Press F to Pay Respects to Scalia


It is something of a truism to say that politics is just an abstract form of warfare. When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (PBUH) died on February 13, 2016, it triggered a vitriolic reaction on social media and highlighted how truly deep that truism runs. The man who died was not a civil servant of the country’s highest court for thirty years, but rather an intolerable villain who stood in the way of the march of progress. His death has been widely rejoiced, as if a foreign enemy had been killed in battle. But under occupation, I suppose the natives are foreign to the elites and their collaborators.

Quite simply, Scalia was a reactionary, in most senses of the term. Like the lone Chinaman of Tiananmen Square, Scalia stood for principles which brought the weight of his world against him. An oldschool Italian Catholic from New York appointed by Ronald Reagan, Scalia was profoundly illiberal in ideology and in judicial reasoning. He championed original intent, a Constitutional interpretation that looks at the 18th century context of the document to find meaning—in his words, the Constitution was dead and “not a living organism.” Not only did Scalia hold conservative beliefs, but in an authentic fashion, he argued for them conservatively as well. Of course, this makes him all the more sinister to the left (or maybe not, if we go with the original intent of the word sinister).

Though Scalia was in favor of civilian firearm ownership and opposed to affirmative action, what by far ensured him a place in the liberal pantheon of right-wing demons was his recalcitrant opposition to gay marriage, or ‘marriage equality’ in newspeak. To oppose something that most Americans were also against up until a few years ago meant you were on the wrong side of history, a blot so severe that no amount of apologetics will rehabilitate you. So, you know, it’s a good thing that he is dead, since he was a political enemy and the sitting leftist president has an opportunity to replace him with a diversity hire.

This is how our enemy operates. The messages they broadcast. The attitudes they seek to imbibe into their low-information drones. In the future, or even now, the average SWPL will probably know this much about Scalia: he was anti-gay marriage. Then that fact simply gets checked against the party line and he is declared morally evil. It is worth hating someone over this (unless they are of a third world background).

Value judgment is a very simple way to analyze a public figure. But it is also brilliant. It is how the enemy has won for so long. If you can declare someone a heretic, you can easily make them hated. But that requires hegemony, a lot of institutional and media-driven power. Scalia was appointed during a high-tide of American conservatism and thus immune to this while alive, having a permanent seat on an unelected panel of judges. In death, he is fair game for liberal signaling. But in all likelihood, many cuckservatives will disown him too, like a Confederate flag. His rightist views don’t represent them; he was too extreme.

This is the standard of virtue in the late republic; we can barely contain our mirth and glee when a rival is disposed of. Some on the right may feel the reactions to Scalia’s passing are vile and outrageous. And they are. But we live in such times. The left knows this is war; it is time for the right to recognize it as well. If we had seen the expiration of a ((((liberal)))) judge on the Sanhedrin while a trve conservative president was in office, we would be just as merry if not more.

Republicans in Congress have the power to block anyone Obama nominates to replace Scalia, whether that person is a staunch liberal or a bipartisan. Right now, the anticipated choices are either a black woman or an Indian man, neither of which will be White originalists who can be trusted to maintain freedom of speech or the right to bear arms. Both rights would be challenged in a 5-to-4 liberal Sanhedrin by cases that offer an opportunity to implement hate speech codes or more gun control. And those are the only issues conservatives in this country have been reliable on, muh first and second amendments. If they cuck on this issue and let Obama have his way, they are finito.

Scalia should have hung on another year. His opposition to affirmative action and support for our second amendment rights made him one of the nearest politicians to the alt-right. He was a real goy and will be sorely missed. You will ride forever in Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

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