The Stench of Cologne is Impossible to Mask


It’s official goyim; the Cologne sex offenders were “almost exclusively” of a “migration background.” Rumors had been circulating since the coordinated attacks on German women outside a train station happened on New Years that the perpetrators had been kebabs, but now the German government has officially confirmed it based on the suspects it has in custody. The state interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia—who recently sacked his subordinate, the Cologne chief of police—says so. A recently released report details the details:

[A] group of around 1,000 men of North African and Arabic origin gathered in the area around Cologne’s cathedral and main station in the evening of 31 December. From this large group, smaller groups of men formed, who then surrounded women and threatened and attacked them, he said. These smaller groups were predominately made up of North African men who had travelled to Cologne from different cities. The suspects included asylum seekers who had arrived in the past year, he said.

The German government and their Lügenpresse  media have a lot to answer for. Even for those who are willfully blind to the different sexual mores of Islamic societies, there were signs months ago that the “refugees” were going to be trouble when they were raping one another in shelters. And yet, they remain a protected class by the police, which has used water-cannons against German patriots protesting Islamic migration and the imposition of refugees by Chancellor Merkel.

As many on the alt-right have been saying all along, this was inevitable. In the age of Rotherham, it was inevitable that the refugees were going to be involved in sexual assaults against European women in public spaces and it was inevitable that they would be involved in terror attacks, as in Paris last year. And to an extent, it was equally inevitable that the governments of Western Europe were going to continue to cuck for Islam as a religion of peace and the claim that the real problem is the European far-right. Because for the leftist traitors, eurocrats and overseas Israelis who run Europe, the enemy is not Islam but European nationalism, the idea that each European people should have a state they can call home with border controls and sovereignty.

Events like those in Cologne underscore the failures of multiculturalism and the illegitimacy of Europe’s elites, and make more and more ordinary Europeans realize that their governments have to be cleaned out. These scandals shake the establishment parties, like Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, or France’s Socialists, who recently had to ally themselves with “conservatives”  to stop French (civic) nationalists from winning regional elections. While parties like the Front National, the Alternative for Germany, and the Sweden Democrats are not nearly right enough to bring about a renaissance of ethno-nationalism in Europe, they are an Overton shift in the right direction. That terrifies the left, whose power is built around controlling the parameters of policy debates to exclude nationalists of any sort, under the guise of “anti-fascism.” As we know, fascism to these people is not just a 1930s ultra-nationalist government but anything too White or not liberal enough. If and when these so-called fascist parties come to power in Europe, the power to silence xenoskepticism, nativism, and nationalism by calling them fascism will be severely weakened, opening the gates to the further rightward shifts that that Europe needs to survive.

The label cannot stick if the people throwing it are dethroned. There is a limit to how much power a political ideology can exert over people when it not only fails to produce results but endangers public safety, as the left-enabled multi-million man rapefugee crisis may soon demonstrate. It is time to start considering solutions, not hopelessly cucked platitudes, for the stench of Cologne reeks in the nostrils of decent people.

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  2. We really do seem to be at an end game. I have been at this for 15 years and I remember a time before we dominated the comments. You 4channers only know a world where shitlords ruled the internet.

    Shitlords have always warned that women are vulnerable to non-white males, and were mocked for it. I remember being mocked that I feared “the big black dick.” I learned to reply that they cannot shame me with such language, and they are disgusting for talking like that, and that it is biological reality that women are the vulnerable and impressionable sex that must be protected.

    Now, with the banning of “migrants” from the swimming pool in Germany, the liberal government is FORCED to protect women from colored males. Jakob Crowe liebt jetzt in Deutschland! Awesome!

    So in these 15 years I have seen YUUGE progress. Skynet becoming self aware is a very good analogy. The Jews took away our self awareness with television and by destroying public education. The internet gave it back to us. And we are in fact more self aware than we were before the TV age, because the men aren’t mentally hobbled by the churches.

    I’ve noticed that unchurched people more readily take to White nationalism. Sunday school seems to install a self castrating and self cucking program; one that can be beaten, however.

    So in my opinion it has been the institutions of churches, and the practice of elderly women teaching “Sunday school.” The Sunday School cat ladies are like pedo priests — self selected to inject liberal and feminist memes into boys, and tell them (in so many words) that their boyishness is toxic masculinity and Jesus doesn’t approve.

    White Americans are messed up because white child raising is messed up. We have two missions:

    1. Do small businesses that are typically done by foreigners — convenience stores, motels, nail salons, coin op laundry, et cetera in order to fund affordable family formation.

    2. Invest that money into our own white families to raise our children properly, and organize homeschools into a community school of our own. Homeschooled win all academic contests and go on to be very successful, because they aren’t exposed to (((culture))).

    Below is an example of a homeschooling family. I’m not saying to do exactly like this, my preference would be to have our community school in a major city or very wealthy suburb so the kids can get instruction from the best music teachers, best martial arts and gymnastics coaches, best math tutors, et cetera. That’s well worth it.

    But the point is, child raising and schooling can be done WAY WAY WAY better than it currently is. Feral children living on the street would do better than public school kids.

    And this is really the big choke point. If we can save future genertions of children from the many abuses they suffer in the form of television, junk food, and terrible, awful (((schooling))), we can lay the foundation for White Rebirth. Our job, in my opinion, is to do foundation laying. Our foundations are GONE. We can’t build the building until we dig out the cellar and put down the footings and so on.

    Judging Its Effectiveness
    In judging the effectiveness of our home school, I have some experience for comparison.
    I, myself, was fortunate to attend one of the finest public schools in Texas, Lamar in Houston, during the late 1950’s when public schools in America still retained reasonable standards. I performed well and was admitted to every college to which I applied – including Harvard, MIT, Rice, and Caltech. After graduating from Caltech, I obtained a PhD in chemistry from the University of California at San Diego and was immediately appointed to a faculty position at that University.

    There I taught introductory chemistry to 300 students each year and supervised a group of graduate students.

    Top Previous Next

    The Children Teach Themselves
    I can honestly say that the six Robinson children in our home school were, on average, at least two years ahead of my own abilities at their ages and have a far higher potential for the future than did I. Moreover, by the age of about 15, they were surpassing at least 98% of the college freshmen that I taught at the University of California at San Diego.
    The oldest, Zachary, had already completed our math and science curriculum at age 16. (Our curriculum uses the actual freshman and sophomore texts from the best science universities in America.) That October he took the Scholastic Aptitude Tests for the first time (the PSAT). His scores of 750 in math and 730 in verbal for a sum of 1480 (and a NMSQT score of 221) were above the 99.9 percentile among the 1,600,000 students worldwide who took the test. The other children are, for their ages, performing at least as well.

    During the our homeschool years, I had spent less than 15 minutes per day (on average) engaged in working as the children’s teacher. They taught themselves.

    The Children Assume Responsilbilities
    Moreover, each one of them, spontaneously and without suggestion or demand from me, took over an essential aspect of our farm and personal lives. They did all work with the cattle and sheep, they did all laundry, cooking, and housework, and they were working beside me as Laurelee used to do in the scientific research and civil defense work that is our ministry and our professional life.
    One by one, my tasks just disappeared as the children assumed them.

    In general, they prefered to work independently. They tended not to share tasks and did not divided them as one might expect. For example, at 11 years old Joshua was the cook – and already a better cook then than I. Zachary did all work with the cattle (about 30) and the chickens; Arynne cared for the sheep (about 100); Noah was in charge of all farm and laboratory repairs; and Bethany did the washing and taught Matthew to read. Some tasks were shared such as house cleaning, sheep shearing, and watching over Matthew.

    This sort of extracurricular work is especially valuable as reinforcement for the home school.

    While self confidence can be built somewhat in sports or other “activities”, the self confidence that comes to a child from the knowledge that he is independently carrying on an activity that is essential to the survival of the family is valuable indeed.

    It is important, however, not to take advantage of this situation. The development of a young mind takes place in a few short years. A parent must always make certain that the children have more than enough time for their academic studies and for essential recreation. When children show an aptitude for productive work helpful to the parent, there can be a tendency for the parent to let them do too much. This can deprive the children of mental development necessary to their own futures.

    Top Previous Next

    This School Is Entirely Self Taught
    I generally consider each child’s time to be more valuable than my own. If I provide them the time for optimum development and direct them to the necessary tools, then each of them should be able to surpass my own abilities and accomplishments. If they do, then my goals for their academic work will have been fulfilled. Remarkably, they have spontaneously responded with efforts that provide me also with more time for productive work.
    Our home is not as neat and clean as some, our spelling (including mine) is not all that could be desired, and our traditions have become somewhat unusual (they leave the Christmas tree and nativity scene up for six months each year – from December through June), but these children know how to work and they know how to think. Their home school is a success.

    This school is entirely self taught by each student working alone. It depends upon a set of rules that can be adopted within any home in America. As their parent, my sole essential contribution has been to set the rules under which they live and study.


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