Alt-RINOs, Those Who Incur the Wrath of Kek


International criminal and third world advocate Hillary Clinton gave a speech recently denouncing the Alt-Right, in which we were painted as a part of a vast right-wing conspiracy of klansmen, water filter salesmen, and Russian agents working together to elect Donald Trump. Unfortunately, I am yet to receive a suitcase full of money from Vladimir Putin. Instead I am seeing people all over the Internet claiming to be Alt-Right who I’ve never heard of before, but more importantly, a number of them aren’t Alt-Right.

Here are the seven principles of the Alt-Right as defined by yours truly, and here is a repository of related content. To be succinct, the Alt-Right is a big tent of illiberal and identity-based ideologies that are united in purpose in the Anglo countries and Europe to advance the political, biological, cultural, and social interests of White people. This stems from the fundamental Alt-Right view of the world as one of tribal conflicts, not ideological conflicts. It is a post-Cold War moral system that returns to an archaic—and more accurate—understanding of humanity. We take our own side, and we expect other tribes to take theirs. Most already do. And there is nothing unethical about this. Take a deep breath, WEIRD man.

The problem: an influx of people who are Alt-Right in name only (Alt-RINO) are coming across our borders after Clinton’s speech, and we need to be able to figure out who these people are and where they’re coming from. Because a lot of them seem to be identifying with the label just because they like Trump and then doing post-hoc rationalizing to counter the left’s interpretation of the Alt-Right (calling it racist, White supremacist, fringe, hate, etc.). How could this new label I’ve just commited myself to mean something bad? Here’s what the goy who shouted “PEPE” during the Clinton speech had to say to Breitbart:

If you come to this country legally, follow the laws, learn our language, and love the country, you are equal, no matter your color, or religion. Basically alt-right is to separate ourselves from the failing establishment right.

Well folks, that brings us to the first kind of Alt-RINO.

Civic nationalists


Civic nationalism is magic dirt nationalism. It’s the idea that anyone anywhere can be shoved into the blast furnace of America and made into an American. There’s just something about being here that makes you belong here. I mean after all, we’re a nation of immigrants right? (No reference as to where most of them came from before the last few decades). Please invade us, just make sure you adopt our language and love of voting and mindless consumption. Race and religion don’t real; it’s being a good citizen that matters!

When this country becomes “minority-majority” in the 2040s, as it currently is for children under five, it will not be recognizable as a country founded by British people and then populated by waves of pan-European immigration from 1790-1965. The United States will change radically as a result of the third demographic transition. What could be less conservative or nationalistic than letting your people be bred out of existence by foreigners?

Civic nationalists are most certainly not Alt-Right. Nothing they advocate will end the downward trajectory of the United States from a White majoritarian republic (the historical American nation) to a third world shopping mall (Weimerica). It will just make them feel better about their mystery meat grandchildren since at least they wave the flag and speak some variant of English.

The Alt-Right supports ethno-nationalism, not slow death.


These are a kind of civic nationalist, I would argue, except even more into legalism and “muh ideas” than they are about an actual identity. They have a paper fetishism for the Constitution and the US legal system, even when it works against them. For example, the (((Supreme Court))), or the Sanhedrin as I call it, currently has three Jews and five Catholics. Justice Antonin Scalia (pbuh) once suggested that there should be more Protestants on the bench, since America has a lot of Protestants and they are totally unrepresented in one of the most powerful organs of the federal government. Obama’s proposed nominee is (((Merrick Garland))), “a white guy, but he’s a really outstanding jurist.” Thankfully he’s being stonewalled by Cuckgressional Republicans, who are doing something useful for once.

For Constitutionalists, not identity, but legal documents are the source of the nation. Tell me how that works out for you when this happens, because the Constitution has glaringly failed to defend the liberty of our posterity:



Jesus Christ, you are not Alt-Right. A lot of the Alt-Right is ex-libertarian, especially from the Rothbardian/propertarian/ancap milleau. And even those are not mainline libertarians. Do you think Gary Johnson has read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Democracy – The God That Failed? I like Hoppe. I like using state power to enforce contracts and incentivize good behavior. I like excluding people from my community who I didn’t invite and who are from outside of it in the first place. I think people who vote left-wing and come from the third world should not be made into citizens and given the same right to vote as me, because they will vote to destroy my liberty, my property, and have the state redistribute it to them in exchange for votes. Do you believe in opposing that, libertarian? Or do you think the free movement of goods and labor is as sacred as dude weed lmao?

Just because you think the GOP is icky but have the same moral foundations as a Democrat on issues of race and culture doesn’t make you Alt-Right. Why would it? Alt-RINO.


These are a bit like civic nationalists but even more cucked, especially the non-jewish ones. If you are an interventionist and an Israel-firster who is mad at the current GOP for not being violent enough towards the Arab world and not reaching out enough to the Afro-Latino block and immigration reform, you aren’t Alt-Right. If you think NRO is bad because they try to distance themselves from the Bush years and spend too much time bashing Trump instead of fighting Hillary, you aren’t Alt-Right. If you idolize Ronald Reagan (the godfather of illegal immigration amnesty), you aren’t Alt-Right.

If you think identity politics is dividing us and we just need to come together as Americans (which means nothing to you anyway), you aren’t Alt-Right. The Alt-Right isn’t against identity politics; it is against the double standard of Whites not being allowed to practice any tribal behavior without being treated like Hitler. If we live in a multi-ethnic society where each group is encouraged to be as tribal and factional as possible, why not us?

Philosemites and Anti-Racists

Nah dude. You’re a retard. This is not a free-for-all anti-establishment fuckparty. Even the (((SPLC))) got this right. We’re White nationalists. This is about race. This is about ending the confluence of toxic semitic and marxist influence over White nations in Europe and the Anglosphere. Go educate yourself. We want our own ethnostates and freedom from the politics of racial suicide and multiculturalist anomie, as championed by a long line of leftists and Jewish ethnic activists in Europe and the Anglo countries. We want what Israel, Japan, Egypt, India, China, and over a hundred other countries have. Freedom. And our day shall come.


Finally, if you consider yourself Jewish and Alt-Right—that is to say you identify with a Jewish heritage and agree with the Alt-Right worldview of tribes in conflict and ethno-nationalism as the solution—then the only defensible position for you to take is Zionism. As you are no doubt aware, overseas Israelis have major metapolitical problems. In the United States, they frequently embrace the cause of the Palestinians and intermarry with the goyim, diluting our heritage and yours. Some Israeli politicians refer to this process as a second Holocaust—anudda shoah, if you will. And Israel is under assault by some of the same globalist kayaks as the White world, such as (((George Soros))). You can do the following to help us and yourselves: make aliyah and encourage your friends and family to do the same, serve in the Israeli Defense Force, and run for political office in Israel on a platform of ulta-zionism and normalizing relations with the soon-to-be ethno-nationalist West. Your country, quite frankly, needs you. Its Muslim population is growing rapidly and since the last wave of migration after the fall of the USSR, Israel has been facing less than rosy demographic prospects. You and your millions of overseas kinsmen can help make Israel great again.

A lot of people are going to be calling themselves Alt-Right when they are nothing of the sort. And it is our job to dial ourselves to 11 and show these people we mean business. This is the Overton window shift we have been talking about. Cuckservatism is on its last legs and civic nationalism and right-wing populism are supplanting it. And that’s a good thing. But not good enough. Our goal is to wake people from the American Dream.

Everything changes, and nothing changes. We will just have to recalibrate our artillery and resume fire. Metapolitics is never over.

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40 Responses to Alt-RINOs, Those Who Incur the Wrath of Kek

  1. One interesting thing to note is that whenever the media journalists ask, “what is the alt right?” they send people to American Renaissance or Radix Journal. They are not sending them to some civic nationalist cucks who call themselves alt right.


    • I never realized how hard it was for normies to google things.

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    • I am convinced that the majority of the MSM are not attempting to subvert or co-opt the movement. The narrative they and Hillary seem to be pushing is that the alt-right has taken over the GOP. Undermining or underplaying the core tenants: White nationalism, Race realism and the Jewish Question is not in their interest.

      On the contrary they will link to point to these tenants by linking to TRS, Radix, Amren. They’ll throw in Breitbart because of Bannon. That’s what will do the most harm to Trump as opposed to portraying us as mere civic nationalists who are opposed to PC.

      For us this is all great in the sense that we are getting a huge amount of exposure and thus lots of people will become red-pilled. But lets not kid ourselves, this guilt by association is highly damaging for Trump

      //Sven Garrison


    • Bantz Henriksen says:

      Alt-Cuck is also an appropriate designator for these types.


  2. BroncoColorado says:

    Acceptance of ‘The Seven Noble Truths’ which were proclaimed on the banks of the Missouri are the absolute minimum for membership of the Alt. Right.


  3. Robert the Bruce says:

    ” If you come to this country legally, follow the laws, learn our language, and love the country, you are EQUAL !!!” Sigh. There is no such thing as equality, some people are tall, some people are short, some people are fat, some people are thin etc etc.


  4. Bar Tar says:

    We’re reaching a crucial test: will the decentralized “alt-right” be able to retain its core values and successfully convert millions of hoi polloi who think they’re “alt-right”, but aren’t. I don’t know if a decentralized splinter-group-loosely-bounded-fasces low-church and Protestant-type ideological system has ever consistently swum right.


    • I think the more important shift we are seeing is that our major ideological opponents on the right are no longer neocons (to the extent they were a year ago) and are now increasingly civic nationalists. We will need to figure out which points are best at taking them down and moving the Overton even further right.


      • Bar Tar says:

        I fear that without an official method assigning “alt-right” status the “blood and soil” aspect will be thoroughly swamped by Pepe-dudes.

        In fact, the Pepe-dude’s press statement was so exquisitely worded to defame, defang, and define “alt-right” as just another civic nationalism that subversion should be seriously considered.


      • I want to believe he was just trying to be crypto but if he honestly thinks civic nationalism makes him some sort of edgy rebel that’s totally ridiculous. We’re talking about something George Bush II espoused.

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  5. Thoughtcrime says:

    I got called not alt-right because of the neocon section. I agree with the alt-right on everything else, but I think we need to bomb Islam into submission. It’s hard to have a white ethnostate with Muslim barbarians at the gates.


    • Well we’d do what is necessary to stop the invasion of Europe. Bombing could be an option. Neocons don’t have a monopoly on war after all.

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      • Oc.Va. says:

        Hey Lawrence, what do think of this article?

        www. counterpunch. org/2016/08/24/the-trump-campaign-a-white-revolt-against-neoliberal-multiculturalism/

        It reminded me of your posts about American society. Not particularly remarcable but unlike WaPo and similar outfits they are making the effort of analysis, as convoluted as it might be.


      • Extremely anti-white. Looks like something a graduate student in sociology wrote.


  6. Michael Adkins says:

    Seven principles of the Alt-Right.

    from principle four:

    “No viable society can exist where the long-term union of one man and one woman producing a replacement level of offspring is not the norm”.

    True, then we need build a realistic reproductive strategy for European males and females in the homeland and our Diasporas.


  7. ChrisT says:

    One way to exclude these entryists is to be hard 14/88 White Nationalist. No bagles ever for any reason. Blatantly anti status climber. If not, then our entire fight will be the same result as the previous 109 attempts to secure our future.
    If they can adopt 14/88 ok. If not, good-byeeee.


    • BroncoColorado says:

      A racially aware White person can never object to the noble 14 words, but 88/HH stuff has too much baggage. ‘Blood and Soil’ is a good substitute.

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      • Bar Tar says:

        It had too much baggage when Rockwell tried to use it in the 50s.

        “Oh good God, we just went over to Europe and took down the Nazis, and now they’re popping up over here!”

        After 60 years of Jewish propaganda you’d have to be a mouth-breathing moron or a federal agent to adopt the obvious symbols.


    • Michael Adkins says:

      It is now a dark and dismal time in the history of our race. Our cities swarm with dusky hordes. The water is rancid and the air is rank. The capitalists and communists pick gleefully at our bones while the masters of usury orchestrate our destruction. What is to become of our children in a land such as this? Yet still our people sleep.

      Robert Jay Mathews (1953-1984)

      Although the above words are inspirational they didn’t bring those involved to a “good end.”


  8. Ian says:

    Hello there. I’ve been working on getting a raid/trolling campaign started, to bring the right kind of attention toward the alt-right, and I’m looking for allies who could spread the message to a larger audience. Email me if you’re interested, or contact me at twitter @Maltese_Knight.



  9. Robert the Bruce says:

    I don’t particularly like the term the ‘Alt Right’, it’s based on a fallacy to begin with, ” We are the true Right, an alternative to those fake Conservatives,” when in fact the whole Left Right paradigm is a sham, Republicans, Democrats, Tories and Liberals, they’re all in the same clubs, members of the Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission etc etc, espousing open borders, mass immigrations and continuous wars for Israel. Plus the actual word is slightly meek, I prefer ‘Blood and Soil’ Nationalist, now that’s a stirring phrase !


  10. AllThingsGeeK says:

    Please stop using our gods for your white agenda.


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  17. Jason Lowe says:

    They have been calling us Nazis the whole damn time I really don’t see how this changes anything.

    They will keep calling us Racists, Sexists, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, Anti-Semitic, Homophobic, Intolerant, White Supremacists no matter what we do or say.

    Logic, Reason, and Truth be damned, so why worry about it?

    I see no reason why Communists can be openly Communist but National Socialists have to be in the closet about it.

    The Holohoax is bullshit, there is nothing wrong with the ideology (National Socialism), it is based on Natural Law.

    The Roman Salute is a Natural, Traditional, and Cultural thing for white people and is far older than National Socialism.

    America used the Roman Salute themselves at one point, it was called the Bellamy Salute, look it up.

    All the haters can go kick sand.

    I could search on google and give you probably 6 Gorillion examples of Communists openly in public displaying their “Raised Clenched Fist” hand sign / salute.

    The Communist Fist is used all the time. No one seems to mind.

    The Black Lives Matter group, Black Panthers, etc. etc. using it. So many others as well.

    All created and funded by jews the masterminds behind all of it. Bolshevism, Communism, Marxism (and as thus Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, etc ), etc. etc.

    You can see the Commies walking around in the USA today using that Salute and it completely parallels The Weimar Republic in Germany before Hitler came to power. If you watch old footage you can see the same Commies back then doing the same thing.

    Enough of the bullshit, lies, projection, propaganda, slander, and demonization.

    National Socialism is the cure to this jewish parasitical bullshit, it is proven.

    National Socialism is based on Natural Law and as thus based on TRUTH!

    The Lies Won’t Always Hide The Truth!


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