Election Reaction Makes the Case for Partition


Grief. Fear. Hysteria. Anger. Protests. Riots. Hate crimes. Arrests. The United States is reeling from the election of President Donald Trump. Ultra-liberal Portland and Seattle revolt as anarchists light fires and smash storefronts. Megadiverse New York City has to impose a no-fly zone over 5th Avenue. LGBT and Mexican flags wave in San Francisco outside high schools. Students in Michigan chant “Build the Wall.” Muslim women have their headscarves torn off. A White man is kicked in the head for being a suspected Trump supporter. Swastika graffiti appears anonymously on walls and doors around the country. Wow just wow, it’s the current year.

The results are still coming in from November 8th. President Trump won the electoral college while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a margin of hundreds of thousands. There are now increasingly loud calls to scrap the electoral college for being outmoded and ‘anti-democratic’. Moreover it is the second time in recent history that a Democrat has won the popular vote while losing the election.

Of course, there is a geographic context to all of this. Clinton got far more votes than needed to win in blue states like California and New York. In the West Coast outpost of Latin America, she got around 2.5 million surplus votes, while Shekel Island and its surrounding counties (sans Staten Island) returned around 1.5 million extra ballots. In midsized swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, President Trump won by much narrower margins, boosting Clinton’s popular vote even further. And the high margin Republican states have less population to begin with, yielding less popular vote for President Trump’s total. Still, there is a clear geographic component to where Clinton won the popular vote, and that is her carrying the urban corridors of the Northeast and the West Coast, and the Deep South’s black belt. President Trump won the broader swathes of the interior and the non-urban counties.


So what’s the path forward for a Trump administration elected due to a procedural quirk in the system (which usually doesn’t matter) while sitting atop a colorful demographic bomb? What’s the strategy for the American left, who even if they ride out the demographic trends and campaign as inverted paleocons next cycle will have a country where at least 40% of the population is viciously opposed to their coalition of Davos men, overseas Israelis, and their multi-ethnic helots? Is the future of the United States to go through the death throes of Empire as it swings radically left and right every few years because of ethno-regional partisan politics? Do we really want a vicious cycle of the coasts and the core fighting one another to convince a few border regions to flip one way or the other every four years? This is the best form of government we have? This is the best country in the world?

Well, there are a number of scenarios in which the United States survives intact as a darker or off-white world power, depending on who wins in the mid-game. But for now, President Trump holds power, with both houses of Congress and the executive branch at his disposal starting January. To the mock-horror of the left, there are “no” checks and balances against him (wrong). Even if that were the case, his position is the definition of tenuous, and unless he acts to entrench himself and his allies, it will have all been for nothing. A smart move for President Trump would be to lay the groundwork for an authoritarian and nationalistic deep state, given that he has four (and possibly only two) years of mandate to turn around a country which has had decades of misrule and cultural poison, one that only was able to vote him into office by the skin of its teeth. It could be done. After all, he did run on a platform of building things, bigly.

But I think there’s something to be said for a utilitarian solution, or at the very least a utilitarian starting point for the conversation on where this deeply divided behemoth of a state is going. What do people really want in this country to be happy, and how can those demands be accommodated? Let’s assume I care for a moment and am not a completely self-interested tribalist (which would frankly place me in the minority of voters). Let’s assume I want to bring about the greatest good for the greatest number of people regardless of ingroup-outgroup status while following the principles declared in the United Nations’ charter.

From a utilitarian standpoint, I don’t think the optimal solution to the American problem is endless political struggle between conservative Whites versus people of color and their liberal allies over control of an imperial state. I think that’s a recipe for polarization at the national level, and fueling radical ethnocentrism among Whites (who currently split around 60-40 on politics while other groups are as high as 90-10). How can these people share a country amicably where the rules of the game are winner-take-all, damn the losers to sit in the corner and lick their wounds?

I think the solution is patently obvious, albeit with a number of logistical hurdles (which pale in comparison to say, building nuclear weapons or the Moon landing). Partition the United States into multiple countries. There could be at least two multi-ethnic liberal countries and one more homogenous conservative country. Of course, each would have ideological minorities, but there would no longer be a high stakes competition to overturn society and reorder it along an inverse set of principles every few years on the basis of two camps of regional extremists attempting to sway moderates.

You may be wondering, if new states with different political alignments were created, wouldn’t that change the internal Overton window of each society and thus lead to new factions, ideologies, and tensions not even given consideration before? It probably would, but the trend would be of each society being able to pursue the policies it really wanted to before but couldn’t due to opposition from de facto foreign factions. If only there were fewer conservatives, Bernie Sanders could have dropped the “democratic” and been a full-tilt gibsmedat socialist. Donald Trump wouldn’t have had to give lip service to the concerns of blacks who refused to vote for him if they simply didn’t live in his country. The West Coast would finally be able to adopt third worldist cultural and economic policies and left-technocracy without reservations, without opposition from the interior. Boston-NY-Washington could have its dream bureaucratic welfare superstate, constantly seeking new clients to provide social services to at the expense of its signaling-addicted upper classes, with no significant anti-immigration movement opposing it. The Whiter, more conservative parts of the country would be able to adopt nationalism and traditionalism. Instead of having to compromise with people they dislike on a molecular level, these factions would be free to govern their regions with only minor internal opposition, as opposed to swathes of the state they control on behalf of the 51% being up in arms against them (metaphorically, and possibly literally).

But I am an ethno-nationalist. So I do want what is best for my tribe first and foremost. But I also happen to think that the same things I want for my own tribe would be good for other tribes as well. It is said that good fences make for good neighbors after all. What better place to put a fence than between the sanctuary cities that believe White people are devils and people of color are angels, and the rest of the country?

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51 Responses to Election Reaction Makes the Case for Partition

  1. These solutions always give the left both coasts, with all the benefits. They only deserve one. I suggest they take the East coast, as it lies closer to Europe.


  2. Yeah, are we looking at the same map? The US is a sea of red with a few blue spots. This isn’t an even split, not by a long shot! Why the fuck should we cede anything to these losers? They can’t run a generator much less a city or a state. Take a look at that “White Flight” nonsense. Anytime Whites get fed up and move, the zombies follow the brains. These genetic losers cannot live anywhere on their own. All their Anti-White Hatred is borne out of envy, but they follow for the simple reason that they have no capacity for autonomy. Kick them all out and let them starve. The next time some idiot talks about niggers starving in Africa, tell him to call an end of life counselor.


    • AnAnon says:

      On the other hand, cutting CA in half(and letting the anti-American part leave, if only temporarily) basically neuters the democrat party. had Trump won by a serious margin that wouldn’t be necessary, but we have to face the fact that the country is still divided, and whites haven’t yet gone anywhere near as tribalist as non-whites have.


    • The blue spots are much more densely populated than the surrounding areas. And have economic power. There is also no stomach to “conquer” them.


      • 48starnation says:

        That economic power starts to evaporate as they have to pay to import food as opposed to merely accessing it. I certainly see your point here, rhetorically, but isn’t part of MAGA to actually MAGA and not downsize? If we follow the Vox Day prescription of working to repatriate all or most of the post-65ers and having two American grandparents a prerequisite for voting, we’ve won. Not easy to do but at least as easy as peaceful partition. We tried peaceful partition once remember…


      • That population is dense all right. A few upper class twits and their many welfare subsidized servants. Snip the handouts and lets see how many merry maids these rich bitches will support out of their own pockets. I have a feeling these Cosmopolitan Globalists are not willing to open their wallets to feed the voters they want to outvote us themselves.
        A nice fee or license for voting is not out of line. Poll tax notwithstanding, if people have to buy licenses to fish or hunt or drive, then why would it be illegal to charge $20 or 30 for a voting license, with photo of course?


      • Oldtradesman says:

        California. A natural desert along the coast. Watered, largely, by the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Colorado River. Powered by turbines turned by that water. Red precincts in the north of the state and surrounding Fresno, and down its east side. I say split the state. We keep the northern third and Sierra Nevada range. There’s a few electoral votes right there. And if something more serious develops, well, the urbanites have a huge problem on their hands.


    • Olorin says:

      Excuse me?

      I live in one of the blue-crayoned PNW counties. It used to be purple, going back decades. Part of why we bought a house here. Then the dems rigged the districting to get a clearer split for 2010 and 2012. We lost a very good US House person and got a demented liberal. I say again, this was rigged to make us look more polarized than we actually are because the Dems knew they couldn’t rely on easy victories.

      But our district is STILL voting 40+% non Dem, even with the deplorables shedded.

      That doesn’t count all the idiots who sit out elections because “it won’t change the outcome.” I.e., they don’t understand the bigger picture.

      I’m always amazed by how ostensible shitlords and alt-right thinkers look at these maps and believe them. Yeah, WA state is run by Seattle, but the majority is a lot smaller than the Dems and NYT and GOPe and even some supposed Dark Enlightenment sorts succeed in getting you to believe. It’s nothing fairer districting wouldn’t solve. I

      And by the way? We not only “know how to run a generator” we keep the infrastructure running. The Herlings and Bernie Bros around here have no idea how many of us there are. We keep our mouths shut. Just because you believe in blue ink doesn’t mean we cease to exist.


      • AnAnon says:

        What a secession will come down to is not what color things are on the map, but how many armed men are on each respective side. the cities they can project force in(by virtue of squatting in them on the taxpayer dime), outside of that not really.


  3. BroncoColorado says:

    The foundation of American power isn’t so much its considerable industrial production but it vast and yearly agricultural surpluses. These surpluses are concentrated in the red regions. The consumers both of i-pads and big macs are in the populous blue dots. How far are places like Seattle going to travel down the pot-holed multiculti highway without a ready and affordable supply of agricultural necessities, namely, food? Not very far! Therefore if ‘partition’ is likely or even inevitable the future White American state will have to secure the Mississippi Valley and the port of New Orleans, and also a strategic port on both coasts. The temperate regions must be defended tooth and nail, but leave the arid and desert regions to the Aztecs. It is insanity for the farmers of Iowa to constantly bust a gut so that Amerindians can go popping out brown babies.

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  4. Jayme Price says:

    Hang anyone talking about partitioning the United States.

    We come to power and we TAKE IT ALL.

    Jews want the U.S. broken up. Don’t play into their hands.


    • Majority of children born in the United States are non-white. I believe retaining the whole country is a non-starter for White nationalists.


      • Steel T Post says:

        A “The Handmaid’s Tale” breeding program could work.

        “We are for breeding purposes. There is supposed to be nothing entertaining about us, no room is to be permitted for the flowering of secret lusts. We are two-legged wombs, that’s all: sacred vessels ambulatory chalices.” (Atwood, pg. 176)

        There is a balm in Gilead to heal the SJW’s sin sick soul.


      • Bar Tar says:

        Cut off the gibs and raid the favelas. They came here by the power of their own locomotion, they will leave by the power of their own locomotion too.

        If we—or our advocate—have not the power to cut off the gibs, we have the power to do virtually nothing else anyway.

        In your writings I see signs that you still put stock in such notions as majority rule and the presumption that all men are created equal. What does it matter if “the majority” of children in the US are nonwhite? It is not by their power that they transgressed our borders and entered our country; despite hyperbolic rhetoric it really is not as though are invading us. No, our benevolent rulers are deliberately importing them in order to acquire a less threatening populace, a more credulous electorate, and shear the naïve white sheep into oblivion.

        California is overrun by Mexicans not by Mexican military force of arms, but by Californian police force of arms, which Californian police form of arms is backed up by overwhelming USG force of arms.

        Therefore, this is an all-or-nothing affair. Either you command USG force of arms, or you don’t. If you do, you can cut off the gibs and raid the favelas. If you don’t, USG will still be around and kicking, and it will be kicking you.


      • You can’t drive out 100 million people.


      • Bar Tar says:

        There were 3 million Hispanics here for the Reagan amnesty in 1982. In the current year there are nearly 100 million of them. 80 or 90, something like that. Let’s say 75 million in 34 years, or about 2 million a year.

        That growth was completely organic. Some of it came from fertility, but most of it came from little brown peasants sneaking across the border. And it happened so slowly that Americans in places like California simply woke up one day and realized that half of Mexico had moved across the border.

        Without concerted state action, they can deport themselves in 15 years, maybe less. Without gibs, they literally don’t have any way to sustain themselves. Of those employed Hispanics, most of them work for the government, or perhaps more accurately “work” for the government. A few of them are proprietors of small businesses, but most of those small businesses exist on the largesse of the government, meaning naïve whitey. If the most done by the Trumpenführer is cut the gibs, fire useless government employees (most of whom are affirmative action hires), and crack down on parasitic and under-the-table business, the Hispanic bloc’s economic power has essentially been reduced to drug trafficking.

        It can be done in 5 or 6 years with concerted state action. In addition to the aforementioned near-total loss of their economic power, they will be further persuaded to go back by the shutting down of their radio stations, newspapers, and other Spanish-language cultural beacons, a few ICE raids on illegal aliens and magic soil Americans, and a public call to return to the homeland made by their governments, mainly Mexico but also Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. To serve the newfound pressing demand, the Mexican Transport Agency’s buses will be repurposed, and in order to meet additional demand private bus companies will stumble over themselves to provide, courtesy of the government at 1.5x the usual price, 24/7 outbound bus lines to meet the overflowing demand for escape from the sudden First World hell of America made America again.


      • You’re wrong from the get-go. There aren’t 75 million Hispanics. This stuff is not hard to look up.


      • Bar Tar says:

        Believe me, I did the research and the math. I spent way more time on this than I should have. There are 40 million illegals, minimum. Minimum. Ann Coulter, in Adios America, says 30 million. I think she’s understating.

        Wikipedia says 50 million Hispanics without specifying their legal status—see for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_of_the_United_States. If you assume Wikipedia is correct that there were 50 million in 2010, then with the simple, well-documented year-over-year population growth of 3.5% (also on Wikipedia, check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_racial_and_ethnic_demographics_of_the_United_States) we are at 63,600,000 in 2017, and [the current year + 1] is but a month and a week away.

        So 64 million, rounding to the nearest million, if you use the government’s numbers. I don’t trust the government’s numbers. I don’t think they’re counting the illegals, or if they are counting the illegals then at least not all of the illegals.

        Do you trust the government numbers? We know the USG’s predilections—we know that the Cathedral is electing a new people; we know that Moslems are being deliberately pumped into Europe by the power of untold billions of dollars and the unspeakable global power; we know that unless Trump anoints himself God-Emperor, America is going to look a whole lot (more) like Brazil. Do you suppose that Uncle Sam The Big Pimp is not putting his ginormous thumb on the scale like Brennus?

        Vae Victis!, for we are Rome.


      • It’s pretty hard to hide millions of extra people. I’m skeptical of the 30 million even. I could see there being 15-20 but being almost three times the official number is a lot. In any event, most non-whites have citizenship so that presents another problem entirely.


      • King George III says:

        No, there’s no problem there. Invalidate Magic Dirt Theory, strike down the legal precedent, and suddenly most of the Hispanics are deportable, certainly every Hispanic not descended from Ronald “Amnesty” Reagan’s ignominious swipe of the pen.

        Of course, if you have the power to do that, you have the power to deport all of them, because I rather suspect that the amount of power you need to invalidate Magic Dirt Theory is the same amount of power you need to deport the illegals: all of it. The Cathedral has well and truly jumped the shark, has taken the gloves off, and legal precedent doesn’t matter much to it anymore—if it ever did. I think this is really a very simple situation: either it is going to break Trump, or Trump is going to break it.

        The only alternative option I can imagine is that Trump has been a two-faced politician the entire time, a secret advocate for the other side. I think this possibility is unlikely, but not nevertheless impossible.

        There have been “11 million illegal immigrants” for nearly two decades. It’s nothing more than a talking point for talking heads. The Mexican ambassador once said with confidence 30 million (30-something million, I’m not going to look it up), and Trump once suggested 35 to 40 million. I think they, too, underestimate. Illegals are by definition “undocumented”, and as the rest of the government goes to great lengths to avoid “documenting” them, I cannot imagine that the US Census Bureau is uniquely immune to this phenomenon.

        Frankly, I would surprised if fewer than one and a half million illegals illicitly enter the United States each year.


      • The problem is less illegal immigration and more the Hart-Celler Act. Of course we have the authority to remove a few million illegals should the government decide to enforce the law,but it’s the mostly encitizened 100 million non-whites who pose a problem for people who want to retain the entire 21st century United States as a White ethnostate.


  5. Frank Zipper says:

    Let Quebec go and the ROC joins America. California can go her own way. WIN WIN.

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  6. Mozere says:

    So effin absolutely right. I’ve been saying just that for a decade now. There is no turning over of the left, never gonna happen. And who cares about loser faggots anyways. Let them stir in their own shit and reap the fruit of their idiocy.

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  7. Steel T Post says:

    The cancer of blue is caused by living in cities. Living in cities makes humans more “tame,” just like these Siberian foxes have been artificially selected to be tame: “The tame population developed relatively fast in response to selection – with 18 percent of foxes from the tenth generation demonstrated extremely tame behavior.” ansci.illinois.edu/labs/kukekova-lab/foxes

    Even The Atlantic admits as much: “The voting data suggest that people don’t make cities liberal — cities make people liberal.” theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/11/red-state-blue-city-how-the-urban-rural-divide-is-splitting-america/265686/

    Pray for a Carrington Event. Or another ice age. Blue cancer solved; K-selection restored.

    Can’t say we weren’t warned: “The mobs of great cities add just so much to support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body.” ~Thomas Jefferson (Notes on Virginia)

    Civilization (living in cities) is the downfall of civilization.

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    • Esoteric agrarianism.


      • Steel T Post says:

        +1. I keep trying to “like” comments, but with NoScript and PrivacyBadger running here, and several Silicon Valley and Redmond data-mining operations blocked at the router level, somehow it never gets done. Please accept my token of appreciation.


      • Yeah my personal setup also hates the WordPress comment system. Thanks!


    • Miha M says:

      Those of us who are more involved in environmentalism know that current level of urbanization is completely unsustainable. Modern food production and distribution system consumes 20 calories of energy to deliver 1 calorie of food into urban supermarket. Almost all of that energy comes from non-renewable resources and because of sheer amount is irreplaceable. Also aquifers, lakes and rivers are over-pumped for irrigation and top soil is being thinned at record pace. A lot of arable land has already been abandoned because they ran out of water to irrigate and soil got too thin. And to top it all off our systems are depending on growth so each year we need to produce more to avoid catastrophe. I don’t need to tell you where this leads.

      The good news is that natural order will be restored almost certainly still within our lifetimes. The bad news is that so called western civilization that we are so proud of is doomed. And its not because of Jews or non-white filth.

      So we dont need Carrington event or ice age to get your wish. Its already baked in the system. Malthus is going to have and always was going to have the last laugh.

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      • Well for more on that sort of angle, Guillaume Faye and Peter Thiel have written about the Western standard of living being something that would destroy the world if reached on a global level, e.g. India and China consuming like the United States.


  8. transcendentalpoliticsblog says:

    The Republic of Pacifica and the New England Federation verses the Heartland Republic. The Heartland would need an outlet to the sea. If we break up so also will Canada with the eastern provinces joining New England, Quebec becoming independent. and the Western provinces joining the Heartland. We would need allies and an outlet to the sea. What Russia wouldn’t do for a lease on a North American warn water port for 99 years. On the southern border will be Aztlan and perhaps in the lower South the Republic of New Africa,


  9. Miha M says:

    I love you Murray, you are well informed on JQ and problem of white genocide. However to make scenarios for future (and this includes your essay on What will become of the Empire) you need some interdisciplinary perspective. By writing narrowly from white nationalist perspective you come up with scenarios that are totally and completely unfeasible from economic or environmental perspective.


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