Liberal Iconoclasm: Cartographic Cleansing


Although the usual suspects are leftist politicians and jews, in the latest instance of liberal iconoclasm we have a Republican-run state praising the Obama administration for renaming Alaska’s Mount McKinley to “Denali.” It would be, or rather is, extremely cuckservative, and reminds me of the largely Republican-led drive to purge the South of Confederate memory at the behest of liberal agitators. Of course, as far as the alt-right is concerned, Republicans and Democrats are both liberals anyway, part of the same political consensus in which the Democrats lead and the Republicans slowly but surely follow. But on to specifics of the latest episode.

Reuters reports that Alaska renamed the mountain in the 1970s but that renaming it at federal level had been blocked by Ohio legislators, as President McKinley was from Ohio. Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, apparently has the authority to override this and the mountain will be formally renamed soon. Alaskan cuckservatives were very pleased with the removal of White nomenclature, while those in Ohio objected on the grounds of muh constitution. Both were totally deracinated, of course:

The move elicited praise from Alaska Governor Bill Walker, a Republican turned independent, and Republican elected officials, who more typically are critical of an administration they see as hostile to the oil and gas interests of their state. “I’d like to thank the president for working with us to achieve this significant change to show honor, respect, and gratitude to the Athabascan people of Alaska,” said Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who led the fight for the Denali name in Congress. But Ohio Senator Rob Portman said he was disappointed in what he called “yet another example of the president going around Congress.” He urged the White House to find another way to honor McKinley in Denali National Park.

The retreat of White influence, even over things as irrelevant as the name of some mountain in Alaska, is not only a cause for national celebration but an opportunity to sing the praises of the non-white population and honor them for existing. The compromise of naming the national park the mountain resides in Denali and leaving the Anglo name for the mountain—which was first scaled by Europeans, like most mountains—was not enough. The drive to rename the mountain was lead by a White Republican, whose mindset is surely cuckservative.

Alaska natives make up around 15% of the population while Anglo-Alaskans (or non-Hispanic Whites in Alaska, I guess) make up 60%. But clearly that remnant has the moral authority—like any other minority in post-modern America—since oppression and reasons. There’s just something noble about those Indians and their folkways that failed to adequately prevent them from losing an entire continent. I have to wonder—if when Whites become a plurality, the largest minority—if we will be accorded the same revered status American Indians have now. Will society view us as victims who had our land stolen out from underneath us but managed to hang on in small pockets, thereby making us worthy of special programs and widespread respect from across the electoral-political spectrum? I get a feeling it won’t.

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4 Responses to Liberal Iconoclasm: Cartographic Cleansing

  1. Brittius says:

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  2. The Tory says:

    When the symbols of a people begin to be torn down it is an attack on the identity of that people. The great erasure of our history has begun. Teach your kids who their forefathers were, because nobody else will.

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