Cuck Dynasty: How Clan Bush Blew One Hundred Million Dollars


It appears that money can’t buy you love, especially if you are John Ellis “Jeb” Bush. The Republican primary candidate managed to raise over $100 million in donorshekels last year, but reports suggest he has likely blown through most of them—and with very little to show for it. There is perhaps some irony in the fact that one of the most cucked candidates has managed to cuck his backers. Here are the stats:

  • Jeb and his Super PAC (Right to Rise, lol) are estimated to have spent a whopping $80 million on advertising compared to his Florida rival Marco Rubio’s $49 million, Texas Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz’s $11 million, and billionaire shitlord Donald J. Trump’s paltry $5 million. As we know, Trump has a more appealing message to the White base of the Republican party than any other candidate and relies on more lean methods of getting his name out. Meanwhile, Jeb has been getting an apparently negligible ROI for his aggressively mainline ad campaigns.
  • Between last June and September, Jeb spent $1.2 million on private jets, while Democrat front-runner and feminist favorite Hillary Clinton spent $0.7 million. Rubio spent  $0.29 million and Cruz spent $0.16 million, while Trump has his own Boeing 757. I’m not sure how much that costs relative to the others, but it doesn’t matter if it gets results. I would assume since he already owns the plane there is some amount of efficiency being achieved.
  • Jeb spent $125,000,or 70% of his total hotel spending between June and September on hotels defined as luxury or “upper upscale” luxury hotels by STR Global. Cruz and Rubio each spent around 60% of their hotel budgets on luxury accommodations. Trump flies home every night to sleep in his own bed, denying employment opportunities to the migrant-dominated hotel maid profession.
  • Jeb spent over $0.4 million on renting venues and catering to Rubio’s $0.26 million and Cruz’s $0.19 million.
  • Since last spring, the Jeb machine has spent $8 million on staffing and consulting, while Cruz and Rubio each spent about $2 million and Trump $1.7 million.
  • Even with all of this, Jeb polls in the single digits nationally.

Jeb’s commitment to big-budget expenditures with no results speaks volumes about his inability to conserve anything. He can’t even conserve his war chest. As basic bitch as it is to call someone out for not being a trve conservative, Jeb’s wanton spending is really something that can’t be overlooked. Isn’t big spending on pointless bullshit supposed to be associated with the other party?

Yes Jeb, we all know your family wuz kangz in Washington while Trump was making campaign donations to Democrats since he is involved in urban real estate and has to deal with the local power brokers. No one cares though, since establishment conservatives have proven they are almost useless, controlling both houses of Congress and barely accomplishing anything. No amount of mainline conservative track record, Reagan signaling, or ties to the Beltway is going to help Jeb become president—a majority of the Republican primary electorate backs Trumpist nationalism or Cruz’s Tea Party conservatism.

Let’s face it, the only issue Jeb might be able to get in front of (and get more donorshekels for) is trying to be the best shabbos goy for Israel—he’s already shot himself in the foot on immigration, the defining issue of this election for voters, with a sawn-off shotgun. Someone who speaks Spanish in his home and considers immigration “an act of love” might have no shot with flyover country White voters, but he can still try to one-up Cruz on Israel and finish in third or fourth place. This is one $100 million investment that won’t be generating returns for the occupation government.



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5 Responses to Cuck Dynasty: How Clan Bush Blew One Hundred Million Dollars

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  2. Shitlord says:

    Totally off topic: I’ve just set up this blog that aggregates alt right blogs and sites: The idea is to use it as a go-to source where you can constantly check on the updates of alt right publications in a convenient, time-saving way, avoiding the task of browsing through a plethora of sites and blogs just to see if they have been updated or not. This blog was conceived as a tool along the lines of another blog, “Mapping the Dark Enlightenment” (, but by aggregating feeds for the latest 5 articles of each of the sites and blogs aggregated (80 so far and counting), plus links to mainstream news aggregators, plus links to other red-pill sites and online WN resources, I think it is a bit more comprehensive and user-friendly. ATLANTIC CENTURION, by the way, is there. Give it a look and, if you find it useful, spread the word. Thank you for your attention!


  3. Jeb got to play the high roller for a year. Too bad he wasn’t having fun through most of it. And, we never got to know the lively Columba, an American citizen for more than a quarter century who can barely speak English. Given that he failed to see the writing on the wall months ago and blew all that cash anyway, instead of stepping aside for someone who might have had a chance, demonstrates his incompetency for the presidency.

    The slam the crusty cunt, Ann Richards, used against George H.W. during the ’88 ‘Rat Convention was more appropriately aimed at the privileged, but inept Jeb:


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