Multiculturalism in Action: #OurCulturesAreNotCostumes


It’s that time of year again—as surely as American Indians suffer from alcoholism, liberals throw fits over Halloween. See, now that was actually offensive! Universities across the country have taken to social media to fight against ‘cultural appropriation’ this Halloween, when spooks and gooks cause mischief and fear. That was also actually offensive! But you know what’s really offensive and requires miles and miles of text, an endless flourish of vapid articles bemoaning the softcore oppression of the modern person, college students holding up handwritten signs for profile pictures, campus funding and sponsorship, and the ability to whine on demand for any cause no matter how unimportant? Halloween costumes.

When critical race theory and cultural marxism are the only two programs the SWPL operating system can run, the world gets processed accordingly. Anything White people do, even symbolically or just for amusement, is a form of colonial violence against the bodies and histories of people of color. How dare you dress up in clothing you didn’t invent. (This is probably why so few black people wear workboots, because that’s cultural appropriation and they are good people who would never do something so offensive). So if you’re White and you thought you were going to wear the clothing of a non-white person this Halloween, for whatever reason, you’re probably scum that needs to apologize and leave your job, frat, or whatever. No mariachi, no geisha, no Bedouin, no Indian chief, no karate master, no rapper—if it’s non-white it’s not alright. But everyone else can go ahead and dress up as European princesses, knights, superheroes, witches, pirates, Vikings and the like.

Which is weird.

What happened to multiculturalism and the melting pot?

I thought we were going to all pick and choose and share our cultures with one another in a circle and bring about a rainbow utopia in the United States.

You don’t believe in that anymore?

You want your people, their culture and symbols to be kept separate from those of other people?

You don’t want them to colonize you and take your identity, symbols and institutions away from you in the name of egalitarianism?

I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.


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