Bernie Bros and the Cannibalization of the Left


A few months ago, I wrote about how two different waves of ((((feminists)))) were fighting one another over whether or not transwomen—that is to say biological men with XY chromosomes who modify their appearances to resemble women—were actual women. (They’re not, but don’t tell third-wave feminists). At the same time, I also noticed how a handful of feminists were calling some White male supporters of presidential candidate ((((Bernie Sanders)))) misogynistic, as well as saying how much more important it would be to have a female president, even though Sanders is more progressive politically. As the race has tightened between Sanders and his rival, the head of the Clinton dynasty, the bickering seems to have ramped up, much to the delight of everyone right of them. Something good is coming out of Iowa after all.

In recent weeks, it has more or less become a meme that White men who support Sanders are sexist, rather than a marginal opinion. The purported misogyny has led to the coining of a new term, Bernie bros, in reference to White men who support Sanders and oppose Clinton (1, 2, 3). Somehow, women who criticize Bernie Sanders online have it uniquely bad and get trolled and harassed and ‘mansplained’ to by supporters of the person they are attacking. Gee, I wonder what could have prompted this and how it could be avoided. The problem, of course, is that they want their safe space back, and they want to get it by shaming and castigating their opponents, which only provokes them further. This whole shitshow, however, offers me an opportunity to do one of my favorite activities, effortposting. Here are some observations about the meme, the Clinton-Sanders split, the poor understanding of politics that today’s rank-and-file college SWPL leftists have, and more general thoughts about all of this:

  1. The label is meaningless to people outside their ideology. Because feminists are so concerned with ideological purity and female supremacy, they see themselves as the arbiters of any and all thoughts that can be expressed about women. As such, when non-feminists offer their opinions about women, or about something a specific woman does or believes, they are invariably going to be labeled sexist or misogynist, which is just feminist English for heretic. No one else should care or grant them any moral authority—they haven’t done anything to deserve it. But so-called Bernie bros deserve all the chewing out they get from their nominal allies on the left if it will teach them a lesson about race and gender in Weimerica.
  2. Male Sanders supporters are in all likelihood feminists or “gender egalitarians.” This is really the meat of what makes this meme so banal and retarded—the people being witch-hunted are among the furthest left in the country. I have a very hard time believing that the supporters of a jewish communist from Vermont are women-haters just because they are less than cordial towards Hillary Clinton. These Bernie bros have more in common with Black Lives Matter than they do with the bro stereotype of WASPy fratboy alcoholics. They likely believe in all the same things feminists do, e.g. the wage gap, no-fault divorce is a good thing, on-demand abortion of unborn children is a human right, a woman’s place is in the workplace with her eggs frozen by Google, etc. But then again, I have a different framing than feminists and don’t see men who support Sanders as particularly masculine in the first place, so it is hard for me to see them as male misogynists. Masculinity means more than agreeing with everything catladies tell you to believe.
  3. Feminist ideologues have two choices here: gender-tribalism or coalition. If feminists want any consistency on this issue (and in the general election it will be decided for them) they have to either support female candidates for being female or act in coalition with the broader mainstream leftist movement, which incorporates feminist ideology already anyway. A major reason why this tension exists is because feminism has won pretty much every battle it has staked over the last century, leaving it with very little relevance at this point unless it goes out and creates a purpose for itself, like getting castrati recognized as women or making sure no woman ever experiences criticism from a man. The spectacle of feminists shilling for Hillary because of her chromosomes when it is actually Sanders who is the more feminist of the two is a direct consequence of how desperate they are. Their demands are completely mainstream in the American left and so trying to eke it out as an independent political identity has become a farce. Naturally, I support the fundamental contradictions of feminist induction. The more they fight, the stupider they look to everyone else.
  4. Politics is war by proxy, and that means you must take a side, defend it, and attack the other belligerents if you actually care. Here’s the deal, the only reason why we aren’t killing one another to seat our claimant to the throne in the Oval Office is because we’ve abstracted away physical conflict over control of the state by means of democracy, legalism, constitutional government, tradition and the implication that force will be used to preserve the results of the ballot box. That doesn’t mean those impulses are completely suppressed. Politics is still a tribal affair. It is totally natural to hate those who wish to implement policies you see as detrimental to you, and to hate those who are threatening your candidate’s chances of winning. So if Berncucks hate Clinton because of her ties to Wall Street, her hawkish foreign policy, her lack of progressive credentials (she just adopts whatever liberal position is popular rather than leading the charge) and her insincere and reptilian demeanor, so be it. When they are mean to Clinton supporters online, that’s just how this works, not a prompt for the Sanders campaign to submit to auditing and concern trolling by Clinton supporters. Feminists hate their opponents too, so it is frankly hilarious that they feel the need to shame others for doing what they themselves do all the time. Berncucks can hate Clinton all they want, and Hillary shills can hate Sanders all they want; they are rivals in the highest stakes game in the world.
  5. Nationalism is the only revolutionary resistance to the hostile elite of this country, not progressivism. Even though I’m shoehorning this in, it is worth repeating. Raising taxes on the billionaires who run multinational corporations headquartered in the United States, who preside over the mass export of American jobs to cheaper overseas labor while mass importing that same labor to undercut the population at home, who routinely cull the working hours of their labor force to comply with new wage and insurance laws while keeping operating costs as low as possible, will not end the malaise of the United States or set about correcting it. At all. In fact, in the quest to continuously improve their margins, these elites will have to accelerate said processes. More tax-funded gibsmedats will only plaster over the rot. Your dream is weak. Your dream is an illusion.
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6 Responses to Bernie Bros and the Cannibalization of the Left

  1. The Tory says:

    The ending comments are particularly poignant. Believing that raising taxes -or lowering them- is a threat to the sysyem or will change the course of history is wrongheaded.


  2. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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