America’s Ship of Theseus Paradox and the Third Demographic Transition


Suppose you replaced each and every plank of a wooden ship as they grew worn or became damaged, with the ultimate result being a ship refitted with entirely new timber and the original materials nowhere to be found. Is it the same ship, or more specifically, is the totally refitted ship the same ship as the original? The Greco-Roman philosopher Plutarch notably posed the Ship of Theseus paradox in the first century and it has been an integral question to understanding identity, continuity, and change-over-time ever since.

By the time you finish reading this post, an untold number of your cells will have died and been replaced. But few would argue you are no longer yourself as a result of this process. You have an identity and a form that can be traced over time and recognized—even as it changes—not just by yourself but by others as well. Similar to a named river whose water constantly flows, we continue to identify you as either the same entity or its undisputed successor. Surely there is no pretender to your identity. You as a child and an adult are both you, right?

Boats, persons, and rivers all have a kind of fixedness. They are unitary things. If you split a boat in half, it is half a boat, and a single half is useless as a boat. If we split you in half you die, and your body is useless for keeping you alive. If we split or divert a river, eventually we have two rivers and the original loses some of its current.

But what about an institution, the collective product of many persons and processes? What about a newspaper, college, or government which changes many or all of its personnel? A town, city, or country which changes many or all of its inhabitants?

If the United States undergoes the third demographic transition, will it still be the United States? That is to say, if because of immigration and falling fertility the United States becomes majority non-white, will it still be the same country? If we were to replace all the White births that didn’t happen from natural population increase by importing non-whites, does that change the national identity of the United States? Ditto for Evropa. Who will lay claim to being American, British, French, etc., should they want to lay claim at all? What will happen to our political and social values? Here, history is instructive in answering our inquiry, and the answer to whether or not X will still be X is ‘kinda sorta, not really.’

First, it is appropriate to familiarize ourselves with the term “third demographic transition,” which I hope will become a useful term to those on the alt-right who want to argue from the respectability-signaling angle, as it both sounds and is academic. This is white genocide for signalling goys. The third demographic transition—which will impact all developed Anglo and European countries that receive immigrants—was first proposed by Oxford professor David Coleman in a 2006 article in Population and Development Review. It was proposed a decade before the Syrian civil war triggered an Afro-Islamic völkerwanderung into Europe, and before the rise of mainstream nativism in the United States under Trump. But of course, the deliberately neglected warning of a rising tide of color is much older.

To start, Coleman outlines his two basic claims:

(i) In some industrial countries a rapid change is already apparent in the composition of the population according to national or ethnic origin, arising from the direct and indirect effects of immigration in the last few decades, and (ii) projections based on plausible assumptions imply, within the conventional time scale of projections, a substantial alteration of the composition of that population which if continued in the longer term would lead to the displacement of the original population into a minority position.

On the subject of government or public responses to this top-down enforced change, Coleman’s observations should sound familiar to us even a decade later. Our governments have a third-worldist approach to demographic shifts. The management of the drydock where our boat is being refitted has a cavalier attitude towards criticism:

Governments may be unaware of their implications, or, in the case of Britain, may refuse to take a view on them. In France the preparation of projections such as those described above would be impossible [France refuses to officially collect ethnographic data]… In Britain, for example, the government will not comment on the longer-term consequences of high immigration, instead merely condemning as irresponsible those who raise any less than favorable reflection on it… minority activists and race relations workers—in the Commission for Racial Equality, in London local government, and in the media—welcomed the prospect of ethnic transformation variously as marking the final response to white racism, as an appropriate rejoinder to colonial exploitation, or at the very least as a matter of no consequence.

Another interesting observation of Coleman’s is how East and West differ on this issue. Both Eastern elites and their governed populations would be opposed to these levels of migration while here it is just a timid majority of natives and few elites. Japan for example, infamously would rather not repair their ship at all than import timber from overseas:

In non-Western societies the importance and undesirability of any such change [demographic replacement by foreigners] would be so axiomatic as not to warrant discussion. In majority popular opinion in the West, the response would probably be similar (one can only speculate in the absence of specific opinion polls). But elite opinion is more nuanced, some finding it difficult to articulate acceptable reasons for objecting, others actively welcoming a more diverse society on various ideological grounds.

As Coleman points out, the ethnic and religious distance between modern migrants and their Western hosts is larger than it has been in the past. Most prewar immigration was European; most postwar isn’t. The planks being used for repairs do not match the old ones, and nobody is bothering to fit them to the originals:

Diverse postwar immigrant cultures, with robust identities and religious faith, encounter in the receiving countries secularized liberal societies with weakened feelings of self-esteem and national identity. The changing interpretation of human rights that facilitated recent immigration also tended to erode the assumption that immigrants should adapt to national norms, instead favoring more multicultural responses.

Coleman notes that negative responses to the transition are pathologized as morally evil, and the counter-argument is purported economic benefits. If you have a problem with the repairs, you are a bigot. It is time for you to evolve into Homo oeconomicus. Your ship is seaworthy again isn’t it—what more could you want? And of course, leave it to the (((Boazian))) school of anthropology to not accord Whites indigenous status in Europe:

In Europe, local nativist protests tend to be denounced as racist, xenophobic, and deluded, including by anthropologists who do not accept the “native” parallel (Kuper 2003). Instead the usual response is that such dissenters need simply to be more thoroughly re-educated on the actual benefits of immigration to themselves and to global GDP.

Most ominously, Coleman says these kinds of population shifts have never before happened during peacetime. In the future, aspiring historians will be left wondering when Pakistan conquered Britain or Algeria conquered France for there to be so many of them living overseas in their cities. Is the ship truly repaired if the repairs are so obvious?

[T]he composition of the population of the developed world will come to resemble more that of the developing world, but not conversely. Transformations of population composition on the scale projected have not hitherto been experienced under peaceful circumstances. Major changes would be apparent within the time scale of a century.

I doubt Coleman is a fellow traveler, though regardless he has given us an interesting concept to meme. One of the major paradigms we hold as nationalists is that a population determines a society and its government. There are reasons why given the option, you would prefer Denmark to Bolivia or Burundi. The third demographic transition means population change. Can you have a United States without Anglo-Americans  or a Europe without Europeans? Can you change the racial and/or ethnic stock of a country and still have nice things? How many mestizos does it take to Make California Mexico Again? How many Germans have to invade Gaul for it to become France? Is it still the Ship of Theseus without the original parts?

Again: kinda sorta, not really. The way I see it, trace amounts of the old entity will be found in its replacement rather than it being the original continuing with new parts. Europe and the United States would become little more than geographic expressions. The population would become miscegenated and White-ish people a novelty. Perhaps we’d keep the place names out of convenience, assuming no racially motivated iconoclasm takes place (it already does). On both sides of the Atlantic, non-whites by a majority vote for leftist parties whereas Whites are either split or lean conservative (most pronounced in the US, UK, and France)—so certainly the governments will be as unrecognizable in the long-run as their constituents. It can be hard to pick the day and the hour when our Ship stops being the Ship of Theseus and becomes the Ship of Some Other Guy. But at some point we will have a stark before-and-after, one that will make it clear that a change has taken place, one that is dramatic and irreversible. The 2040s will be one such turning point.

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35 Responses to America’s Ship of Theseus Paradox and the Third Demographic Transition

  1. chiavarm says:

    This is not a matter of white and non white, but more about the intention of the immigrant. The “non white” immigrants are coming from mostly socialist, theocratic, and dictatorships countries and therefore hardships. They do not see the success of America is freedom. They in turn want the luxuries of freedom, but want to import (the familiar) socialism, theocracies, and dictatorships which will turn the US into the same hell holes they fled.

    As an example, see the interviews of Somalis that want Sharia in Wisconsin, they want a theocracy.


  2. Bar Tar says:

    Muster the will, and it is already done.


  3. Joe Putnam says:

    This article was some nice food for thought. I would take the position that a non-white United States would no longer truly be the United States, regardless of whatever fragments of our governmental structure or place names remained.


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  7. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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  10. Brendan Tnias says:

    Kevin B. MacDonald, evolutionary psychologist, has made available on his website and it is findable elsewhere an article on the persistent efforts of organized jewry to gain control of the US immigration law and policy from 1888 to 1965 when they succeeded. This well researched approx. 60 page article is a chapter from his notable book THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE. Jew wrote the new law of 1965 and it was the opposite of the law it replaced. Prior to the passage of the 1965 law the law allowed immigration from countries in proportion to the current population percent of historical origins which was primarily countries of north west Europe. The jewish law allowed only a small proportion of immigrants from such countries and favors non-White and non-English speaking immigrants from Asia and Latin America and anywhere but White European type people.
    They had Edward Kennedy introduce the legislation and promised it would not make any significant difference in American demographics. After several years of moderate increases in numbers of immigrants the numbers were very significantly increased such that we have had
    one million non-White non-English speaking Legal immigrants annually for the last 30 years.
    I was unaware of this though there has been much attention paid intermittently to illegal immigrants
    who also number about a million annually per Ann Coulter. this has been in fact Replacement Level Immigration that will make White people a minority in America. IN 2008 the us US Census Bureau stated that by no later than 2042 White people will be a minority in America and that this was irreversible. I believe that prediction was based on White vs. non-White birth rate patterns
    and may not have included the ongoing vast immigration numbers. This has nothing to do with
    putative low White birth rates. It is a Utopian design for a Multicultural Society envisioned and achieved if it is successfully deployed– by organized jewish power and kept largely mum unitl it could be stated as irreversible in the controlled mass media. Given the destruction of the engineering wonder of the Twin Towers, the jewish plan would appear to approximate 21st
    century creation of the Old Testament Babylon story cum template for crypto-warfare from within and by deception. Impressive stuff imbued with chutzpah and redolent with an astonishing
    insight into what might be correctly perceived as a psychopath core of power governing the jewish power racial supremacist families which dominate the upper regions of the jewish population pyramid. Also, though a jewish utopia, it is not likely to be a utopia for any other racial group
    as concurrently in the past 25 years or so, the us manufacturing capacity, the factory machinery which made America a rich country has been ripped from factories and shipped offshore primarily to Communist China accompanied by trade treaties of betrayal and removal of
    protective tariffs under which US industrial production grew and was nurtured and augmented by generous monetary provision through the US government for R&D of technologydevelopement under DoD contracts which brought so much innovation from refrigeration, to computer technology.
    One jewish man who made a big fortune in a short time through a jewish investment banking establishment and returned to California where he offered the top management officials of the Sierra Club 100 million dollars if the Sierra Club would stop addressing the issue of immigration
    which it had been doing regularly with a critical view. The quid pro quo was sub rosa and was not exposed until 2004 when an LA Times reporter exposed the mid-1990s 100 million dollar secret deal which had caused much confusion and dissent in that organization for some years after the abrupt decision by top officials of the SC to not address immigration issues any more. I heard
    mention of this in the same interview with Ann Coulter where she spoke of determining the actual number of yearly Illegal immigrants. I forget the author of the LA Times article but it was easy to find though the first version I found had had the relevant info edited out. Now there ia a new phase being deployed by organized jewry against White people in which they are collectively demonized and characterized as privileged; jews are of course not White unless they get caught committing
    heinous crimes. The ‘whiteness’ meme as strawman object of propaganda comes I think form the work of Theodore W. Allen a communist jew who worked for years as a teacher at the Crown heights yeshiva where he also resided. His free time he dedicated to notions of class warfare but
    targeted at organizing Black folk as proxy warriors for jewry against their White host majority.
    Allen developed the meme of’ ” white” racial identity in America as being a vulnerable target as he conceived it. Noel Saul Ignatiev in the mid-1960s produced an article or two with the older communist Allen. Ignatiev whose grandparents and probably parents were committed communists
    and per Wikipedia he was himself at that time a member of the communist party under a slightly altered last name. He moved on to Chicago where he also focused on organizing Black for for jewish agendas until in middle age he was fired for being too aggressive at some steel mill in Chicago at the time and then he, a college drop out jewish agenda communista, was hauled off
    to the graduate School of Education at Harvard University of all places and given a doctoral degree
    and then a plum job at a state college in Boston despite his having fathered a nasty quasi or perhaps faux academic journal featuring an ongoing assault on White people. It was called, and though out of print it’s issue are still obtainable online, RACE TRAITOR .It advised White people to abandon their White racial identity but really was just rank jewish racial warfare against the majority host race; warfare which most White people were not aware of though jews from birth were mentally colonized with traditional mind control memes of persecution of jews by WHite people of Europe and that augmented with the secular version of non-jews not being human which is an important teaching of the Talmud. Dehumanization of White people and falsification of actual psychopathic jewish history into portrayals of persecution and cruelty by Whites to perpetually innocent jews keeps the jewish mind, both psychopath and empathetic supportive of the war on White people. The Holocaust meme that was branded circa 1980 after a year of media over-reporting on a putative Nazi group in Chicago’s declaration of intent to stage a march down
    the main drag of nearby Skokie, IL which was known to be home to many jews who had been in the
    WW II detention and forced labor camps . The town denied a permit to the group who obviously intended to be annoying and did not even live in the town. A jewish attorney via the ACLU took up the cause of the Nazi leader Frank Collin. In fact the cruel Nazi leader was a secret jew Frank Cohen whose parents who had also been in a German camp and like the others were not gassed,
    The court system remarkably facilitated the passage of the legal suit for the march permit for a year with various stages providing scant fodder for a mass media eager across the nation to report on the Nazis and incidentally to spead misinformation about WW II and Germans etc. until the HOLOCAUST TV MINI SERIES was ready to be launched in late 1979 I believe, which was agreat
    success per the media and after which jews branded Holocaust as the meme of jewish experience of persecution and EXTERMINATION by sophisticated modern gas chambers createdfor that purpose. It was no problem that there was no evidence for thestory of 6 million jews that were alleged to have been killed by the Germans no forensic data; but no matter all the sites of the holocaust were deemed ultimately to be in current USSR territory and the Ussr was a jewish created and controlled utopia very much engaged in the vilification of Germany when in reality the true story was much the opposite and that has only been seeping out with the advent of the internet though people are imprisoned in many European countries for telling the truth about WW II
    and the jewish experience. There is a remarkable documentary viewable for free on a website of it’s name and possibly other internet locations called” HELLSTORM”. [I reckon this may be too long of a comment] But let we who are about to be minoritized and then targeted for destruction by jewry using proxy agents, evidently Black folk at last will be useful to them. Soros funded BLM seems to be a precursor accompanied by jews who claim to be white or Latina speaking out with confident complete denigration of white people accompanied with accusations of Whites being guikty of various jewish ugly deeds and practices such as dominance of the transatlantic Black African Slave trade to north America, but the jews also dominated the slave trade to South and central America and the Carribean; and in the US they also were the manufacturers and purveyors of the accessories of slavery; of the irons for the ships that transposted the slaves, ships mostly owned by jews, and other chains for slave use and even the production of a rough cotton cloth that was commonly purchased and used for slave clothing. There is a good book about this matter THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS produced by the Nation of Islam research Dept. [using mostly jewish sources]; an there is an excellent lecture by Black History professor Tony Martin to be found on YouTube with an intro by Michael Hoffman Jr.I may as well mention that a good grasp of the facts of the putative HOLOCAUST can be gleaned by just two video documentaries: [1] THE TRUTH BEHIND THE GATES OF AUSCHWITZ by David Cole about an hour or a bit more which also has an interview with the then director of the Auschwitz museum facilities circa 1993. [@] ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST, which is also a marvel of information and well worth the four hours and fifteen minutes. It was made by ‘denierBud’
    to complement the David Cole Auschwitz documentary and covers other German camps
    alleged to have been involved in the fable of EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS OF EUROPE
    and the gas chamber thing. these faux representations have been used to terrorize jewsfrom a very wee age for a few generations to harden them to be soldiers in the jewish psychopath hierarchy scheme to eliminate the White race as competition; and the story with wild additions is now mandatory in many public schools to brain wash non-jews into submissive notions of low self worth and guilt. for the atrocities that are in reality fabricated by those wo concocted real atrocities
    and deployed them on the Russian people then the Germanpeople and now gearing up for the assault on the unsuspecting hapless American people. Egad! What are we empathetic. almost helpless by virtue of our ignorance of racial reality unfolding around, us to do; must we be led by the nose and sophisticated mind control apparatus of jewry to minoritization, impoverishment and brutal victimization by this monstrous psychopath race designed and practiced in it’s intraspecial predation and parasitism ? Is it too late to save ourselves?


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