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On Normies

The greatest challenge facing our movement is none other than the obstinance of the vast horde of normies, people who are basic, apolitical in that they will not consider the impact of something beyond their daily lives, and derive most … Continue reading

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Donning a Popular Face: How the Alt-Right is Winning the Meme War

The alt-right position on Donald Trump has since the get-go been to use him to further our message. This policy continues to bear fruit, especially through our memes and infamous trolling of Twitter. Our shitposts, effortposts, and textbook raid tactics … Continue reading

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What New York’s ((((Chattering Class)))) Gets Wrong about Israel

The mouthpiece of American Jewry, the New York Times, is aghast at the actions of their co-ethnics in the State of Israel, namely describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of the “ultranationalist” and West Bank settler-colonist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense … Continue reading

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Are Voter ID Laws Racist?

Well, the default alt-right  answer is “I don’t care,” since charges of racism are just used to socially shame ethnocentrism among Whites. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t have enough agency to prove their identity to the government should not be voting … Continue reading

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Identity Politics are Ripping Us Apart? For You

National Review’s David French gets his facts right but his conclusions abysmally wrong in a recent piece  entitled “Identity Politics are Ripping Us Apart” for one of movement cuckservatism’s more celebrated publications. The regressive/progressive left has indeed demarcated moral and … Continue reading

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American Aberrationalism: Trump is Normal, the Republican Party is Not

From the end of the American Civil War until the First World War, and then again until the FDR administration, an alliance of Northern industrial and business interests dominated the federal government of the United States through the vehicle of … Continue reading

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Facebook is the Nuclear ICBM of Metapolitical Warfare

On May 9, 2016, Gizmodo reported that Faceberg’s off-center “trending” stories column involves a bit more human input than the social network implies in its boilerplate description. An apelike rather than algorithmic set of curators allegedly suppress conservative news outlets … Continue reading

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