Europe Pays the Danegeld, Sort Of

euroopan unioni eu lippu poltettu tuhottu reikä h_50771561

The Daily Mail reports that three million Afro-Islamic colonists are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of 2017. One can only speculate what comes next. But among some quasi-sane Eurocrats, it has become clear that this is unsustainable and measures need to be taken to mitigate it. As a result, a fund of over a billion dollars has been set up for African countries to take back ‘irregular migrants,’ but unfortunately it will also grant these countries more visas. In other words, Europe plans to exchange dirt poor dindus for educated dindus. At least they tried.

Earlier this year I proposed six ways for Europe to solve her migrant crisis, one of which was to pay the danegeld:

Israel and Australia have both paid “refugees” to leave. If  European countries are willing to spend billions to accommodate invaders—and in the case of Denmark, put out ads in Arab newspapers dissuading people from coming in the first place—why not spend billions to turn them around? There is no good reason for any non-Muslim country to want to increase its Muslim population by leaps and bounds unless its goal is to replace the native population. Paying them and shipping them off elsewhere would allow Europeans to still feel good about themselves being altruistic without any of the damaging demographic effects of planting colonies of hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the continent each year. It should be noted that paying the danegeld will not get rid of the Dane for good, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Two things come to mind: 1.) I guess that should be updated to “colonies of millions of Muslims” now,  and 2.) if you’re bribing them to leave you should not offer them visas on top of it. Europe, which refuses to use force to defend herself, can’t even properly bribe her enemies.

Hobbes once argued that those deficient in strength must rely on intelligence or cunning while those deficient in intelligence must rely on strength in order to get what they want. Europe has both but employs neither.

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4 Responses to Europe Pays the Danegeld, Sort Of

  1. Utter and complete madness.


  2. It’s worth twenty minutes viewing this video for a glimpse of what’s going on in Europe. Until I watched it, I had no idea it was that bad…and from all that I’ve read, it’s poised to get much worse.


  3. fuhrerious88 says:

    Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    Civil war is coming, prepare. If you have sons toughen them up for the coming conflict. If daughters make them fully aware of the dangers of these creatures. This was foisted upon us, we didn’t want war, but when the white man fights no one can beat us.


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