Dindu Terror in Dallas: A Case of Applied Third Worldism


“The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” — David O. Brown, Dallas Chief of Police

This is a big deal. The word choice of a terrorist matters. Four police and a transit officer are dead and seven officers plus two civilians wounded because Micah X. Johnson violently hated White people and was concerned about blacklivesmatter. The luegenpresse has to report what he said because there is no covering it up, but the words of this dindu terrorist are not going to be made central to the narrative of what happened or what needs to happen. They will be buried, and the framing will be moved to something else, like the relentless campaign to restrict firearms ownership by lawful citizens, which will of course have a disparate impact on Whites. Go read any mainstream media article on Dallas and check out the kvetching about “gun culture” in the comments.

But again, the words the dindu terrorist used here matter. What happened in Dallas was a salient shift from the metapolitical to political, a militant expression of rhetoric that’s been percolating in this country for years. The dominant ideology ascribed to in the postwar West is the third worldism of the (((new left))), and I have been harping on this point for a while now. This is what the media believes in, this is what your college professor believes in, this is what your government believes in, and this is what every (((Soros)))-backed rent-a-mob protest movement from Occupy Wall Street to blacklivesmatter believes in. The progressive stack. Racial justice. Affirmative action. Third worldism is an anti-white europhobic ideology which teaches that people of color are morally superior to Whites, their political demands are the most important in the world, and any actions they take which breach the conventions of civilized and orderly society must be interpreted through a sympathetic lens. Sound familiar? They gud bois; they dindu nuffin.

Few people are going to come out and tell you “I identify as a third worldist,” but they don’t have to. They don’t have to read Lenin, Fanon, any of the other degenerate Francophone philosophers of the 20th century, Mao, or the works of the (((Frankfurt school))). It is a shorthand label applied to a broad group of people and institutions which share beliefs and attitudes, like social Darwinist, Victorian, or (((cultural marxist))). Did Hitler ever read Darwin’s The Origin of Species? Does it matter? Establishing common descriptive language is the work of historiography and analysis, to understand trends and connections and bring them into the light. That’s what I am talking about here.

Third worldism has been the state religion of the United States since the 1960s, when government decisively dismantled the institutions of the historical American nation through desegregation, affirmative action policies, and the scrapping of our eurocentric immigration system. This was done in the name of “equality,” but in practice is driving the minoritization of Whites on this continent. That’s not equality, that’s destruction—but challenge this and you’re a heretic. So make no mistake, blacklivesmatter is not a revolutionary movement against the United States, it is the spasm of a system which isn’t moving fast enough for third worldists. They are angry about having to deal with the slower-paced liberalism of Republican politicians, who prefer an orderly and respectable transition to White minoritization rather than a violent and overt one.

Third worldism is also strongly tied with decolonization, the retreat of European civilization from other continents. In practice historically, decolonization was the end of European political rule over lands with non-white majorities and the suspension of settler colonialism in the 20th century. But the world-historical trend, when read between the chronological lines, is civilizational retreat. That is what we are seeing now inside the inner dikes of the White world, i.e. the Anglo countries and Europe, now that the outer dikes erected by imperialism have been yielded.

Decolonization as a principle was not abandoned. The third worldist left idea still hates the idea of European political power anywhere on earth. The United States is not exempt from this paradigm, not by a long shot, especially considering our ongoing top-down demographic changes. When this country loses its majority, who will be able to distinguish it from any other colony that needs to be liberated from Europeans? Hint: they won’t, and they already don’t. The calls to “smash” White supremacy will only grow louder, the rhetoric will only become more violently anti-white and europhobic, and both White racial consciousness and ethno-masochism will rise as our people attempt to navigate their tumultuous environment.

The anti-white europhobic rhetoric of blacklivesmatter is an extension of third worldist rhetoric and reflects the rising tensions of a balkanizing society. It explicitly targets White America and what blacklivesmatter interprets to be its power structure. They identify the police as part of this power structure—though of course this cannot be true as the police are agents of the state, which pursues anti-white policies that will result in the minoritization of Whites on this continent. They are not part of any kind of “White supremacist” power structure but an anti-white supremacist power structure; law enforcement only has disparate impact on blacks insofar as you believe the myth that all groups commit crimes at equal rates (they don’t). Yet, the police are a natural target owing to conflation with Whiteness by third worldists, in addition to being hated by dindu agitators for trying to suppress their criminality.

Remember the words of the dindu terrorist in Dallas. He wasn’t fixated on killing cops (though that would imply Whites to a third worldist). He was fixated on killing White people, and “White officers” are merely a high-profile subset of that population. Is this semantics? Sure. But it matters. This guy visualized what he wanted done, having been imbued with an  anti-white europhobic ideology, and made it happen. You have to be aware of this stuff. Blacklivesmatter isn’t just the intellectual cover for chimpouts, it is an expression of racial hate. This is going to redpill more people than the Trayvon Martin media circus, and we need to hammer it home.

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