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Star Wars: The Cycle Continues

Yes, I went to see the ((((JJ Abrams)))) remake of the famous space western monomyth, Star Wars (1977). The one where the male lead looks like he climbed out of a 1920s anthropology textbook, the female lead is an improbable … Continue reading

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Proglish-English Dictionary

It sometimes seems as if the left is speaking another language, or at least another dialect than we are. (Though if it is true that a language is just a dialect with an army, perhaps we are the dialect). The … Continue reading

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The Strong Horse

“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” CIA asset Osama bin Laden may have channeled something embedded in man since time immemorial when he likened militant Islam to virility … Continue reading

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Don’t Tread on Dhimmi: The Alt-Right Guide to Islam

In the aftermath of failures to manage diversity in Paris and San Bernardino, cucking for Islam is now in vogue among the signaling classes. After all, not all Muslims are terrorists and as a designated oppressed group—a group identified as … Continue reading

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