patriotic sentiment and common ties between all our citizens.
  • Respect for the national origins of all who dwell in the empire, with a eurocentric emphasis to encourage assimilation towards Anglo-American culture and values.

White nationalism can’t work if White people as a whole do not want it and White nationalists remain divided over its aims and organization. White nationalism cannot work if the perception of White nationalists is one of moral evil.

But what could ultimately work is a kind of nationalism that moderates both the far-left and far-right, neither of which seem to attract more than squabbling fringes. A facts on the ground ideology, one so practical as to avoid the label of ideology by hiding in plain sight. What seems clear is that now is not the moment for White nationalism; Trump’s presidency is more likely the time for paleoconservatism.

Everyone has their own ideals. But at some point you need to think about not what you want, but what you can get and who is willing to help you get it, regardless of how much they meet your ideal (or fail to meet).

The world has changed immensely since this nation was founded upon European colonialism. It has changed because the powerful wanted those changes. The powerful will never want the changes White nationalism advocates for unless compelled, and White nationalists will never be powerful enough to make those changes.

Do what’s best for you and your family. Your friends. Your community. Whoever they happen to be. Make the best of things rather than misery. The fate of the world was never in your hands to begin with. You come from a long line of peasants and the world will continue to turn regardless of your opinions about it. That is one kind of Truth.

The times we live in are not yet ready to receive us.

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  1. I’ll let them know you sent us something


  2. Short for “special snowflakes,” extremely ovenworthy individualists who manage to project their own views onto the rest of humanity

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