General Winter Weighs in on the Invasion of Europe


The New York Times reports that concerns are growing—among accomplices to the Afro-Islamic colonization of Europe—that the looming cold weather arriving matter of weeks could impede the health and wellness of new arrivals from Africa and the Middle East. Wintery conditions, combined with nations like Hungary fencing their borders with Serbia and Croatia could produce a humanitarian crisis, to use the popular newspeak regarding the welfare of colonists.

But with fall winds carrying the first hints of frost, and the situation along the borders unresolved, the migrants, aid workers and government officials are anxiously looking ahead. If the numbers increase drastically or, worse, if there are more border closings, there would be an almost immediate backup that would quickly repopulate border camps within a week — some of them open-air, others consisting mostly of unheated tents.

So in other words, if Europe doesn’t cuck quickly enough, there might not be good incentives for migrants to come culturally enrich the continent. It might be too chilly for them! What proponents of the displacement and replacement of Europeans from their homelands don’t realize, however, is that incentives against flooding Europe with even more invaders would actually help them settle the ones they are currently enabling. If you want to replace Europeans with foreigners, you have to be patient. If you turn up the heat too quickly the boiling frog might catch on to what’s happening. The NYTimes article provides an ironic example of Europeans trying to centrally plan their own eventual disinheritance:

Slovenia has estimated it can manage things if Croatia admits up to 2,500 migrants a day. But Croatia has asked Slovenia to increase its daily admittance and take in at least 5,000 migrants. Austria, Slovenia’s northern neighbor, insists it cannot handle more than 1,500 people entering the country daily.

Never mind settling these people, the flank countries of Europe can barely cope with shuttling them to Germany. Germany itself is being politically torn apart by the issue as well, with a bubbling undercurrent of German society turning against Merkel and the refugee policies of their government.


One thing seems clear to me, that no matter where you stand on the issue of Afro-Islamic colonization of Europe, the numbers need to be throttled. If Europe actually becomes a continent of refugees, there are going to be huge problems, and not just the long-term civilizational, world-historical level kind. I mean there would be a situation where the government outright can no longer marshal the resources or cope with the logistics needed to transport, house and protect the colonists, from both themselves and the unruly indigenes.

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5 Responses to General Winter Weighs in on the Invasion of Europe

  1. fuhrerious88 says:

    I hope they freeze their asses off. Maybe they’ll go back to the desert shitholes they came from. May the winter of 2015/2016 be the coldest on record.

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