Palestinian Tactics


By now you’ve probably heard of recurring incidents of “violent” scuffles between Trump rally attendees and “activists,” usually of BlackLivesMatter stock. Recently an elderly male Trump supporter was caught on camera punching a vibrant in the face. On the surface it would seem like these people were asking for it, disrupting Trump events with their usual screeching like they’ve had success doing at Sanders events. Certainly BlackLivesMatter wouldn’t tolerate Trumpists at their events.

But don’t they know their shtick isn’t going to work at Trump rallies? I mean, Trump is evidently not friendly to rival ideologies. He has demonstrated fairly clearly that he thinks disruptors should be ejected, with or without their coats. He’s advocated hitting people. He won’t platform them like Sanders does. Shouldn’t it be obvious that this is a foolish waste of their time?

The answer, my dear goyim, is that we need to dispel with this fiction that BlackLivesMatter agitators are stupid and disorganized idiots. They know exactly what they are doing. Or at the very least, their handlers do.

This is a Palestinian tactic. It means they are losing. They can’t stump the Trump head-on at all. They get the crap knocked out of themselves and call it victory.

They’ve thrown every name at him in the book and it hasn’t stuck; he’s only gained momentum. But when labeling your enemies isn’t enough to stop them, as the left has become accustomed to doing, there are other tactics one can try.

Every few years, the Israelis and the Palestinians fight each other for reasons beyond the scope of this article. Each time, by all materiel metrics, it is a crushing defeat for the Mohamed and a high-margin success for Shlomo. Judenreich achieves a huge kebab-to-matzo removal rate and broad swathes of the Gaza Strip Mall are blasted further back into the stone age. No amount of Hamas nasheed videos will compensate for their decisive losses.

And yet rather than winning them respect as a formidable adversary, around the world Israel is demonized for killing the good Palestinians who dindu nuffin (other than treading on a certain reptile). The wars always tarnish Israel’s reputation due to the adept use of the media to frame one side as moral evil and one side as moral good. The Arabs routinely walk away from these bloodbaths with the support of the UN sans the United States and Micronesia.

Palestine never fights these engagements with the intention of winning. They can’t. It is impossible for them to defeat the IDF on their own. But these wars do fit a widely popular new left paradigm that has been in place since the 1960s; the colonial liberation struggle in which people of color are virtuous and Europeans are evil (with Jews being European according to leftists). And because of this paradigm, all the images and footage of dead Palestinians and blown-out buildings aren’t greeted as victory over an aggressor, but the genocidal destruction wrought by an evil colonial power.

Every Palestinian rebellion that gets crushed is a moral and a propaganda victory for the Palestinians, the more damage the better.

I think this is exactly what BlackLivesMatter, or La Raza, or the Party for Socialism and Liberation, or whoever decides to disrupt Trump rallies is doing. They want to get roughed up. They want it on camera. They want it on everyone’s screens. They want to show the world how violently “fascist” the trumphats are. Maybe that will work better than just calling him Hitler over and over (or Mussolini).

The leftist media has lost the battle of ideas against Trump supporters. They didn’t go away after Trump was slandered; they grew in number. But by framing Trump events as orgies of violence against people of color, they can whip up morale among their own side to keep them going and (they hope) make the fence-sitters anti-Trump as well.

But Anglo-Americans love law and order. Non-shitlibs are going to watch these loud and obscene vibrants get thrown out of Trump events and see exactly why we need Trump. There is a potential for a Nixonian reaction if this heats up. Could Richard Nixon meets Ross Perot win the election? We’ll have to see.

I fully expect left-wing and non-white agitators to escalate their campaign as November draws closer. But I also expect Trump to collaborate more with law enforcement as well in response. Who knows, he might even need extra private security personnel to attend his rallies in the crowds just in case. Maybe they will be identifiable by their shirts or badges.

On March 11th while I was still drafting this post, a planned Trump rally in Chicago was literally shut down by a coalition of leftist urbanites and vibrants, some of whom were waving Mexican and communist flags. They attacked Trump supporters and the police there, and none of them I assume were good people. The short-sighted degenerates of Chicago will claim this was a victory against hate or some bullshit. But this turn of events isn’t going to radicalize more liberals. It believe it and more conflagrations like this are going to rudely rouse ‘Middle American Radicals’ from their slumber.

If our enemies want to meme fascism into reality, I say we let them. They’re adopting the tactics of losers and projecting a strength on to us that is only potential at the current date. The strong horse campaign tactics of Trump and his appeals to implicit White populism are not going to go away, no matter the results of 2016. And the only legitimate response to chaotic disintegration is to impose order.

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One Response to Palestinian Tactics

  1. This is a pretty awful comparison. If anything, Donald Trump’s white supporters are like the Palestinians: alone against all, defending ourselves while the Jew media frames us as terrorists.

    Military casualty rates between Hamas and Israel in the last few clashes have achieved more parity than ever before, especially when you take into account the gulf in money and weapons. The only reason Israel inflicts more casualties in general is they purposely strafe and fire bomb children in the street. They do this for the same reason the Allies (under Jew Lindeman’s auspices) firebombed Dresden: to make a statement and break down resistance.

    That “leftist” (LOL!) media framing whites as violent racists at Trump rallies are the first ones to rationalize why pictures of Israelis killing children are popping up on Facebook. Go read some of the stuff released by the NY Times Editorial board coming up with excuses for Jew barbarism during the last Gaza siege.


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