Trump’s Third Party Threat Value

trumpposting“If you don’t get the Republican nomination, will you run as a third party candidate?”

“It would be extremely painful.”

“You’re a big goy.”

“For you.”

Thursday night’s Republican “debate” was really neither Republican, nor a debate nor an empire, but that didn’t stop it from being the hottest event yet of Cuckfest 2015—I mean the Republican primaries. Twitter was on fire with blow by blow coverage of cuckservatives and Fox moderators failing to Stump the Trump. This should come as no surprise, because if you’ve ever watched a Trump interview, read a Trump tweet or listened to a Trump speech, it is he who does the stumping.

One Trump response that severely rustled the Fox News-picked audience was his refusal to take “the pledge” of allegiance to the future nominee, who the Republican establishment and media desperately want to be ¡Jeb!. The cuckservative concern trolls of the Republican party are hailing this as a disastrous move for Trump that will cost him support, which is kind of disingenuous since they want him to lose. Then again, if the media repeats something enough times, the burgerproles will believe it. But most satisfying are the lamentations of Republican pundits that an independent Trump bid would cost the Republican party the election. And it will if they allow it to happen.

What Trump has effectively done, being the unapologetic negotiator that he is, is let the Republican establishment know his threat values: the route of “you give me the nomination or I cost you the election” is being kept on the table. And it has them scared. The Republicans are not in a position to compromise with him at all, because as the current frontrunner (and one who is likely to gain momentum as other candidates drop out), his defection could potentially drain away a plurality of Republican voters. They are also going to have a hard time ousting him without alienating a certain group—no, not that group.

As reported by Reuters:

He attracts male voters who are less educated, less affluent, and less religious than the Republican electorate as a whole, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey of almost 2,000 Republicans conducted last month. It showed 61 percent of Trump supporters to be male and almost half of those surveyed in the poll said they weren’t religious. Over half had not attended college and almost 20 percent earned less than $50,000 a year.

Trump is popular with middle class White men, the backbone of Anglo-America and the United States itself. This should not surprise anyone any more than natural conservatives and other global citizens voting Democrat is a surprise—sorry, Rand Paul. It is with great pleasure that I wish to inform the cuckservatives and shitlib commufags of the American political sphere that White identity politics is finally starting to take off. This is a significant shift, even in its nascent form. A strong trend has held over the last several elections of Whites increasingly voting Republican across all cohorts, and the latest development in that arc is the implicit White populism of Donald Trump. Cracking down on illegal immigration and “making America great again” are evidently Anglo-American values. And they are values that we as a people with group interests should not be pathologized for having.

The Republican establishment does not want this at all. Cuckservatve strategists religiously believe that in order for their party to survive, they must increase their share of the Latino vote, and they are correct in believing a White populist platform will hurt this campaign to promote vibrancy. On the other hand, they are totally wrong in thinking that their party will ever appeal to Latinos more than Democrats do. And that is the root of the cuckservative meme—Republicans championing Democratic voters over their White base.

It’s too soon to know whether or not Trump will win or lose the nomination, but he’s moving the Overton window. He said himself that Republicans would not be talking about illegal immigration if it weren’t for him, and he’s right. So long as he keeps moving the window right, I am in favor of anything he does. He can either shift the Republican party right or destroy it by running independent, because I want to have a choice in this election. The marginal lesser-of-two-evils benefit of the Republican party gets smaller every election cycle. With candidates like ¡Jeb! it no longer exists. As a White voter, I look at the cuckservatives and the liberals and fail to see a real difference on anything other than guns and fiscal policies. The mainstream Republican party is just ten years behind the Democrats. In that context, Trump is both a common sense choice and a radical one.

I know better than to be hopeful about electoral politics, but as far as I’ve seen, you Can’t Stump the Trump. The fire rises.

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