An Open Letter to the Government of Germany

There are few things as viscerally upsetting as watching civilization decline. Worse still is when that civilization actively takes steps to hasten its demise, to the applause of its people. It is a kind of illness which cannot be treated easily, and at this stage is probably incurable. What is happening to Germany, and your decisions regarding how it should be handled are not unique to your country alone, but your response is one which sets precedent for the rest of Europe. Many have acknowledged that Germany has a central leadership role on the continent, owing to its economic strength and central location, albeit one that you all find uncomfortable. But what I find more uncomfortable is the unflinching blindness with which the German state leads the German nation towards its submersion and demise. There are two reasons for this course, which I shall elaborate on: 1.) the notion that a country should be run as a labor market, and 2.) the notion that postwar Germany must exist in absolute and total opposition to its predecessor. These blinders are the most powerful ideas in German metapolitics and have made Germany into what could effectively be called Anti-Germany. You are at the helm of this state.

The set of policies pursued by this Anti-Germany in the post-war era which most embody the notions I mentioned are immigration and multiculturalism. Within recent memory Chancellor Merkel has said that multiculturalism, a product of immigration, is a failure, and yet in the last few weeks she has advocated for a Germany completely open to hundreds of thousands of “refugees,” who are overwhelmingly non-European, Muslim, and male. Germany could potentially receive several million of these “refugees” over the next few years. The impact of such a rapid demographic injection would dwarf that of decades of the gastarbeiter program and Schengen. As is well understood by nearly all observers, the Muslim population this created and will create more of cannot be integrated, as it is an ethno-religious minority. And Germany wants to add more.

What justification can there possibly be for such an affront to the indigenous people of Germany and of Europe? That they be made strangers in their own land and forced to endure a permanent alien presence which has neither ties to the land nor can be voted out nor can it be made German? We must return to the two notions held true by Anti-Germany: Germany is a labor market and Germany must be the opposite of itself. First, the notion that a country is a labor market above all things necessitates that all participants in this market be viewed on the basis of their ability to contribute to production and tax revenue rather than their ability to integrate into society. Secondly, Germany must deny its own existence as a country in opening itself to mass migration. Germany was created as the nation state of the German people in the 19th century. Today, it is not governed as a nation state, despite being overwhelmingly German. That Germany is German is not seen as essential to the current existence of Germany, nor is it seen as essential to the future. We must ask why and we must turn to the government of Germany itself.

Why does the German state support the mass movement of non-Germans and Muslims into the area once governed as the nation-state of Germany? What purpose does it serve? Again, our two notions, which you have promulgated in your capacity to govern, explain this. The most important issue for you is to maintain the economy. In this endeavor you have blinded yourself to diversity while at the same time arguing in favor of diversity. “Germany needs more workers,” has been the imperative for seventy years. But there is no such thing as a worker in isolate. A worker is not an automaton, it is a person. And people come in varieties of ethnicities, religions, races and so forth. They are created by history and biology. And while they can be mixed into newer ethnicities, religions and races, they can seldom coexist. The problems this causes outweigh the meager benefits of adding another worker. Most successful countries have ethnic or racial or religious majorities. There is a reason for this. And most multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-racial countries are no longer with us.

Some groups neither mix nor coexist well enough to become assimilated. Muslims are one such group. Germany has millions of Muslims, overwhelmingly of immigrant background. “Muslim” is a a much stronger identity than multiculturalism or pluralism. And for the first time in centuries it has an opportunity to conquer the West.

War is often less about leveraging one’s strengths and resources and more about strategically exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses, chief among them stupidity and ignorance. True advantage is gained in understanding your opponent’s built-in flaws and his persistent traits which cannot be shaken off  easily, rather than waiting patiently for him to make a mistake. In fact, with such knowledge you can predict his mistakes yourself. And their is no adversary more predictable than “multicultural” and leftist Europe and none more cunning and aggressive than the Islamic world. Europe’s greatest weakness is that it no longer considers itself to be at war. It sleepwalks around impending disasters, unable to come to its senses. It will not resist. It will not define itself. It will open the gates to its besiegers, not even cognizant that it was besieged in the first place.

Islamic theology teaches jihad, holy war against those outside the Dar al-Islam, the House of Islam. That means Europe. But the Islamic world is weak. Only Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons, many states are dependent on oil exports, and others are engulfed in internal conflicts and civil war. This is the standard of civilization the Islamic world has attained in the current year. Islam then cannot wage war as the West can. Iraq cannot invade the United States. Egypt cannot invade Britain. Syria cannot invade France. Or can they?

As Germans, you must understand that human migrations which produce demographic revolutions are no different than armies that conquer territory and parcel it out to the commanders and soldiers as spoils. The ends are the same even if the means are so theoretically apart. A Europe which becomes more and more Muslim every year and less European–for the two are incompatible–is being conquered in a demographic war.
There was once a land called Gaul, known to the Romans as Gallia. I believe you Germans have taken to calling it Frankreich, the Empire of the Franks. There is a reason for this, a reason I’m sure you know well and one which you have arbitrarily ruled as irrelevant to your own situation. The Franks were initially settled in northeast Gaul along the border, as Germanic raiders-turned-allies of the Romans. One day they would rule and remake Gaul into France. In your quest for more workers, you have brought in more than workers. The Turks were not guest-workers; they never left. And the refugees are not fleeing. They are coming. The Franks were not mercenaries in the end; they were colonizers.

So you have opened the gates to get more workers artificially; it is true. But another dimension of this program of immigration is to produce more workers organically. The immigrant populations are younger and more fertile than the indigenous German population. That means each new cohort born in Germany will be less German than the one before it. The total population will take time to reflect this change, but as the elderly die off it will change. But you in power must pretend this is not a problem, though it is one. Doublethink is hard, and so even Chancellor Merkel has slipped once and said multiculturalism is a failure. The German state appears to prosper while the German nation wilts and withers.

We arrive at the second notion: Germany must not be Germany. It has to exist in opposition to itself. Because National Socialists believed in a German Germany, you refuse to do so. Because Nazi Germany oppressed minorities, you coddle them and import even more. All history pre-1945 or even prior to reunification is discarded. Two thousand years of civilization gone because of one man. You wish to show the world that you have changed and that you are progressive and open. One extreme has been traded for another. Germany will cease to exist if the leftist program of population replacement via immigration is not halted and reversed. By then, no one will recognize Germany as Germany and you will have all died; how can a country of Turks, Arabs and Africans be shamed for the Holocaust? It will not matter to them. And your descendants will curse your memory for reducing them to vassals and slaves. It is not Nazism to love your folk. It is normalism.

You have already paid reparations for the second world war. You do not need to continue your policies of self-hatred and national suicide in order to prove a point. Who benefits from it? The jews were given a homeland in Israel and you are giving yours away. For what purpose do you want to make Germany a non-German country? Israel does not let in millions of non-jews because that would destroy Israel. Why do Europe and Germany let in millions of non-Europeans then? Because it would not destroy Europe? You are wrong, morally and historically.

Perhaps you think I am being dreadful, pessimist, racist. And indeed a case could be made for all of these things. But history has vindicated pessimists and the more neutral realists time and time over. Do you know what Lothrop Stoddard or Madison Grant would have to say about the contemporary West?—”I told you so.” The United States will lose its founding White majority in a few decades because of immigration and become a third world labor market. Do not follow us. A Germany that ceases to be German is not worth the twenty pieces of silver. You are creating a future in which your people will not have control over their own country and homeland, or not even exist at all.


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