The Alt-Right as Disruption: Crashing the #Cuckservative Industrial Complex with No Survivors

In the business world, the C-suite spends a lot of time worrying about a not-so-little thing called “disruption.” Disruption, in brief, is what happens when an organization’s plans go to hell and largely because of unanticipated and changing conditions in the business ecosystem. Ever hear of Uber, the premier SWPL taxi-on-demand service that’s rustling licensed cab drivers everywhere? That’s disruption; your legacy business sucks and someone is going to town on your market share and forcing you to play catch-up.

I mention this of course because the C-suite of the American right are cuckservatives—some of whom are literally business executives themselves—and the disruption they are now facing is something they weren’t counting on,  the alt-right and the related budding of White identity politics. As a product, the Republican party is deficient and not meeting the needs of its consumers, its White majority base. That’s why Trump is leading every Republican in the polls and that’s why #cuckservative is trending. The alt-right is better at being right than the establishment right. A growing number of people are rejecting the ideas that race doesn’t matter in politics and that immigration is a moral imperative and a good thing a priori. This of course comes after the “immigration reform” of 1965, which opened our borders to the whole world, resulting in our non-Hispanic (or Anglo-American) White population plummeting from almost 90% to 62% and the overall leftward shift of our political discourse. The liberal movement of the Overton window should come as no surprise: the majority of people of color vote Democrat, and most immigrants are not from Europe, something that states with large immigrant populations are all too aware of. In a few years it is unlikely that California, Texas, Florida and Virginia will ever be red again, to name a few. So when the cuckservative sputters that he isn’t racist and that he’s in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants and more legal immigration on top of that, he is sawing off his own limbs. When the anglophone White population dips under 50% in the 2040s, Republicans will be unable to win a national election. American conservatism will not exist without White Anglo-Americans; the cuckservative is cuckolding his own constituents.

I had thought this was a really simple idea, and the term cuckservative was an effective way to characterize and taunt those who couldn’t grasp it. And it is. These people and many of their ill-informed followers really have no idea where this is coming from or what’s happening on Twitter and social media. It’s disruption and they were not prepared. But the news cycle demands headlines and explanations in a timely manner, and so that is exactly what cuckservatives have produced, a hasty explanation full of damage control and anti-racist signaling, which are staples of cuckservatism in the first place. They attempt to refute us by being exactly what we accuse them of being.

There have been two common responses to #cuckservative from the mainstream right online and in print:

  1. This was started by Democrats to discredit Republicans in the election. It’s all socks and entryists!
  2. Cuckservative is a term coined by white supremacists/neo-nazis and they’re bad so if they’re mad at us we’re probably good. I’m not racist; I don’t see race.

The Democratic shill conspiracy strikes me as particularly humorous, most of all because it highlights just how out of touch Republicans have become with metapolitical developments. They assumed they had a safe legacy position as the guardians of conservatism, and that all criticism of their platform could only come from the left. They’re wrong. Disruption is happening. There are—amazingly enough it seems—people to the right of Jeb Bush. People to right of Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter even. No Democrat would ever advocate for preserving a White majority in order to save conservatism and the United States. The idea that Anglo-American conservatism isn’t universal but tied to demographics is not a liberal one. That’s literally the opposite of what they’ve advocated for the last few decades: displacement-level immigration, affirmative action, white guilt, multiculturalism, and social democracy etc. The alt-right isn’t a cabal of crypto-Democrats. It’s an absurd response from someone with severe cognitive dissonance.

The other charge is accusations of white supremacy, neo-nazism, racism, etc. Therefore the term cuckservative is discredited. This is wrong on two accounts. First of all, the source of an idea does not invalidate it. I suppose if a neo-nazi called a duck a duck, it wouldn’t be one? And this attitude feeds directly into the second problem, that labels are used to shut down dissent. Since I’ve written about this before, here is a brief summation of the problem with using these words to slander White group advocacy:

Suppose you thought that white countries had a right to maintain their white majorities, and therefore should restrict immigration from non-white countries. That would get you labeled a racist and a white supremacist in most of the Western world except for maybe Hungary or Italy, while in countries like Israel, Japan, China, India, South Korea, and many African countries, you would be considered patriotic and normal. No one would attempt to slander or pathologize you for advocating for your own people and their continued existence and demographic control of their homeland, which in many cases won its independence from a foreign power via war. Despite its catastrophically low birthrate and the small but increasingly loud calls for immigration to solve its demographic problems, Japan has not opened its ports. It is still well over 90% Japanese. The same can be said for South Korea and its Korean population. They want to keep their countries for people like themselves, and they are not pathologized for doing so. At worst, they’re xenophobic, but rarely racist. That’s a term for European-derived peoples only.

Now suppose you live in the United States and don’t think the white majority matters very much but think that white people should acclimate to being an ethnic group in a multi-ethnic society. Stopping immigration is a lost cause for a number of reasons, you rationalize, and there’s nothing you can do about the diversity that’s already here. You accept that multiculturalism works and that different groups can share a country and a government in harmony. You would believe that whites need to build their own civil society and cultural institutions analogous to those that other groups have, because the federal government and society at large no longer represents you alone in a post-white America. Unfortunately for you, this would also be condemned as white supremacist, neo-nazi, or racist. When whites become a plurality and then a minority, it will still be seen as racist to advocate for white institutions or a white civil society within the United States. The left-wing narrative of “white privilege” and white guilt and double standards for white social and political behavior will only intensify as leftist voting blocs become numerically larger. This is natural given that the United States is a democratic country, has pretty much moved more left every generation, and has an increasing non-white population, the majority of whom vote for the center-left party, the Democrats.

It should be noted that anti-racist signaling is wildly ineffective for conservatives. Liberal demographics aren’t going to defect to you for it. You are White. In their paradigm, you are stained with the original sin of racism. Nothing you do or don’t do will get rid of this, so long as you remain conservative and not on their team. That’s not just internal to our political system but universal to partisan politics; why would you make concessions to people who will not vote for you? That only costs you the support of existing supporters.

The left tells us that being colorblind isn’t good enough and is something only afforded to people with “white privilege.” The right tells us that we’re racist for thinking White people have anything to do with conservatism. People of color are encouraged to feel pride in their tribe and vote accordingly, and the majority vote Democrat. Whites are held to a different standard, and one that is going to be our downfall. As it turns out, democracy isn’t a pool of radical individuals pursuing private interests when you have a multiethnic society, but a conglomerate of interest groups resulting from racial and cultural differences. The only way to play the game—so long as we have democracy—is identity politics, and cuckservatives and leftists alike are denying Whites this vehicle of political expression. How the GOP deals with this disruption is up to them; they can be electorally destroyed or start thinking about White populism.

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