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Summer Reading List

All right goyim, summer is here! Get ready for standard pool parties and of course, summer reading assignments. Here is a list of political and historical books I have found valuable and which could be considered part of an alt-right … Continue reading

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Make Anime Great Again

A June 2016 article in the Jewish Daily Forward entitled “The Origins of Anti-Semitic Anime Inspired by Donald Trump” attempts to trace the relationship between Making America Great Again, Chinese cartoons, and the alt-right. The Forward first encountered this meme … Continue reading

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What’s Missing from Brexit

The debate raging on the other side of the Atlantic is an important one, whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will Remain part of the European Union (EU) or Leave. Generally speaking, two issues have become … Continue reading

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Anglo-American Diversity

It is often said that Diversity is Our Greatest Strength™. It is also often said that White people have no culture. So it follows—by the logic of the left—that White people are not diverse, since diversity is largely used as … Continue reading

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Florida as a Site of Conflict Between Colonists and Natives

ORLANDO, FL  — There is a long history of struggle between groups in Florida that has been largely buried by general ignorance and presentism. Americans have not seen their states, let alone their entire country, as a product of racial … Continue reading

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Jewish Journalist Calls for Race War

(((Jesse Benn))), a writer for shitlib clickbait site Huffington Post, is at it again. You may remember his name from last summer, when he penned an anti-white screed advocating for “white wounding,” an awkward rehash of last century’s “white guilt” … Continue reading

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Gregory Hood’s Waking Up from the American Dream

Gregory Hood Waking Up from the American Dream San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2016 A friend of mine and fellow traveler of ours can trace his ancestry in America all the way back to the colonial period. His ancestors’ bones are interred … Continue reading

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