Amerikaner Free State+ [Thicc Nationalism Edition]


Author’s note: This is a follow-up to my recent article “Amerikaner Free State.”

Many people tell me that their fee-fees were hurt by my purely hypothetical map which only included the whitest contiguous areas of the United States and lacked a substantial coastline. This is because they would rather escalate a substantial military conflict in order to secure more territory than simply settle for minimal conflict and less land. I understand this view, but I am not trying to sell people WWIII and White nationalism in the same article. “Hey kids, want to destroy everything you’ve ever known,” may work on nihilists and the most radical types, but it is not something you can sell to the median. This is not Call of Duty.

Maybe that sounds a bit hyperbolic to you, that creating a large White ethnostate in the United States out of both White majority and non White-majority areas would escalate into a global conflict. I believe it would since the latter areas are not going to want to live under a White nationalist government. I also believe that a partition proposal aimed at satisfying as many people as possible is the best starting point for selling the idea of ethno-nationalist separatism in the United States.

Despite my appeal to low time preference and the necessity of downsizing to a leaner and more homogeneous society in order to revitalize our sense of tribe and purpose, others wish to take the larger country + more minorities route. This just creates a smaller version of the United States as is rather than an ethnostate, and so poses many of the same problems as the former. Namely: what do you do with the millions of would-be foreigners living under a White nationalist government? How do you stop it from becoming Brazil? With the lean state, there are just so much less of these people that repatriation and setting up the incentives for it is much easier to accomplish. With the thicc state, there are enough of them to bind together into a substantial fifth column that will resist being cast out, simply because the balance of power is not as overwhelming as it could be had their share of the population been lower.

I am not of the opinion that we can deport 100 million people and deal with their White liberal allies and our international enemies. That is why I propose partition. If we increase our share of the partition beyond my initial proposal, we also increase the scope and odds of a future military conflict. At that point you might as well argue for keeping the entire United States and fighting a Taiping-tier millenarian war over it in the name of Christ and folk, knowing full well that the rest of the world are going to back the Qing and millions of people will die. And if you are going to go to war, why not simply fight for as much land as possible regardless of the demographic facts on the ground? Why settle for a smaller country if you think you have the ability to take more? I understand some of you are totally fine with this angle. I don’t agree with you. I think you are deeply underestimating what a civil war in the nerve center of the global economy would entail, what sort of third parties would take a deep interest in the outcome, and how “good” you are at fighting and logistics. And more importantly, I think you need to at least have a studio apartment before you can worry about lebensraum. World war is a much riskier dice roll than partition. We don’t want to lose it all, do we?

So the map provided in this follow-up is more ambitious than the first and would absolutely require larger scale population exchange. And though it will not be pretty, I think it could still be feasible. Greece and Turkey, Pakistan and India, and Israel-Palestine and Jordan have together swapped millions of people in the 20th century. However, I still believe the immediate release of California, most of the Northeastern Megalopolis, and parts of the Southern periphery are the bare minimum for having an Amerikaner ethnostate as opposed to a multiracial United States run by White nationalists (which would necessitate a caste system and potentially having to fight an insurgency if not a world war).

Again I really don’t want to dwell on the map too much because the demographics of areas could change very suddenly were the status quo in the United States to sharply deteriorate. Many people who’ve settled here very recently on the invitation of the hostile elite, though far from all, would leave in a pinch. Internal White flight could escalate. It is thus pure speculation to suggest what the borders of a country that has never existed should be (and arguing over the minutia is even less productive until we are in a situation where it is feasible to create such a state).

It’s also worth noting that the initial map could have been even smaller. Since the ethnostate is purely hypothetical, what is stopping it from just being the Midwest + Pacific Northwest, with no East Coast or Gulf ports? Conversely, what would stop it from including much of White Canada, which would be unable to avoid the consequences of an American revolution? Would losing the southern shores in exchange for the Great White North be a bad deal? And if you think that sounds too LARPy, Sweden and Russia once fought a war in which the peace treaty resolved to give Swedish Finland to Russia and to compensate Sweden with all of Norway.

Another thing to remember is that an independent California and NYC metro (or Florida) would act as magnets for people who we want to leave. Can you really say no to undesirables engaging self-exile to poz epicenters, in the name of fighting over San Francisco? Not worth the bones of a Pennsylvanian grenadier, etc.

What is important, if you take anything away from this, is that we are—to draw a parallel with the Zionist movement—still in our exile phase. There is no ethnostate for English-speaking European peoples in the New World. We’re still looking all over the map trying to figure out where the best place to settle is.

We aren’t Hungarians, or Japanese, or Egyptians, or Israelis. We don’t have a national homeland governed by nationalists. We have territories we think would make for a good national homeland governed by nationalists, which are currently both de jure and de facto in the hands of an occupation government.

You need a bedroom before you need a living room. Can we afford that yet?

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34 Responses to Amerikaner Free State+ [Thicc Nationalism Edition]

  1. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    This map is preferable. The Midatlantic Bantustan and the Southern Bantustan are manageable.


  2. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    I’m going to write an answer to this with the Holy Roman Empire’a “Free Imperial City” as a counter example.


  3. Afterthought says:

    Mr Murray, another valuable contribution. What you need is a “face” to sell your policies to the broader public. A fellow with disarming charm, but with message discipline. Too bad we have no such person at this time.

    Notice also that in many comment sections where your work is reposted the commenters are saying “no, [Mr Murray,] apocalyptic chaos and bloodshed IS THE GOAL”. Perhaps those warning about worshiping demon frogs are on to something?

    These are the people celebrating HeilGate, more or less. They want to make that event about only what happened within the building, or the response thereto, when it is actually more about the TRS and DailyStormerfication of the alt-right in general. To make it crystal clear to your audience: 14 is great, 88 is not.

    I would gladly trade 90% of the alt right, lost to disappointment with a practicable and moral approach, in order to gain 10% of the “normies” (read non-psychotic whites). As someone who can date his conversion to the anti-globalist right to the mid 2000s, I cannot say I welcome the addition of TRS and Daily Stormer to the fight. They brag of more numbers, but it is more numbers of people whose behavior CONDEMNS US TO DEFEAT and by extension extinction, if we are to take our own rhetoric about genocide seriously, and if we take the historical lessons of Assyria, Iran and India etc seriously.


  4. Edmund says:

    Well, if you want this without conflict, I think you’d need to scale back the amount the whites keep a lot. Like, say, make a White Reservation in Alaska and abandon the lower 48 + Hawaii to the dindus of various stripes.

    I’m not for conflict, even though it irks me that under your scenario we lose a good chunk of our country by surrender without a blow being struck. It’s just that I can’t see any way that anything remotely like this division is ever going to happen. The leftists and their brown hordes want the whole thing. There’s no way they’re ever going to let us skim off 2/3 of the country to make White-istan.

    These scenarios just make me think that there is indeed no hope and that Brazil — or South Africa — is our future. With maybe a few well-armed hill tribes of Redneck Gringos off in the fringes, under perpetual attack by the weak, corrupt central government that can’t muster enough strength to just eradicate them.

    Every one of these maps is a black pill because it’s such an obvious fantasy. Either whites win, or the browns win. These maps point up the impossibility of the whites winning, and leave only conclusion. Brown victory to the end of time.


    • Edmund says:

      *leave only one conclusion. (Dammit)

      Alaska is about the only piece of real estate that’s probably useless enough for them to let us have it. Maybe we can arrange to buy part of Siberia from Russia, too, get both sides of the Bering Strait.


    • Zorost says:

      He doesn’t say 0 conflict, just minimizing conflict. Virtually no chance that there won’t either be conflict to get the ethnostate, or conflict that makes an ethnostate look like a good solution to all sides.


  5. Dave of the clan Dave says:

    This is LARPing. The Jew brings non-whites to our nations, and then stir them up against us, to destroy our ability to function as a people. There is some talk from non-whites and libtards about separating from us. But the Jew controls the media these people take their orders from. In any discussion about breaking up the US, the Jew will incite duskies to make impossible conditions for separation.

    Our media is our immune system, which should direct resources to problems. It has been hijacked and used to attack us. We need to cure ourselves of this AIDs before we can act. I hope that Trump can take out the controlled media and libtard institutions. That would give us a chance.

    Your speculative articles are fun. But we don’t have a part in any concrete action. If Trump is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat we won’t know until the bunny appears.

    However small a state we get, brown people will ruin what they have and we will later be able to intervene, take over, and ship them back to darkonlia.

    I hope we can protect ourselves from nuclear armed states in the mean time. For sure, Russia will have a big part to play in our destiny. I hope Trump can set up a deep state friendly to the Russians.


  6. Before commenting on this, I have to put my cards on the table:

    a) I am not American. I am a pro-Russian Greek-Cypriot.
    b) I am simply stunned by how much discord there is in the US of A. The world’s most important country is literally split down the middle.
    c) I would like to see Russia becoming the world’s pre-eminent power in the coming decades, so I am not really your friend.

    Russia would of course help to break-up the USA if the opportunity arose. Just like the US helped in breaking up the USSR. For this to happen though, the EU must break apart first. Otherwise, Russia may not be in a position to see a US break-up to its own advantage. Now, the EU breaking apart is not only likely, but almost inevitable by this stage. Once this happens, and indeed there are extreme political and ethnic tensions in the USA, then the process may well begin. Under such a scenario, two major powers will get deeply involved in the US break-up. Russia & China. And under these conditions, they will probably be backing opposite sides. Now, remember that the only reason that China and Russia see eye to eye in recent years, is due to fear of the US and its Alliance System that contains them. If the US Imperial threat is removed from the necks of the Russians and the Chinese, then they will be enemies.

    Now the main question here is this: will the Jewish-led Libtards, Dindus, Tacos and perverts be fighting to make their part bigger, or to take the whole country? In that case, Russia will surely be supporting the Real Americans, as a US break-up would suit them just fine. The Chinese will be supporting the Jew-led side for the obvious economic and trade reasons.

    In case that the Jew-led Dindu hordes accept that a break-up is inevitable, then all bets are off. Under this scenario, the Chinese may not get too involved, but will again support the side with most coastline control (again for economic/trade reasons) Russia will support the inland Party. This is for two reasons: a) Currently, Russia is accepted by right-wing Americans and loathed by leftists/liberals (History, it seems, is not without a sense of Irony) and b) Russia is not a trading/financial/maritime power, it is a Land Power (Telluric Power, in geopolitics) and tends to support other Land Powers against Maritime Powers.

    Now, a US break-up will be a frightening prospect for the planet, even if achieved without much bloodshed (or even if with not at all) There is no way that a US break-up won’t destabilize the entire planet. The US still yields massive economic, military and cultural sway over much of the planet. What happens with all the US bases around the planet? What happens with all the military assets, fleets, nukes etc? What happens with nuclear proliferation? It will be a momentous event, way beyond the Soviet implosion. But as I increasingly realize, may prove inevitable.

    If something like this ever comes to pass, then we have to make sure that Canada falls under full Real America control and that any trace of Zio-Dinduism is eliminated there. Canada will serve as a conduit between Russia and Real America, so that the war (or stand-off) is carried to a victorious/advantageous conclusion. Mexico, inevitably, will fall to the China-Jew-led side.

    If anyone asked me two years ago, I would have said that this a sci-fi scenario, but with the apparent collapse of any kind of US-wide consensus this is becoming increasingly likely. Also, keep in mind that the current tensions and divisions are occurring during a period of immense abundance and relative economic upswing in the world’s most prosperous country. Imagine how things will look as the inevitable Second Phase of the Financial Crisis sets in?

    I apologize for being so blunt.


    • >Cyprus
      Oy vey what a mess.


      • Yeah. We have had our own kind of “cultural enrichment” thanks to Turkey and the Turkish “minority” Both the US & the EU are pushing us to accept reunification which amounts to a thinly covert takeover by the Islamist Erdogan. Thankfully for us, Russia seems to be foiling the Zio-NATO-Turkish-Saudi plans in Syria and has been covertly undermining the “Peace Talks” in Cyprus. Even more surprising, was the left-wing government in Greece also pushing against a “solution”

        We may survive.


  7. King George III says:

    The first step to accepting your birthright as an intelligent white man, a natural aristocrat, is to realize that you will never achieve anything if you appeal to hoi polloi.

    Give it up. Don’t accept your crown through the gutter.

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    • Zorost says:

      If WNism means anything it should be that whites are special, even those who work up a sweat to earn a living. (Not saying all should vote 😉 )

      We won’t win this conflict with message board elites posting at each other, we need to rally at least some of the masses.

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      • King George III says:

        First you convert the message board elites. Then the message board elites convert the masses…by persuasion when possible and by force if necessary. Lawrence is a very smart goy and the Atlantic Centurion is a great read, but this US break-up masturbatory fantasy is a tremendous blight on its otherwise excellent record. It seriously undermines LM’s credibility when he says things like, “Many people who’ve settled here very recently on the invitation of the hostile elite, though far from all, would leave in a pinch.”, yet apparently it’s too much ask to make some short brown low-IQ peasants leave rightful American clay. What are they going to do, exactly, make war on the sole world superpower?

        Anyway, there are a lot of otherwise excellent white men who believe in old liberal myths like “all men are created equal” and “of the people, by the people, for the people”. They are great people unfortunately duped by those they trusted as religious, ideological, moral authorities. What they think doesn’t matter much, frankly, except as necessary to catapult a Great Man into high office—and keep him there.

        I’d really like Lawrence Murray to be thinking through the details of deporting a bunch of people that nobody wants here as anything but Democratic voters, rather than ceding, among other things, all of American finance, all of American technology, and all of American propaganda. (I mean, WTF, dude. Do you want America to still be a world power when you’re done slicing us up, or do you want us to be a bread-basket for our new Chinese colonial masters?)

        Whatever. I have things to do. ¡Adios!

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      • Getting rid of 100M people is fantasy as much as partition, if not more so. In fact, there is now a California secession movement (while there is no movement to strip non-white citizens of their citizenship). So what’s credible and what isn’t?


      • King George III says:

        It’s simple: either you control the government, you are the government, or you don’t, and aren’t. There is no gradient—this is a binary choice: either the military and police respond to your authority, or they don’t. If some military and some police do respond to your authority and some do not, then the binary choice is whichever side is the stronger.

        If you control and are the government, having the loyalty of and authority over the military and police, and having already used that power to purge the Leviathan on the Potomac of your sworn political, civilizational, and racial enemies, you can do whatever the hell you damn well please. In your words, LM, this would be the Deep State. Who is going to say otherwise? The EU (powered by the US)? The UN (powered by the US)? NGOs (powered by the US)? International watchdog agencies (powered by the US)? Who?

        In 1990 the US Census Bureau counted (supposedly) 249 million people living within the borders of the United States. 27 years later, that figure is supposedly 325 million. All of that growth is immigrant and immigrant-descended, and 95% of all immigrants since 1965 are nonwhite. 325 – 249 = 76 million immigrants in 27 years. 76 * 0.95 = 72. 72 / 27 = 2.7 million per year. If USG persists, just give it up—that number isn’t going to go down. If USG is aborted and you become the government, what earthly force is going to prevent you from issuing just under 6 gorillion first-class bus tickets a year for 13.5 years?

        If 13.5 years is too many years to take to save your nation, your civilization, and your race, then why not go die in a fire? If you don’t have the gas money, why are you already sending the 100 million foreigners enormous sums of money by monthly check in the mail? If you don’t have the buses, why not have them manufactured by Ford and GM? If this policy is not the most popular goddamned action the government of the American people has taken in the last century, then what planet are you living on? If everyone hates you for saving your nation, your civilization, and your race, so what? throw them in a cell—they deserve it, the ovenworthy traitors.

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  9. There are two other alternatives to having a larger coastline with more minorities, without having to have a global conflict. As Harold Covington and I were discussing yesterday with our competitive visions of the coming balkanization, along with the north Texas seaports you include might be an Atlantic seaway through the Great Lakes, aided by an independent Quebecois ally and/or a White enclave on the facing shore in the northeastern U.S., separate from the BosNYWash multicultural area. That would preclude the necessity of cleansing Boston itself. Alternatively, keeping the bare minimum coastal areas, leaving New America 90% or more White, and allowing the black coastal areas along the Gulf to starve out. The risk there would be third party intervention by the U.N. or the Chinese to control those ports before they could be reconsolidated under our territorial imperative. The payoff would be, like we did with the Indians the first time, trading food and medical treatment to them as emergency relief and humanitarian neighborliness, don’t you know, in exchange for a ceding of territory by New Africa.


  10. J Jones says:

    I have supported a balkinization for years. However, let us remember that our nation was ORIGINALLY SET UP as a balkinization proposition.
    So we needn’t go full separate nation status, at least not immediately.
    If we rebooted states rights, and then merely set up small enclave sections within them as their own states, and we made sure to arrange them in such a way as to make it PERMANENTLY impossible for them to have the federal power usurp the states, then we could maintain our national identity while still bulkinizing our interior. This would allow us to control foreign meddling on our national territory and boundaries while allowing the nigrosavages certain areas of self governance (well fenced of course), and the multiculturalists a few certain areas(also well fenced). This would be similar to Palestine except that we would have several and we would have no reason to be abusive of the people in them, however, we would also cease to fund them, so if they didn’t behave responsibly they would be overcrowded citystates of starving 3rd worlders and their votes in the federal government wouldn’t be adjusted because some measure of production would be the method by which votes are distributed and not only numbers…again similar to the original “only white male landowners” system.
    So in essence the new map would look more like the voting map by county forntrump, with a bunch of enclaves within it and those areas would only be able to vote for things within themselves. We could distribute voting power similar to the house senate on a proportional basis of land and people and production in the federal system, which is in fact what we have now. Small and big states get 2 senators, but this could be basically reversed to give the perpetual power to the main land holding states and not to the enclaves, etc.
    In other words we could.make some marginal changes to our system that would wreak total change in the right direcation and the borders of the enclaves would be fixed. .. and as one other reader pointed out, these places would soon be starving and would require help which we would happily supply if they were voluntarily sterilized.


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  12. lingane says:

    Dear Lawrence

    on this site ( ), I made a quick study about immigration POV of parties.

    I think it would be great if you could write an article about this thematic.

    Quickly speaking, PR platform are hostile to immigration till 1932. Silence on this thematic in 1936, re-hostility in 1940, silence in 44, 48 and 52, and finally, fall into immigration-love in 1956.

    On Democratic side, hostility to immigration till 1932, silence from 1936 to 1948, and fall into immigration-love in 1952 (with the pretext of “refugees from soviet countries”)


  13. SFC Ton says:

    The White enthnostate as drawn is merely a collection of Whites who gave us diversity, civil rights for non Whites and all that bullshit

    Not sure how damnyankees would ever go for it, or keep it White.


  14. Thulenord says:

    If Trump was indeed in our camp his foremost priority should be helping California secede immediately. The re-positioning of the political culture after a move like that would set pro-Aryan racial policies on a course to re-enlightenment for the next decade. A Nationalist movement would be very powerful even after a partial break away of parasitic non-white peoples on just one coast.

    The left is saber rattling on the west coast for a breakaway. Give them what they want and begin the 50 year Balkanization process of the US and the emergence of Aryan nationalism.


  15. lingane says:

    “There is no ethnostate for English-speaking European peoples in the New World”

    I’ll hope you’ll consider Quebec as another ethnostate for french-speaking too 😉 (and ONLY french, no english, even white) (with still a learn of english language in school for talking with u, of course)


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