The Ultimate Signaling: America’s International Evangelism


In the 1990s, the United States government bombed Christians to protect Muslims. And the same government spent much of last decade trying to bomb Muslims into becoming Protestant republicans. From Yugoslavia to Iraq, we have a job to do. But what exactly is our vocation?

You can ask almost any American politician, neocohen or not, and they will tell you this country has some sort of mission. Perhaps it is in the name of god, or democracy or freedom. Maybe it’s about justice. Or maybe saving the planet. The climate. Whatever it is, it’s typically abstract and politically loaded, a contradiction of meaning. And often it will hurt us more than help.

The Puritan vision of our society as a city on a hill meant to illuminate the world, rather than just being our own city, lives on in myriad and contradictory ways. Both the establishment left and right in the United States buy into this worldview, that we have a whole suite of international obligations and quests to fulfill as part of our destiny as a country.

But what other people on earth pursue such altruistically imperial lunacy? Right now in Syria we are arming and training Islamists to fight both Paleo-Islamists and Assad. Literally because freedumbs and democracy. Meanwhile the Russians simply picked a viable side that serves their national interests and declared war upon the other two.

At the same time, the Obama administration, should it have its way, intends to let hundreds of thousands of people from a violent Muslim country with lower IQs and higher rates of consanguine marriage settle in the United States. You know, since it’s our mission in the world to help everyone get their freedumbs and democracy.

I suppose the redistribution of third world problems into the White world would reduce problems in their homelands, but what about ours? Do we not care because it is our duty to show the world the way? Is it more important to be an exemplar signaler than it is to be a functional and demographically healthy society?

Time is running out for Anglo-America to wake up. The luxury of debating our national metaphysics is going to expire once Whites become a minority. We will either survive or we won’t; there’ll be no evangelization of other peoples and enlightening the world from a corroded perch.

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