The Best Gun Salesmen are Blue


On January 5, 2016, President Butt Naked gave a tear filled gun-grabbing speech about his plan to use an executive order to implement his policy ideas, which Congress had already rejected in legislative form in a rare show of conservative backbone. At the same time, catladies everywhere were crying in fear of #VanillaISIS and the National Rifle Association (NRA), using language reminiscent of the old jewish blood libel. Surely you have heard something along the lines of:

Those evil gun-wielding White men use the blood of children to make money and score political points off their guns! Every profit made by the gun manufacturers comes from children killed in mass-shootings enabled by the evil gun lobby.

Pass the matzo, please.

Reuters reports that firearms manufacturers saw record highs in their stock prices on Monday and Tuesday, right around the time of Obama’s tantrum. Quartz paints a picture of booming gun sales in the wake of terrorism, mass-shootings, and of course, gun control proposals. Meanwhile data released on Monday from the FBI’s Adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows a record high of firearm-related  background checks occurred last December, since we already require background checks fairly often. There were over three million checks in one month, the first time this has happened since record-keeping began in the 1990s. The checks, while not one-to-one, are a decent proxy for overall consumer demand in the firearms industry, and jumped 37.6% from November to December. Overall, in  2015 there were over 23 million background checks, a record and a ten percent increase over 2014.

Much like the freedom of speech guaranteed by the first amendment requires rigorous practice and exercise in our culture to be maintained legally, so too does gun ownership as guaranteed by the second. When a right only exists on paper, it is practically begging to be abolished. The more opinions voiced, the harder to silence; the more guns owned, the harder to confiscate. And in the aftermath of last year’s growing leftist demands to tighten gun regulations on top of immigration-enabled Islamic terrorist attacks at home and around the world, more and more Americans are realizing they need to exercise their rights as free men while they still can. Weird. It’s like liberals are better at getting people to buy guns than the NRA. If we buy that more White people lawfully buying guns makes us less safe, they might want to roll back on their demands to grab our guns. Not that they will, of course. That would imply understanding demand shifts and cultural differences among populations.

The left likes to “blame” conservative White men and the NRA for gun violence despite liberal-run wildlife preservations like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore being the most prone to gun violence. They aren’t wrong in saying that getting rid of guns in those places would damper epidemics of violence. They are just too focused on the guns themselves. If their theories were correct, in dystopian Vermont and New Hampshire high gun ownership rates would have turned New England into a Mad Max-style New South Wales. Oh wait, those states are overwhelmingly huwhyte so gun ownership is harmless.

The colorblindness of the left on guns is deliberate and only used to advance an anti-white agenda. At almost any other time, they are dying to have a conversation about race. Catladies are convinced that when law-abiding White men purchase guns and contribute money to the NRA, that’s done with the blood of children and directly causes more mass-shootings and the number of murders in this country to swell. They’ve never taken a look at FBI Table 43. They know when they ignore 9/11 and per capita statistics that White men are the real terrorists. They know that the undefined accusation of racism explains away different outcomes across populations. Despite their support for unions—people working together in an industry to advance their interests, collectively bargain, and represent themselves before government and civil society—they are against an implicitly White union of gun owners doing just that. And despite their demands that guns be banned, the demand for guns soars.

Gentlemen, this is metapolitics. The Anglo-American inclination towards guns as a means of freedom and security is something the politicians can’t do anything about because a critical mass of the populace expresses it with their folkways and their wallets. And they’re armed.

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