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A Greek Island That Isn’t Being Invaded

You’d think the island of Cyprus, some 60 miles off the coast of war-torn Syria, would be an attractive destination for the so-called Mediterranean migrants and refugees. The northern half of the island is governed and peopled by Turkish Muslims, … Continue reading

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Rabbi Says Jews Should Renounce “Whiteness” and Double Down on Anti-Racism

Though most on the alt-right have long considered jews to be non-white—if not by blood then by culture, and if not by either by the history of elite jews using their influence to undermine goy society—one rabbi has come out … Continue reading

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Media Very Rustled It Can’t Stump the Trump or His Base

A recent op-ed in Reuters gloats that Republican candidate Donald Trump is toast and that his perceived lack of specific answers during the recent debate has done him in. Even though he’s still leading in the polls. And even though … Continue reading

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Europe as a Continent of Refugees?

“If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for.” — German Chancellor Angela Merkel The narrative that Europe is somehow a “continent of refugees” is a popular method of anti-white signaling. Proponents … Continue reading

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We are Already Ozymandius

One of the less obvious or ostentatious sights one comes across while traveling in the United States are war memorials. They’re usually not very tall or located close to foot traffic but tucked away in a quiet city or suburban … Continue reading

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The Mores of the Magyars

While I am generally cold to the idea that contemporary Christianity has the potential to rally Europeans against the ongoing dispossession of their homelands both on the old continent and the new, it is perhaps too early a diagnosis for … Continue reading

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Surviving Academia II: The Empire Strikes Back

How it feels to be shitlord in college. Fellow shitlord-behind-enemy-lines Ghoul recently offered his take on how to counter-signal like a fashy goy in college. From my own experiences as an acolyte in the ivory towers of progress,  I’ve also … Continue reading

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