New York Times Covers #Cuckservative


Well cucked my friend.

The New York Times has finally picked up on the alt-right meme #cuckservative (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) in a recent article titled, “From the Right, a New Slur for G.O.P. Candidates.” Although it is the Times, I have again found their coverage of a “far-right” topic to be surprisingly fair, for several reasons:

First, the author is correct in terming cuckservative as an insult from the right—some ironically cuckservative right-wing commentators have had difficulty in understanding that the meme didn’t originate from Democrat entryists but internet culture savvy White nationalists, who are completely beyond the pale of the GOP I might add. There is also no mention of Rush Limbaugh in the article, which is excellent since he had nothing to do with the term. He may have given a coincidental dog-whistle on his show about cucked Republicans, but really no one on the alt-right listens to your standard conservative talk radio. We prefer this.

The article also gives an extremely straightforward explanation of why many on the electronic right and conservative Twitter are fed up with establishment Republicans and adding cuckservative to their lexicon:

The phrase has caught on among a segment of disaffected Republicans, some of whom hold white nationalist ideologies and who feel many of the party’s presidential candidates are not conservative enough. And they are frustrated by the willingness of Republicans in general to compromise on a variety of issues, like spending or the Confederate battle flag, or they accuse them of being beholden to their donors.

I would only add that—the overwhelmingly White—cuckservatives support Zionism, or Jewish nationalism, but not any kind of Anglo-American nationalism in their own homeland.

Another area where NYT coverage went above expectations is the citing of National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer. Spencer, who writes at Radix Journal, is quoted and described as:

“It’s a very good shorthand meme to express a certain kind of frustration and a certain kind of contempt for mainstream conservatives,” said Richard B. Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, which promotes the preservation and cultivation of white culture in the United States.

Wow. I was pretty prepared to read the usual screed of white supremacist neo-nazi SPLC hate site but apparently NYT is willing to entertain White nationalists on their own terms. Then again, I’m sure “the preservation and cultivation of white culture in the United States” is not something the average NYT reader believes in, and to them probably means the same thing as nazism. It’s not, but I don’t want to go too off topic here. Oh and the article does quote the SPLC, but they’re unusually ambiguous about whether or not they think the term is raycist.

I also find the author’s definition to be totally agreeable:

Cuckservative is an amalgamation of the word cuckold — the husband of an adulterous woman — and conservative.
The implication is that mainstream Republicans, like jilted husbands, are facing humiliation and have lost sight of their futures.
Many who use the #cuckservative hashtag on Twitter espouse the view that the United States is shifting from a white-dominated country to one that caters too much to minority groups.

All of this is true, but not only have these cuckservatives lost sight of their futures as White people in the United States, they actively encourage their own demographic displacement and demise. Many believe that said future lies with Latino immigration, and I’m sure those who cuck loudest for it have no conflict of interest versus the rest of Anglo-America.

cuckservative_jebThis is the man the GOP wants to win.

NYT also correctly observes that the anti-cuckservative crowd is pro-Trump:

Mr. Trump has largely been spared of criticism from this corner of the web. In fact, his political rise has coincided with its ascendance and many who use the word defend him and his anti-immigration stances.

I myself endorse Trump because: 1.) He rustles leftists and cuckservatives, 2.) he has the hardest expressed stance against illegal immigration (which is overwhelmingly non-white, 3.) he refuses to cede moral authority to those who hate him, 4.) he promotes a patriotism in the United States that goes beyond empty reverence, and 5.) he moves the Overton window to the right. In short, he is the truly conservative candidate. The threat of Trump running as a third-party candidate also makes him all the more appealing; he will crash the cuckservatives’ presidential campaigns whether they nominate him or not.

And now on to the surprisingly brief syllabus of errors—not that anyone on the NYT editorial board cares.

The word’s popularity peaked on Twitter in July after people on the online forum 4chan promoted its use as a slur against Republicans who strayed from conservatism


What!? You couldn’t mention My Posting Career or The Right like other sites did? Even Buzzfeed gave credit where credit was due. While cuck as an internet insult originated on 4chan as a harsher insult than faggot—it’s the current year; give faggots a break—that can be used to insult both sexuality and masculinity, the metamorphosis into cuckservative happened among readers of MPC, TRS and alt-right Twitter since it made sense that Republicans who work against their own interests or support those of outgroups are de facto cucks. It’s a metaphor. Do you want strong borders for Israel but Brazilianization of the soon to be minority-majority United States? You’re a cuck. Those people are not going to vote Republican; just look at who is in power in their own countries.

The same moral indignation shown towards “racism” should be shown towards White conservatives who promote hostile policies towards their White-majority voter base and White-majority country. That is the essence of the cuckservative critique. These people are the same sellouts who would open the city gates during a siege, accept twenty pieces of silver and defect to whichever side offers them more coin. Whites have been funneled away from voting Democrat in increasing numbers but the Republican party is pushing for almost the same outcome as their “opposition,” just at a slower rate.

This is why we fight the meme war. And we will not stop.

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