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What Would an Alt-Right Administration Look Like?

One of the many paths to power for alt-right ideas would be to control substantial elements of the federal government. This scenario has major limitations given the Constitution and the inertia that exists in the American system due to the … Continue reading

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Clinton ex Cathedra

I didn’t watch Hillary Clinton’s acceptance coronation speech at the DNC. I was at a meeting with some goyim discussing the creation of a deep state as means of bringing our society back from the abyss. Or maybe I was … Continue reading

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Legitimate Christianity as a Neo-Paganism

The jihadist execution of Fr. Jacques Hamel, an elderly French Catholic priest in Rouen, France—whose parish had donated land to the Muslim community there so they could build a mosque—got me thinking about religion. Usually when I write about it, … Continue reading

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Jihad in High Germany

We’re hitting levels of happening that shouldn’t even be possible. The recent string of Muslim terror attacks in Europe were disastrous enough—Paris (hit several times), Brussels, and Nice one after another. But those were confined to Francophone Europe, which has … Continue reading

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Trump the Redeemer, Trump the Destroyer

On the fourth night of the Republican National Convention, presidential nominee Donald J. Trump gave an unheard of, albeit leaked, 75-minute speech. I watched most of it, but like many people of my generation, my attention was divided across multiple … Continue reading

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America First Revisited

When Trump unveiled his America First doctrine a few months back, it marked a welcome shift from the (((neoconservative))) foreign policy that’s dominated the Republican party since the Reagan administration. Though his America First embodies the all-important duty of the … Continue reading

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How Trumpenvolk Talk

NRO writer and Republican party ship-jumper Jay Nordlinger is having a hard time. He is deeply concerned, troubled even, by how mean the alt-right is to him and the rest of his magazine on social media and in comments sections. … Continue reading

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