Surviving Academia II: The Empire Strikes Back


How it feels to be shitlord in college.

Fellow shitlord-behind-enemy-lines Ghoul recently offered his take on how to counter-signal like a fashy goy in college. From my own experiences as an acolyte in the ivory towers of progress,  I’ve also learned a thing or two as well about pinging for edgy people, rustling jimmies, making leftists look and feel stupid in class, and even winning the respect of professors. As such, I feel confident in offering some advice to college youfs. Keep in mind this is just a heuristic approach from my own experiences; results may vary especially if you are an autiste:

1.)  Understand your class’s Overton window

It was once the case that college professors were way left of their students. The gap is a lot smaller nowadays and in some cases students are even further left. What this means for you is that your opinions are wrong to most people in the room, but you already knew this. This also means that the discussion is both chaired and populated by people who fundamentally disagree with you. My insight is as follows: In a class discussion, you can be politically correct, problematic or Hitler. This is the Overton window of your standard college course, the range of acceptable discourse. Take note that it only runs in one direction, that is to say you can only be too right-wing.

The politically correct view is either silence or compliance with the worldview being presented, e.g. race is a social construct. The problematic view is one that attacks the politically correct view on well-supported grounds, often in the form of hatefacts, e.g. you can identify a person’s race with high accuracy from their skull, DNA, etc as evidenced by anthropologists, genetic testing, etc.. Or if race is a social construct, that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. Doesn’t this college have departments dedicated to studying it? Use logic and reason here. There’s no ideological claim being made and you’re still a heretic, but at least you aren’t going to get in academic trouble. You can keep chipping away at the narrative and rustling your enemies.

As you might have guessed, the Hitler view is one that can be used to readily compare you to the satan of progressivism, e.g. blacks have lower IQs than Whites.  This is neither wrong nor does it have anything to do with Hitler, but that’s how you’re going to be perceived. Wow goy, you’re sounding like a skinhead troll there. Don’t do this if you value your platform. If you want to keep being effective at subverting leftism in class discussions and rustling jimmies, you want to stay in the problematic range. Being problematic allows you to operate in a space where classmates will still listen to you—or at the very least be exposed to your contrary views—and where you will still be tolerated by the professor. Keep in mind where you are; if you go too far you’ll be shut down.

2.) Small male groups are more conservative or reactionary

This should hopefully be intuitive, but it’s worth keeping in mind otherwise. The presence of women, particularly in large numbers and as social equals or peers in the college environment, has an obvious effect on conversation topics and direction. This skews even further if the women in the group are single or suspected to be single, for obvious reasons. Who among you will be the first to rip on something most women in college are perceived as approving of, whether it’s feminism, social justice, LGBT, humanitarianism, anti-racism, etc.? Granted there are women who disagree with these things, but we’re getting into NAxALT territory here.

The most interesting political and cultural commentary is to be found among a group of unfiltered male friends or peers. The framework of entertaining opposing views and presenting your own is vastly less emotional or based on social approval. Say what you want, debate what topic you want, etc. It’s your safe space, your beer hall. These are the spaces in which, in my opinion, you actually learn a lot of useful things about life and the world while in college. If male spaces were unimportant, they wouldn’t be so vigorously opposed and condemned by the left. It will quickly become obvious that a lot of men are less “progressive” than they present as around women. I’m sure the manosphere guys could tell you more.

3.) Some majors are more shitlord than others

Again this shouldn’t come as very groundbreaking, but it does mean you need to think about tactics. Some people you’ll be able to gradually redpill or befriend more easily while others are just there for you to rustle. Like Ghoul said, you’re at the zoo. You’re a 1930s German anthropologist and college is fieldwork for you. I like to think of each major or cluster of majors as having a place on the shitlord scale, and therefore best approached differently. Obviously there will be NAxALTs and most people in college aren’t fash to begin with, but it’s useful to keep in the back of your mind. Here’s how I slice it.

Fashy Goy Tier (High Potential):

  • Economics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Pre-Law

Leaning Legionnaire Tier (Medium Potential):

  • Business majors
  • Classics
  • Political Science
  • STEM majors

Pleb Tier (Low Potential):

  • Art History
  • Psychology
  • Pre-Med

Untermensch Tier (Probably a waste of time):

  • Communications
  • English
  • Foreign Language (most)
  • International Relations/Studies

Profligate Tier (Fire at will):

  • Anthropology
  • “Ethnic” Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Sociology
  • Special Education
  • Women’s Studies

Obviously, the higher potential a group has, the more likely they are to be sympathetic or a better candidate for conversion, These are the people who, over time, you could turn into fashy goys. On the other hand, if someone is from a lower potential major—or worse, a profligate major—just troll them. The gloves come off when debating or criticizing their viewpoints and arguments. You won’t convert them but you can make them look dumb in front of other people. They’re wrong anyway.

4.) Excel at something

This isn’t the internet. You have to do more than be the edgiest if you want people to respect and listen to you; you need to give them a reason why you should be the authority on something and why your opinion is worth listening to. Ideas don’t spread in a vacuum—people go to sources to receive them, sources they like and trust.  You need to position yourself as a source someone wants to listen to. Differentiate yourself. It’s not that hard if you’ve already made it into college and know the feeling of being surrounded by boring/stupid people. You’re wasting a lot of time and/or money going to college so you might as well get good at something. Have a high GPA, get in shape, play an instrument well, be interesting and non-autistic to talk to, be funny or entertaining, etc. There has to be some value in interacting with you beyond you being  a fashy goy. This will be true for the rest of your life, not just college.

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9 Responses to Surviving Academia II: The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Great article! In college, I was in the Untermensch Tier – I graduated with a BS (very high honors, student of the year, etc.) in International Studies. Now I’m a full-time, professional shitlord. Ha, there’s hope for all Tiers! 🙂

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  5. Argus says:

    Wow … talk about ‘generation gap’~!
    I think we’re in the same camp, but in all honesty I only got some of this. What’s a ‘shitlord’? (And no, I’m not being sarcastic.)


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