Economic Vibrants in Macedonia


It seems odd to think of little Macedonia as the gates of Europe, but for thousands of colonists from the global south every month over the last year it is. In response, the Macedonians, like the Hungarians, built a fence to help keep out the waves of Afro-Islamic folk-wanderers. The Macedonian border fence stands across from a Greek village of a few hundred people, ordinarily something that doesn’t require fortification measures. But thousands of kebab colonists on the move are another story.

A major route for colonists who want to go on to Germany and Sweden is going through Greece and entering the non-EU and non-Schengen Macedonia; hence the fence. The BBC reports that TV footage shot on February 29th captured a particularly salient incident:

The protesters shouted “Open the border!” and threw stones at Macedonian riot police, while one group rammed the gate with the metal sign. Police responded by firing rounds of tear gas to force them back, before reinforcing the barrier.

This is not what huddled masses of needy and starving women and children do. This is the violence and agency of military-age males using improvised weaponry to attempt to raze enemy fortifications. In any age prior to ours these people would be treated as hostile invaders or barbarians and dealt with accordingly. These men want to join their cousins in Cologne and access gibsmedats and women who they aren’t related to, not become wagecucks for geriatric childless German pensioners.

In a sane European Union, not the one we have, perhaps the armies of Germany, Britain, France and Italy would be deployed in the unwalled and unfenced border countries of Greece and Croatia to keep the peace and defend their continent. Instead we see something quite different and a response that varies from country to country under the guise of national pseudo-sovereignty. Germany declared that anyone who could reach German soil would be welcomed, resulting in a gold rush like incentive to flood the country with economic migrants, or should I say vibrants. Hungary, realizing that Germany was going to leave it out in the cold in its efforts to preserve Hungarian demographic integrity and borders, resorted to building a fence. Countries like Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria haven’t opted for fences,  but try to get the economic vibrants out as quickly as possible. In other words, the head of the EU is issuing orders to its limbs to choke their body to death, and so they are at an impasse.

Meanwhile Macedonia, which isn’t even part of the EU, has effectively helped to fence off Europe from the global south, an example of entities purusing their self-interests also contributing towards the greater good. But these entities need healthy national virtues for such an invisible hand to work properly towards the good.

That greater good is of course undermined by the German government, which in its quest to be as anti-fascist, anti-nationalist, and anti-German  as possible has concluded that the only rational and moral thing to do is make Germany less German every year. Pursuant to that imperative, refugees are indeed welcome.

“Be ashamed, ye Roman people everywhere, be ashamed of the lives you lead! … It is neither the strength of their bodies that makes the barbarians conquer, nor the weakness of our nature that makes us subject to defeat. Let no one think or persuade himself otherwise—it is our vicious lives alone that have conquered us.” — Salvian of Marseilles

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