Common Sense in Hungary


Good news from the European front—our brethren in Hungary are resisting the anti-European agenda. The New York Times has begun publishing a series of journal-like entries about “migrants” trekking north from Greece to Germany and beyond to collect their gibsmedats from the European Union (EU), where governments are caught between wanting to resettle the invaders and keeping the indigenous populations from rioting or protesting against it. The entries were written to draw sympathy for the demographic replacement of Europeans in their homelands by adding a “human touch” to the otherwise nameless and faceless invaders, a tactic used by immigration activists everywhere almost universally, to inflict and inject guilt, shame and signaling into the debate. The goal is to make us identify more with the outgroup than our ingroup, as altruism is, allegedly, morally superior to looking after one’s own and offers more opportunities for signaling. But I digress, and I’m sure regular readers are familiar with all this.

As it turns out, the hardliner stance taken by the nation of Hungary against the Dar al-Islam is having an impact on the morale of the enemy armies. As published in a recent entry:

At the Macedonian border, the news from Hungary — gathered through YouTube clips and word of mouth — is bad: Hungary is cracking down on refugees and migrants. The news spreads like wildfire among the migrants here. They begin to panic. What will they do when they reach Hungary?

Hopefully not what they were planning to do, which is take space, resources and moral authority away from Europeans via victim status enabled rent-seeking. As it turns out, Hungary is processing people who enter its borders, like you’re supposed to do, which could be disastrous for the march on Berlin:

“Before four days, my friend, the police catch him and make him do fingerprints,” said Wadih Saloumy, 25. “If they take our fingerprints we can’t go to Germany or Sweden.” Mr. Saloumy speaks good English because he was a receptionist at a four-star hotel in Damascus before he fled Syria.

English bad he speaks and sorry I am not feeling him for. Germany and Sweden aren’t even formal anglophone countries but he knows they have the best gibsmedats for a Muslim and that’s where he is headed. What really unnerves these future Germans is the credible threat of law enforcement. People respond to incentives:

A YouTube video is circulating among the refugees, Mr. Saloumy said, that shows the Hungarian police taking fingerprints by force.They ask anyone in sight for advice, from their fellow migrants to the reporters prowling the transit camp.

It would seem that YouTube is doing a different kind of shutting down than usual; instilling fear in the invader that he might be documented and incrementally suppressed. I have some advice though, take your live-action Camp of the Saints back where it came from.

It also seems that fingerprinting may be the least of Mohammed’s problems. The old bulwark of Europe against the Turk is reasserting its role in 2015 in a way that is both righteous and Trumpist:

Hungary is building a fence to keep out refugees. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Hungary had plans to reinforce its southern border with helicopters, mounted police and dogs, and is also considering using the army to control the flow of migrants. The Hungarian chief police commissioner said there was no order to shoot.

It should be noted that Muslims hate dogs. And move over Beaner Wall, the Kebab Wall is coming and it will be patrolled by armed forces. This is something we can only LARP about in the United States unless Trump becomes president, but in Hungary the threat is so immediately understood that the government is taking action. The best way to deal with an immigration crisis is to deal with it, not reform the system to make it even easier to come in, as the left advocates. Hungary is taking a stand to defend not only her own people but by extension all European peoples north of the Balkans from a cultural, demographic and often literal assault by foreigners. And although Hungary has let some of the alt-right down before, their leaders can at least be counted on to look out for the interests of Hungary. As their Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, said earlier this year:

Europe is facing questions which can no longer be answered within the framework of liberal multiculturalism. Can we shelter people, many of whom are unwilling to accept European culture, or who come here with the intent of destroying European culture?

Most tellingly for what the rest of the White nations need to acknowledge:

[A]s far as I see it, Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect – in other words, they have not yet lost their common sense.”

It’s not every day we see European countries respond to the “Mediterranean migrant crisis,” more accurately described as Islamic colonization, with such strong measures. A toast to the Magyars is in order. May you endure the undoubted bureaucratic hell that Brussels has in store and the rest of Europe as well.


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