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Banal Ethnic Conflict and the Burkini

During peacetime, ethnically diverse societies tend to fight over a variety of public cultural issues, such as flags, statuary, and holidays. They can’t help themselves. Multi-ethnic societies don’t think about issues from a clinically rational perspective that weighs the merits … Continue reading

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Alt-RINOs, Those Who Incur the Wrath of Kek

International criminal and third world advocate Hillary Clinton gave a speech recently denouncing the Alt-Right, in which we were painted as a part of a vast right-wing conspiracy of klansmen, water filter salesmen, and Russian agents working together to elect … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Full-Court Press against the Alt-Right

Clinton’s campaign speech in Reno, NV, did exactly what it had been foretold to do. She attacked Trump, the Alt-Right, and nationalism. Literally. One of the most powerful people in the world spoke for a half hour about an internet … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Diversity: What if America was New York City?

American shitlibs love New York, NY. (That’s not what it currently looks like). New York is one of the most diverse and progressive places in the world. They love romanticizing it in fiction, visiting it, going to school there, moving … Continue reading

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The Protocols without Zion

The (((Soros))) leaks, a series of internal communiques from the Open Society Foundations (((OSF))), are going to go down the memory hole very, very fast. (((George Soros))) is a leading bankroller of “progressive” causes, sponsor of color revolution attempts in … Continue reading

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Scoring Trump on Immigration

YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Republican nominee Donald Trump gave a speech in Ohio earlier this week focused on immigration and terrorism. In it he detailed how he would overhaul the entry procedures for foreigners entering the United States. This is one … Continue reading

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Could White Advocacy Exist in a Multi-Ethnic Society?

The media believes Donald Trump is a fascist who will destroy the United States, though he claims he will save it. Trump has repeatedly stated his credo is America First, a muscular variety of civic nationalism and nativism, which terms … Continue reading

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