The Dark Age


Just in case you didn’t notice, we do in fact live in a dark age. The Dark Age even. Capital letters, fam. Kali Yuga.

Everywhere that the golden light of Truth ought to be shining in glory, we are instead mired in the misery of our conditions, conditions which have persisted since time immemorial and which seem to only get worse. Conditions that blind us, conditions that warp us, conditions that force us to cope in ways we hardly think about anymore since we’ve become so accustomed to debasement. The world’s most fantastically wealthy society, in which men live with luxuries and wonders as those the ancients described their gods as having, is the most miserable and unhappy, the most inefficient at reproducing itself, and the most susceptible to destruction by both invading forces and internal rot.

Where did it all go wrong? Was it Obamacare? The sexual revolution of the 1960s? World War II? World War I? The French Revolution? The American Revolution? The English Civil War? The fall of Constantinople? The fall of Rome? The Bronze Age Collapse? Animal husbandry?

You didn’t choose to be born into this. You didn’t pick your family, your tribe, your race. You didn’t have a say in your upbringing. You didn’t really pick the people you’ve met along the way. You didn’t always believe what you believe now. You might like to think you had an awakening and discovered all of your principles in one flash of illumination and have kept them as diligently as the soldier at Pompeii, but you haven’t. And even had you kept them, you are just throwing yourself against the storm.

No one really wakes up one day and decides they want to participate in the eternal struggle for mastery. You are drafted and conscripted into it, and probably spend half the time doubting the whole thing. But that’s how having faith works. You doubt.

You shouldn’t be in this war. You cannot win this war. Your brothers are not who they say are. Why do you fight?

I don’t have all the answers. I just know there are those who want to destroy us because that’s what they’ve made it their lives’ work to do. They probably don’t know why either. You don’t know why. I know you have your theories; I have my theories. They don’t care about them. We’re both the same enemy to them, and knowing our differences is just a matter of tactics for them.

Oh sure, we can intellectualize it all, and explain all fancily with our neologisms and social commentary and analysis, but at the end of the day, you don’t really know what the hell is going on or how it got so bad, or really how to fix it. You’ve just got your theories, and thought you were supposed to have your allies.

Either you fight and win and pass the torch on to those closer to the end of the Dark Age, or you take it and burn everything down and lose, damning those coming after you to something worse.

Think about what you actually want. Decide what you stand for and who you stand with. When you essentially say that someone is corrupted by the Dark Age and cannot serve Truth in any capacity whatsoever, you could be talking about anyone. Yourself even. Because whatever it is that makes you think you’re holding the high ground, it isn’t nearly high enough. Victory has not arrived.

How do you get there? Do you get there by tearing down everyone reaching for it but falling short? Or do you stand against those trying to make sure you don’t reach it at all?

Do you believe we are faced with total destruction or not? The city is burning, so let’s debate the firefighters on whether or not they’ve got the best equipment for the job.

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24 Responses to The Dark Age

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    It’s time to fight and revel in the bloodshed. We’ve come not to save, but to destroy. It’s going to be awesome!

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  2. Frontierland says:

    Very good article. It’s important to hear from you guys on the subject at hand.
    I stand with you ALL.
    We are Pro-Whites, all of us.


  3. Trainspotter says:

    Well put. It’s a difficult issue, on so many levels. We live in the ruins of shattered families and relationships, under a cloud of cultural propaganda designed to mislead, confuse & harm. It’s no secret that our enemies target the young most aggressively – encouraging them to make bad decisions before they can see through the scam. Few emerge unscathed. Even for those who do, it’s often more a matter of luck or happenstance than anything else. “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

    The question becomes how to accept imperfect people (which means all of us, to one degree or another), without celebrating or at least in some way unduly condoning the imperfection. Just because one fails to practice what he preaches, it does not follow that he should preach what he practices, just because he practices it. If one has a bad habit, it is immoral to encourage others down a similar path – destructive behavior is not to be promoted or celebrated. It’s far more moral to encourage others NOT to follow the destructive path that you’ve gone down. “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.”

    I’m already seeing a false binary pop up. Either it’s “Having a jewish wife means the guy is an infiltrator/con artist/bogeyman” or “Having a jewish wife is fine. No big deal.”

    The first is probably not true, while the second is definitely not true. For a white nationalist to have a jewish wife is a big deal – obviously. It’s not o.k. We’re about promoting our identity & continuity, not marrying into other groups. If we’re going to mix, why are we bothering with any of this? The System wins. The System gets what it wants.

    On the other hand, there’s no question that many people were red pilled after having entered into permanent relationships. Are we to write them off? Treat them as enemies? Pretend that they have nothing to offer? This seems both unjust and unwise. But how to bring them in without condoning the very thing we’re against? That’s the challenge.

    We’re a damaged people who grew up in an unhealthy society. We must acknowledge this about ourselves, but only as a starting point, as a simple recognition of our current reality. It’s not where we’re going. It’s not what we aspire to. We acknowledge our degraded state, but we do not accept it. We can do better, and we will.

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  4. Steel T Post says:

    If the city is burning, that’s great. The city is what makes up all those blue-colored “islands” of Hillary voters. The city is what makes up the small area of Austria that voted Communist. The city is where the sundry foreign Skype, Skittle, Google, Yahoo, and Bing invaders feel most comfortable. City is POZ. City is cancer. Cancer needs radiated and cut out of the body. I wake up every morning disappointed again that the Democrats haven’t yet provoked Russia into nuking the huddled masses of Democrat voters. Don’t fear the reaper.


  5. I hope we can get to the other side of this fairly quickly. some separation is needed. The division will not be along doctrinal or policy lines, but but disposition. The puritanical impulse of some ant-Semites is a liability. Perhaps they see the promised land like all of us do to some extent. But they cannot see the years of strategy and indeed compromise required to get there. This is not a new disposition for Whites. Purists always thwart strategy. Its why a priestly class should not rule.

    We need a fucking king.

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  6. Michael Adkins says:

    It’s the hipster!

    Our starting point is Norman Mailer’s, “The White Negro.”


  7. Denise says:

    Good evening Mr. Murray,

    I read this on the TRS site. My comment was drowned in a deluge of Comments on the Doxing That Dare Not Speak It’s Name, so I just want you to know that I commented on this essay.

    You are a marvelous writer, and thinker, and I really appreciate your work, Thank you.

    Make Kek Bless You, Always.

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  8. thulenord says:

    Has the great wave of the dark ones finally ceased? Has the age of Aryanism finally ignited once again? Like a lightening strike, the white man returns to the scene, right when all seemed inevitably doomed. It’s important we collectively take advantage of this moment, this short period of awakening and strengthen our positions as mush as possible.

    The future is uncertain, act as if our time has come regardless, the will to power is the greatest strength of all!


    • Michael Adkins says:

      The future is certain if the European male has the will to power.*

      *I am referring to the working class male.


      • King George III says:

        The working-class male is subordinate to the elite male, was always such, will always be.


  9. King George III says:

    Did you make that graphic?


  10. Michael Adkins says:

    King George lll,

    I believe you have misunderstood thulenord’s* concept of the will to power. If you would please consider the ideas of Kai Murros.


    The bottom of the barrel, they were always left behind, ridiculed, scorned and exploited and yet it was they who throughout world history have built the nations and defended them. – How could the working class be anything other than a national class?

    The working class is the true embodiment of the nation!

    *Correct me if I am wrong.

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    • King George III says:

      The working class is a disorganized rabble until directed and organized into the ordered doings of great things by their superiors. The nation, setting aside the origin of nationalism as a liberal concept, is the creation of the elite; where its elite goes, the body politic will follow.

      I look up Kai Murros, and what do I find? He was a Maoist, now a reformed Maoist. Cuckoo. Maybe he should start his own branch of neoconservatism.


      • Not sure what reformed Maoism is but it sounds like H E R E S Y


      • thulenord says:

        The working class provides labor output because our societies are organized to be as such, but such economic and social institutions are not permanent, there are no absolutes, they are merely conceptions the great puppet masters have cast over you. Capital is still a mirage, a trance, just like any other idea. The people can will themselves to something greater, however, elite will always arise among them.


    • thulenord says:


      The Nietzschian ideal: The great driving force, the achievement, the ambition to succeed. Collectively only the greater man can achieve victory, for nature only beholds the beast of quality over the beast of quantity. The Aryan is the greatest species if he can only open his collective eyes and will himself to the halo of victory.


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  12. Michael Adkins says:

    King George lll,

    I understand your concern about Kai Murros, but people change and I believe he has left Maoism and Fascism behind.

    Now our elite, they can’t win wars, they can’t feed and care for their people, they can’t provide decent retirement – so what good are they?

    Now our working class, I believe W. B. Yeats said it best:

    What’s equality? Muck in the yard,
    Historic nations grow, from above and below

    From Three Songs


    The working class must always be able to see its role as the fundamental force behind the nation.

    Kai Murros (1969-)


    • King George III says:

      Our elite has won every war since Parliament cut loose the colonies in the late 1700s. It’s what makes them elite.

      It isn’t the elite’s responsibility to provide gibsmedats, though it is the elite’s responsibility to provide a legal and moral environment conducive to the ancient tradition of Patriarchy, the masculine social order, the fount of civilization itself. In this they fail, and not only do they fail, but they strive to deliberately and systemically wipe out every trace of patriarchy everywhere, and thus stand against civilization itself. This is what makes them evil.

      The working class is itself politically inert. It is the fundamental force behind a nation in the same way that oil is the fundamental force behind industrial-technological civilization. It just doesn’t do anything unless carefully manipulatex into useful function as in the combustion of oil in a car engine or in the production of plastic or in the generation of electricity—impossible without either the engineer or the oil, but which is in charge?


  13. Kings are forged in wombs, Emperors are forged in hardship. In times of hardship, Kings supplicate and ministers dawdle, but the hardship forges the Emperor who shall rise to smite the enemies of his people. Make no mistake, Alt-Lite, Alt-West and even Alt-Right are enemy fronts to do to us what happened to the TEA Party. Hijack, deflect and diffuse. White Nationalism or Nothing. We owe them nothing, and they are not us. We did build that, and everything else. The lowly rats have stolen it with fake debts, usury, and monopoly money.
    We were the Masters, and shall be again. We cannot be defeated. They are nothing. They will always be nothing. If they killed us, they themselves will die an ignominious death. Do not bother to try to reason with this untermensch scum. Their ego and lack of brains will make it useless. We have a future and destiny. They have delusions and lies. War has come. Fight for yourself, your children, and your ancestors. We have nothing to lose but our hateful deluded parasites.


  14. Michael Adkins says:

    Joshua Sinistar,

    In my opinion, the question is why we allow hipsters and hennetasters to sell European reproductive tissue? Most know a community exists online that profits handsomely (at our expense) by using fertility centers, personal websites, a sperm auction or a donor bank. Why allow our genetic continuance to be shipped to Kigali, Rwanda, Pu Dong, China or Los Rojas, Chile?

    It’s time European males realize what’s important in this short life!


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