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It’s the Current Year, Why Does America’s Cold War Cartel Still Exist?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance of Anglo and European democracies plus the Muslim nation of Turkey that was initially established after WWII to contain the Soviet Union, which dissolved on December 26, 1991. It is now … Continue reading

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Liberal Iconoclasm: Stamping Out the Wilsonian Heresy at Princeton

One of the defining features of 2015 has been the intensifying liberal iconoclasm against White and Anglo-American history, symbols and spaces in the United States (1, 2, 3, 4). This should come as no surprise given the ascendancy of ((((cultural … Continue reading

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Jacksonianism and the Mesopotamian Question

In the wake of the horrific but ultimately predictable 13-Nov-15 Muslim terror attacks against France, their connection to the Islamic State and the Syrian Civil War, and the ongoing migrant crisis/Afro-Islamic colonization of Europe, there is a sense that something … Continue reading

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Proverbs of a Xenoskeptic Ethno-Nationalist

He who weeps for the entire world succumbs to dehydration. When your ship is sinking, throw the saboteur overboard first. He who takes his own side in a dispute may win; he who does not will lose. One cannot be … Continue reading

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Mahomet, Emperor of the French

The events of November 13, 2015 will live in infamy in the public memory for some time. Millions of Facebook accounts have signaled their solidarity with the victims of the attacks by placing a filter of the French tricolor, the … Continue reading

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Some Fashy Thoughts on #Mizzou

There are a lot of angles I could take here about the proliferation of predominantly black protest movements on college campuses in places like  Missouri and New Haven, perhaps too many. I could talk about the decline of freedom of … Continue reading

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Europe Pays the Danegeld, Sort Of

The Daily Mail reports that three million Afro-Islamic colonists are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of 2017. One can only speculate what comes next. But among some quasi-sane Eurocrats, it has become clear that this is unsustainable … Continue reading

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