Six Ways to Stop the Migrant Jihad


I’ve seen enough coverage of this to make me livid. The media keeps talking about how Europe needs a solution to the migrant problem and that no one knows how they’re going to solve it. Sure. Yeah I really wonder what we could do to stop this from happening. I guess we better just roll over. This is all just window dressing for their support of the demographic destruction of the nations of Europe; it cannot be plainly stated by Western leaders that they support population replacement, only things like compassion for “refugees” or bolstering the labor force to support an aging population are offered as explanations. But no matter the means, when the end is the end of Europeans being the majority in their own homeland, that is high treason. And so I think an unprecedented disaster such as this requires any solution we can think of, because the implications of failure are our eternal damnation in the memory of our descendants and leaving behind a world we would not want to have been born in.

Without further ado, here are six ways to stop the influx of the Afro-Islamic hordes across the continent:

1.) Pay the danegeld — Israel and Australia have both paid “refugees” to leave. If  European countries are willing to spend billions to accommodate invaders—and in the case of Denmark, put out ads in Arab newspapers dissuading people from coming in the first place—why not spend billions to turn them around? There is no good reason for any non-Muslim country to want to increase its Muslim population by leaps and bounds unless its goal is to replace the native population. Paying them and shipping them off elsewhere would allow Europeans to still feel good about themselves being altruistic without any of the damaging demographic effects of planting colonies of hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the continent each year. It should be noted that paying the danegeld will not get rid of the Dane for good, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

2.) “Stop the Boats” — Outright refuse to settle “refugees” in Europe. Do what Australia did and work out a deal with a neighboring country to accept refugees and pay them to do it. Process everyone offshore in conditions that no one would ever want to live in. Destroying the incentive to come to Europe will save lives and Europe itself.

3.) Enforce the Dublin Regulation — “The country that the asylum seeker first applies for asylum is responsible for either accepting or rejecting asylum, and the seeker may not restart the process in another jurisdiction.” None of the migrants want to be in Hungary but since Greece is inept/overwhelmed, that’s the major non-Italian point of entry. If they don’t want to be in Hungary and aren’t allowed to go onward to Germany, and if Hungary builds a fence that it is illegal to cross, that could have an impact. It’s not like people respond to incentives or something, or that laws without enforcement are meaningless.

4.) Support Assad unilaterally — Arab dictatorships work really well until you bomb the hell out of them. What was keeping a lid on the Middle East and North Africa all these years? Exporting Democracy™ failed in Iraq and Libya and isn’t on track to working in Syria. Arab Muslims neither want it nor are they capable of exercising its secular Westernized variant. Leave them alone. And secular Western democracy doesn’t work with Arabs, why should we import them? Clearly strongman dictatorships are the most well-suited and benevolent form of government in the region, much like in Latin America. The Syrian “moderate opposition” sucks. ISIS is our enemy. Who does that leave? Who can end the war fastest and stop the flow of refugees? Assad’s maybe is better than the resounding no of the fake government-in-exile. Ending the war will throttle the flow of “refugees.”

5.) Racism — This is the Israeli approach to the “migrant crisis.” PM Netanyahu said:

”[Israel is] a very small country that lacks demographic and geographic depth… We are not waiting. To the extent that it is possible we will encompass Israel’s borders with a security fence and barriers.”

Israel, to the Israeli government, is a Jewish ethnostate and should remain as such. That’s racist!—but also a paradigm I am totally in favor of applying. European states should be for Europeans, the United States for White goyim, and so forth. Human rights.

6.) No quarter — So you know how a border is supposed to, like, be defended? Try doing that. Shoot invaders. Sink troop carriers. Nearly every country that has ever existed has seen the necessity of patrolling and fortifying its borders to both protect its population and the government itself. China built a wall. Austria-Hungary militarized the Croatian countryside. The Romans guarded the Rhine and the Danube. The Italian city states built star fortresses. Failure to do so results in collapse. I’m not sure why this behavior stopped being kosher—well actually I am—but it needs to have a comeback if the West is survive as a civilization populated by Whites. One can only wonder how many Europeans died over the centuries to keep Islam from conquering our homeland. It is revolting to see that hundreds of thousands of Muslims are allowed to march straight to Berlin without so much as a shot fired by either side. Something has to change.

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21 Responses to Six Ways to Stop the Migrant Jihad

  1. Brittius says:

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    No Quarter/Scorched Earth.

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  2. 0jr says:

    Don’t pay them a dime maritime law states that passengers from a ship wreack will only be allowed stay till they can repair the ship or find other means of travel paid for by themselves.if they can’t pay take them out into the sea and put them on rafts and if they try to return fire warning shots ect

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  3. Blockade ships at foreign ports of origin. Stop and inspect every ship attempting to leave port. Seize and turn back any ship containing foreign troops. Permanently disable any ship found to contain them.

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  4. Very sensible and easily implemented solutions to the crisis – well stated. For some reason, I doubt the bureaucrats in Brussels and other major European capitals, save Hungry, will take your advice. It’s a shame – we are witnessing the potential total destruction of Europe and America right before our eyes, and yet we could easily solve this problem in a matter of weeks if we had the political courage to do so.

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    • There is minor evidence of sanity among Europeans in power.
      >The state premier for Thuringia, in central Germany, believes different ethnic groups should be separated in refugee homes to prevent such violence erupting again.
      Apparently different ethnic groups turn violent on one another so they should be separated… it isn’t a stretch to apply this principle further


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  6. fuhrerious88 says:

    Great points but as John Friend pointed out our treacherous leaders want our destruction. All part of the plan 😦

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  13. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig says:

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  15. Argus says:

    Good heavens~! At last, someone who makes sense and says what he thinks.

    It is (this whole ‘refugee’ thing) an absolute masterpiece of strategy and tactics; Fourth Generation Warfare at its very best. Full kudos to their planners.

    The most effective defence against an invasion of unarmed people would be to do a ‘Hitler’ on them, but the PC among us (their fifth column?) will never allow that. So we are doomed.

    This is the major weakness of democracy, in that we have no defence against ourselves—I said ‘long term’ planning; all they have to do is outbreed us.
    And then outvote us.
    After which our descendants will themselves be cheerfully allahu-akbaaing like the rest of them; sickening, but you have to admit: brilliant~!


    • Perimeter defense is best not put to a vote.

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      • Argus says:

        I like the idea. But … the question is always ‘How?’.

        To answer it requires a lot of root-cause and retrospective analysis, projection of trends, anticipation of reactions and countering of probable resistance and so on.
        One man by himself will not defeat it, no matter how clear his sight; hence the need for not only supporters but directed action.

        I quoted elsewhere that “wars are never between people, wars are between ideas—people are just tools the ideas use to achieve their aims”.

        The PC have already moved over decades to set down their foundations, ideas now unquestioningly accepted and deeply ingrained; a massive head-start such that their drivel is widely accepted as unarguable fact.

        So much easier to just change channels and watch the football …


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