In Flanders Fields


On the morning of March 22, 2016, Muslim terrorists in the Belgian (and European Union) capital of Brussels carried out coordinated terror attacks killing at least thirty and wounding over 200, the largest such incident on the Continent since last November.

Belgium has a problem, concedes the BBC:

Not only is Brussels a high-profile target for Islamists, Belgium has struggled with Islamist groups for years and hundreds of its citizens have been lured into fighting for IS in Syria and Iraq. Several cities have housed Islamist cells, but the most active have been in Brussels and in the south-western suburb of Molenbeek in particular – an area with a high ethnic Moroccan population. Several of the bombers and gunmen who targeted Paris last November, killing 130 people, had been living in Molenbeek. The main suspect not to die in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, returned to Belgium the day afterwards and managed to evade police until 18 March. He and an accomplice were captured alive, again in Molenbeek.

According to Wikipedia, Belgium has not held a census since 1991, over twenty years ago. And like the French, the Belgians refuse to collect racial, ethnic or religious statistics. Nevertheless, in 2005 it was estimated that the capital region of Brussels was 25.5% Muslim and the country itself was 6%. Keep in mind that these numbers are over a decade old. The infamous neighborhood of Molenbeek was estimated to be almost half Muslim in 2013. The Belgian state wants to hide or ignore these numbers, but they cannot ignore bomb blasts. The conversion of European capitals into Islamic statelets will not end well for natives or traitors.

The growing presence of the religion of conquest means Europeans will become subjugated in their own homelands. The experiences of non-Muslims across the world after the entrance of a sizable and armed Muslim minority into their countries across the span of history are testament to this. The options are submission and repulsion; coexistence is a rare and circumstantial condition. People who sincerely believe importing Muslims is good (as opposed to those who support it out of their hatred for European nations) are taking a gigantic gamble on the basis of what they’ve read philosemitic historians write about the Umayyad caliphate.

Belgium, like France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, has been importing kebabs for several generations now in conjunction with sponsoring multiculturalism as state policy. These are occupied countries in which it is extremely difficult for the subject peoples to oust the governing anti-European coalition. Each year as a result of occupation, the White share of the population decreases and the Afro-Islamic share increases. If this persists, Europe will become unrecognizable; it will finally have a malleable, atomized, and deracinated proletariat that can be used to smash whatever remains of native Europeans.

A Europe which insists on saying “never again” to nationalism but refuses to say “never again” to Afro-Islamic terror and colonization is doomed. It is an incontrovertible fact that Islamization and White minoritization will destroy European civilization. Our enemies tell us this transformation must take place. Take your own side, Belgium.

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