The Mores of the Magyars


While I am generally cold to the idea that contemporary Christianity has the potential to rally Europeans against the ongoing dispossession of their homelands both on the old continent and the new, it is perhaps too early a diagnosis for some countries.

As reported by Reuters, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, had the following to say after the completion of the Hungarian-Serbian border fence and the subsequent criticism from the more cucked nations of the European Union over the last few days:

“I am speaking about God. I am speaking about culture and the everyday principles of life, such as sexual habits, freedom of expression, equality between men and woman and all those kind of values which I call Christianity. If we let the Muslims into the continent to compete with us, they will outnumber us. It’s mathematics. And we don’t like it.”

It’s worth noting that Orban’s interpretation of Christianity is utterly stripped of theology, unless one defines God as “culture and the everyday principles of life.” I suppose that would be an accurate explanation for God in the sense of cultural projection, i.e. God as theorized by Feuerbach. And indeed the attributes Orban gives his God are not biblical but merely those valued in the post-communist Eastern Bloc: civic freedom and equality. In some sense, the modern God of Europe is perhaps having a secular and open society with a Christian-themed dressing of old cathedrals and bible names. And given the alternative offered by the ongoing Afro-Islamic Völkerwanderung, which we have seen glimpses of in Rotherham, London and Paris and practicum in Syria and Iraq, that isn’t so terrible. I will take a moribund and cynical Christianity over Saudis and the Gulf states building mosques and Islamic schools to garrison their co-religionists in Europe any day.

At the very least, it is a step back from the abyss, even if we’ve stopped believing in what lies at the bottom.

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