Liberal Iconoclasm: Democrats Purge White Male History


There really are no brakes on the iconoclasm train. Cultural conflict in the United States is being waged by the left—whether liberal or cuckservative—as a proxy war against the traditional and majority people of this country, White people. Although the removal of the Confederate battle flag, from a memorial on the grounds of South Carolina’s Capitol and the subsequent calls to purge Confederate and White Southern history are the most prominent in recent memory, other elements of Anglo-American heritage have come under attack as well. While attacks on Christopher Columbus are an annual affair, the election season has drawn attention to other White historical figures, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner is a Democratic fundraiser named after two Presidents and the spiritual founders of the party, but their legacy is no longer relevant in 2015. As the New York Times reports:

Political candidates and activists across the country have flocked to annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners, where speeches are given, money is raised, and the party celebrates its past and its future. But these time-honored rituals are colliding with a modern Democratic Party more energized by a desire for racial and gender inclusion than reverence for history. And state by state, Democratic activists are removing the names of Jefferson and Jackson from party gatherings, saying the two men no longer represent what it means to be a Democrat.

Hmmmm. Now what could that possibly mean? Let’s ask Andy McGuire, the chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party:

“The vote today confirms that our party believes it is important to change the name of the dinner to align with the values of our modern-day Democratic party: inclusiveness, diversity and equality… We not only want to move the country forward, but we recognize that we can’t be anchored by a history that diminished any of our fellow citizens.”

History is truly inconvenient. Andrei Cherny, who was a speechwriter for Bill Clinton, almost hits the hammer on the head but goes for dildos instead:

“Jefferson and Jackson and the ideas they stood for, spreading economic opportunity and democracy, were the beginnings of what was the Democratic Party. That is what unified the party across regional and other lines for most of the last 200 years. Now what unites everybody from Kim Kardashian to a party activist in Kansas is cultural liberalism and civil rights.”

So in order to make the Democratic party—or broadly American society itself—more inclusive, White men must be purged from the party history and narrative, even though it was the values they created that sowed the seeds for the contemporary party. To the ideologues of the left, America need not become a post-racial society but merely a post-white one in which there is no history or rooted identity for the sole unprotected class, Whites.

The attack on Jackson is unsurprising given how saliently anti-POC he is in the contemporary mind. He was a slaveowner and responsible for deporting Indian populations from the South to more western territories. Liberals already want him off the twenty dollar bill so they can have a woman on our money—despite this country having no comparably significant and deceased female political leaders. Of course, slavery was legal in the United States long before and after Jackson, making him hardly unique. And the United States exists specifically because White Europeans displaced indigenous peoples through colonization. Too bad. That’s why all of us are here, regardless of our race or ancestry. That’s why we have one of the most advanced civilizations on earth. History produces the present. I will not condemn my own existence or the reasons why I exist.

Ritual slander of Whites and Whites alone is an integral part of the left’s narrative, however, so those with obvious blemishes on their records cannot be spared. Things will get interesting if the Overton window shifts enough for leftists to connect the dots and realize any public figure from before the 1990s would be a pariah today. I would have expected Jefferson to last a bit longer, given that he wrote the fucking Declaration of Independence, but no—the guy who articulated our independence from the British empire has no place in the genealogy of the Democratic party. He was White, male and owned slaves! I hope this rustles whatever White Democrats are still left; surely naming an event after one of the Founding Fathers isn’t problematic, right?

The purpose of iconoclasm is to destroy or replace the symbols of a rival group, and that is exactly what the left supports, an anti-white coalition against Anglo-America. No history, no heritage, no White or male symbolism—it’s not like those have anything to do with the United States. The left has an aggressive vision of replacement, and they are implementing it at the symbolic level, to say nothing of immigration policies that enable literal replacement. These forces work hand in hand. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but the only place for White men in the Democratic party is that of a silent ally, a cuck. They must be neither seen nor heard in the name of Diversity & Equality.

One really has to wonder what the final solution is to the White male problem. But in the short-run, it seems the dindu nuffins or other vibrancy will be supplanting one of the Founding Fathers and the first populist president as the titular heads of the leading Democratic speaking event. It’s already literally happened to ((((Bernie Sanders)))).

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