Proglish-English Dictionary


It sometimes seems as if the left is speaking another language, or at least another dialect than we are. (Though if it is true that a language is just a dialect with an army, perhaps we are the dialect). The alt-right has its own terminology of course, but it’s more about neologisms and puns than it is reassigning meanings to words to better control people’s thoughts. Orwell would probably recognize much of ((((cultural marxism)))) for what it is: a politically-motivated re-engineering of culture and society. This includes language and the vocabulary we use to both describe and the world around us and inscribe our meaning upon it.

I have chosen the term “Proglish” to refer the contemporary leftist/progressive political dialect of English. This lesson in the fundamentals of Proglish vocabulary will be of use to anyone studying their vibrant culture:

brave – Denotes an entirely socially acceptable action or policy position, especially a liberal one.

capitalism – The process by which rich people literally steal money from the poor, who have zero agency.

Christianity – Evil backwards cult from the Middle Ages.

college – A place that everyone should go to. Immigrants can work the jobs that don’t require a degree. But they should also go to college too and for free because it’s not fair that they’re poor. At this time, progressives aren’t sure who should work those jobs actually. Hopefully no one because everyone will go to college and not have to.

communism – An ideal political philosophy which has never been tried by true communists.

conversation – A moralizing lecture in which one opinion is presented as truth and others as heresies.

democracy – A really good thing unless a conservative is elected. Then it’s bad and we need to enfranchise more immigrants to correct it.

diversity – Less White people. Asians and overseas Israelis do not count towards diversity.

equality – Redistribution of every possible metric from White people to non-white people.

feminism – Female oversight and vetting on all decisions. Asks the question: “Does this benefit single, childless women?”

Fox News – A cable network run by the KKK. Alternate spelling: Faux News.

immigration – A social, economic and cultural phenomenon which causes absolutely no problems whatsoever and one which only racists are against.

Islam – A religion of peace that is very progressive because most of its devotees are people of color.

marriage – The right of two homesexuals to file taxes together.

misogyny – Disagreeing with feminism.

multiculturalism – Ordering halal food and burritos in the same week without living around Arabs or Mexicans.

patriarchy – Belief that women should prioritize or do something other than behaving as male laborers.

people of color – This is not the same thing as colored people even though it refers to exactly the same set.

race – Something that doesn’t exist but forms the entire foundation of my worldview.

racism – Unequal outcomes between a White set and a non-white set.

racist – A straight White man.

sexism – Unequal outcomes between a male set and a female set.

sexist – A straight White man.

sexuality – The most important form of expression in the world, so long as it doesn’t result in children.

social construct – Anything that exists as a result of history and biology that I don’t like.

social justice – Redistribution of every possible metric from White people to non-white people.

socialism – Free stuff for free from rich people.

terrorism – White men who legally own firearms.

white supremacy – Having a White majority.

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3 Responses to Proglish-English Dictionary

  1. Vanitas says:

    Progress: Replacing White people with non-WHites
    Tolerance: complete passivity and full acceptance of Progress without question or complaint
    Inclusion: White people universalizing their culture on all levels
    Exclusion: White people daring to practice their culture without non-White token representation
    Problematic: Ideas or speech in contravention of Progress
    Hate: any action or speech with retards the march of Progress


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